Two Bananas, Two Apples

Two days ago was very busy. We had to somehow be up, have the house sparkling and be out before an early open house. Ugh. As this was all on rather short notice (long story), I had nothing portable prepared. As such, I broke my son’s usual fruit maximum of two. By day’s end, he’d had at least two bananas and two apples (plus other food, yes).

True to form, he slept relatively poorly that night. Not as poorly as pre-SCD, but poorly enough to remind me. He woke happy (whew) but drenched in pee, which should have been my first clue. Shortly, it began: He whined and whinged and whimpered. He fussed and screeched and yelled. He bashed his head on the wall and on the floor. His tummy was a whale’s. Finally, he slept for over two hours. When he woke, he was very happy and refreshed. I thought, “Ah, it’s finally all over!” Nope. He carried on all evening, mostly happy but also very hyper and clingy, with one more head-bash thrown in.

He was very fussy in terms of food, essentially turned off all his normal favourites: he wanted only fruit. Needless to say, we gave him no more. I focused on his achieving a bowel movement. I gave him an epsom salt bath, which he really enjoyed, then butternut squash, then a good belly rub (which he just loved!!). He pooped. Hoorah! To help ensure a better sleep, I gave him a cup of weak chamomile tea and some more food.

He slept so much better last night, waking only once. His diaper was utterly soggy with pee. (Except for these ‘detox’ days, his nighttime diaper is always near-dry. Excessive peeing at night is one of the detox signs many of our kids demonstrate.)


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