A GAPS Challenge: Moving

Because truly healthy eating does cost more than the Standard American Diet (or worse), the program has indeed impacted my budget. After having my son and I on SCD, then GAPS, for a total of eleven months, I had to make a choice: work full-time or overhaul my spending. I chose the latter. As I already live without a car, new clothes, etc, I opted to trade my home for a cheaper one. So, over the last few days, we completed a move.

Wow! This may have been one of my greatest GAPS challenges to date. Typically for me, I had prepared exactly nothing the night before. Then, because our pots, homogenizer, and food spent many hours in transit (being put into boxes; waiting for moving truck; being unpacked) and because the activity was so all-consuming, I had little going on in terms of amazing food.

I was also affected by physical memories. I had previously noticed this phenomenon on the Greyhound bus and the ferry –basically, activities that I participated in numerous times pre-GAPS held specific physical associations for me. Ferry = veggie burger and fries. Greyhound = Cheezies and/or Smarties at every stop. After years of these, I was essentially on auto-pilot as soon as I boarded either.

Thus, when I first used the ferry and Greyhound after starting GAPS, I found myself having to actively retrain my brain and body to otherwise occupy themselves. They didn’t need the crappy food and I certainly wasn’t craving it –it was sheerly an issue of habit. But as we all know, habits are powerful. And the only way to break one is to consciously choose and commit to do something different, period.

I’ve moved at least fifty times in my adult life. During this move, then, memories of chocolate bars and commercial pizza kept floating into my conscious mind. As I had never before accomplished a move without these, my subconcious kept saying: “It’s impossible to relocate without, at some point in the process, ingesting these!”

I replied, “Bah!” I ate carrots and grapes and also allowed myself to feel the fatigue that comes with poor meal planning. Not only did I survive, I did so with the best, most constant, most calm, most mild mood I have ever moved in! I simply completed all of the required activities, humming as I cleaned the old places for the new tenants, then cheerfully unpacked at my new place.

We’ve been here about 48 hours now. Everything is again “just so”. We’ve enjoyed coconut muffins then my best pizza recipe to date. I am loving having access again to the tools I appreciate so much. I did a big grocery shop today and have planned our major meals for the next couple of days, so I’m particularly tickled today.

I truly find that every degree of commitment I make to GAPS, the deeper and higher the results. Love it!


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5 Replies to “A GAPS Challenge: Moving”

  1. The first time I did intro, in March 2010, I lost twenty pounds that month. This time, I gained three pounds. Very disturbing and I am still feeling very disappointed by it.

  2. @Starlene: I’m looking at your blog now, and I see your disappointment in context now 🙁
    I heard once that fat is the body’s defense mechanism. Maybe your body is trying to protect you from something? It’s sort of hard to imagine, considering you are on an extremely healthy program. Have you consulted a GAPS practitioner?

  3. We are planning a move too—so we can afford our special SCD/GAPS diet! Right now, we have to special order 99% of our food online and order everything for a full month at a time to save on shipping. We have one grocery store in town that runs out of only the foods we seem to need on a regular basis and also charges between 30-50% more for everything due to being rural. The next closest town is 100 miles from here. We are dreaming of the day we can shop for food only a week at a time in a REAL store. And yes, due to our extremely rural location EVERY trip we have ever taken has food memories attached that are very hard for our kids to let go of.

    • Oh, Katie! Your two comments are beautiful to read!! Thank you for sharing with all of us!

      I’m excited for you in your move. Since starting GAPS, we’ve moved four times (!), each time to a cheaper place with even less maintenance. Each move has brought greater gifts to our lives! So worth it.

      All my best,

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