End of Day 5 & Budgeting

We both felt great today! The salmon soup followed us from house to house, we both had happiness and energy. My son, instead of whining, approached me several times with joy asking, “How can I help you, Mummy?” He was close to napping in the afternoon again, but we received a visitor, so I decided today was a good day to help him transition back to his usual bedtime. By 7pm, he was getting himself and his bed ready, eager for sleep. I, too, was ready by then. Will have a detox bath then sleep.

I remain rather stunned at having zero cravings. I’m really noticing that so far my body has asked for nothing beyond these soups. What does bring up thoughts is exposure. When I look at recipes or smell a neighbour’s baking, I’ve got the whole Pavlov’s dog thing going on. In those moments, I’m suddenly on auto-pilot, immediately pondering access. How bizarre! How wild that my mind can react so profoundly to exposure or ‘advertisements’, while my body feels so well and satisfied on what it has. Well, maybe it’s not so odd: I have the same thing with furniture. I live in a very small apartment with very little furniture. I love it that way: I like us to have space to move and play, lots of light, little to clean. I feel so good when I sit in my home. But when I see movie scenes or magazine photos of more involved approaches, I really respond to that, getting all excited, planning. A good move in my life is to remember who I am and what works best for me, and to spend little if any time connecting with things my own self hasn’t requested. My mind, spirit and body are all deeply satisfied with relative simplicity -such as, apparently, with these soups! Tomorrow’s? Chicken drumsticks, celery, broccoli, bell pepper and the rest of the usual contents.

My son was keen again today on ‘something different’, so for him I did a variation on yesterday’s squash dish: boiled carrots, quite a bit of duck fat, egg mixed in (it basically gets cooked that way), grated ginger, little bit of honey. I blended it together, poured it into muffin forms and, mistakenly believing we were moving on to roasted veggies tomorrow anyway, baked them. He was over the moon with these “cupcakes”. (When you are ready for this type or preparation, you can alternatively skip the baking part to enjoy this as a pudding alongside your broth.)

I’ve been trying to figure out how to bake or roast osso bucco pieces. If I’m remembering correctly, the Bager/Lass Everyday Grain-Free Gourmet book has a recipe for osso bucco, but at the beginning of the week I loaned all my SCD and GAPS cookbooks to someone looking at going gluten-free. (It just occured to me that being loaned the recipe books -especially those with gorgeous photos- could really help convince a person to go for it!) I like having a recipe to work off the first couple of times, before starting experiments. Anyone with tips? They are steaks, 1-1.5 inches thick, beef around (I believe I was told)  leg bone. On meat-baking day I’m wanting to do these in the oven, low and slow. I have large glass baking pans but not a roasting pan nor lid.

A big day tomorrow. As always, doing and supporting others in GAPS will be priority; doing sports, etc, will have to be assessed as I go.

On Budgeting…

At this point in intro, some people start feeling very worried about their food bill. People are committed to buying the freshest, cleanest sources of food they can manage, and then a ravenous appetite kicks in for them or their kids! People feel afraid their food bills might stay this high forever! They won’t. Usually, appetites mellow about 6-8 weeks after the ravenous period sets in.

For tips around avoiding unnecessary expenses or otherwise wasted expenditures while on GAPS, please review your GAPS Guide book. Following the tips in the ‘Budgeting’ and ‘Shopping’ chapters alone will save you the cost of the book and far more (enough to buy all the recipe books with beautiful photos)! Depending on the tips you have yet to apply, the Guide can help you save literally hundreds of dollars over time!

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  1. Hi Baden,
    Do you have the recipe for your son’s “squash meal”.. that you make into muffins or pudding.. I dont do well w/out measurements…
    my husband and I are very confused about when to introduce S. Bouldari and biokult.. we are having 2 tbs of kraut w/ out meals including the juice.
    Thanks so much for your help.. happy intro journey!

    • Hi Kim,

      I’m not sure from day to day where everyone is at on the journey, but it sounds like you’re at a later stage than me. Is that right? If you are already at two tablespoons of kraut with each meal, you can start your commercial probiotic. With BK, start with 1/10th capsule and work up slowly. Do not start boulardii yet. Allow a good few months of healing before that. (Also, it is not always needed.)

      I don’t have a recipe for the squash pudding (or, when baked, muffins). I just make things up! 🙂 It is, though, based on the Carrot Mousse Cake recipe offered on p. 139 of your GAPS Guide book. Also, please note that, as it’s not in broth and includes ginger’s fibre, even the pudding version is not suitable for Stage 2. (I gave it to my son because he’s on a slightly different track than me.)

      All my best,

  2. Dear Baden,
    I also joined you on Intro( I actually started a few days earlier) and have some questions. I was ok with first day with soup and meat and sauerkraut juice but was very hungry and weak. I couldn’t rest so the next day I tried vegetables-onions, carrots and zucchini, third day soft boiled eggs, fourth day yogurt, fifth day kefir, I probably had too much since my muscles hurt and now I am on soups, meat and sauerkraut juice again for the second day. I just feel so weak and I lost weight but I need to function. I took a day of today and will sleep all day if I need to but I don’t know how to satisfy my appetite. Also another problem is that I get constipated. I feel that eating only these three items make that more serious. I just cannot do enemas!!! I tried accupressure and it helps a bit but do you have any suggestions for my problems-hunger, weakness, constipation?
    I really enjoy your blog and you book.
    p.s. The main reason I am doing this is because my eight year old son has some serious food allergies, but I want to go through the diet myself first to know what I am asking of him
    Sanja, Croatia

    • Hi Sanja,

      Bless you for trying it out yourself before walking your son through it! And good for you for finding your way back to Stage 1.

      Hunger – Some of this is unavoidable as the body re-sets itself. However, it is also important to eat upon waking, every hour or so as desired, and just before bed. Add lots of extra fat to every dish you eat.

      Weakness – It is common in early intro and the reason I advise having in place opportunity for lots of rest before starting. However, it will resolve. Following the tips under ‘hunger’, above, will help a lot. So will moving forward, but methodically.

      Contipation – This is common in early intro. Besides enemas, there are many suggestions in the ‘constipation’ and ‘die-off relief’ sections of your GAPS Guide book. Do try them!

      All my best,

  3. So glad you are both feeling great! I have also been much better the last few days. I’m not sure if I had some reactions to foods or not: I had a TINY bit of stomach cramping after the second soft-boiled egg (I’m talking a very small amount over only a couple minutes). I also decided to go ahead and introduce butter instead of ghee yesterday (as I’ve never had any problems with lactose and indeed was even drinking raw milk after the full dairy progression with no issues whatsoever). It sure tasted good having buttered broccoli and chicken yesterday. My energy and mood have been very good the last couple days.

    I’m a bit apprehensive about introducing avocado as it gave me problems the first time I did intro. I may skip that and go straight to scrambled eggs today (I definitely will be skipping nuts for awhile as I know I’ve been having lots of problems with them).

    Those cupcakes sound delicious, so I may make some butternut squash soup today!

    • Thanks for checking in, Sarah! So glad you’re been doing well. It sounds like you’ve got a good sense of where to go from here. Nice!

      All my best,

  4. I would also love the recipe for the butternut squash muffins – I guess I didn’t realize that was intro legal, but it makes me super happy!

    Tonight my fiance’s family is going out to dinner, and last night I called the restaurant to find out if their soups are made from scratch. The hostess gave me the cell phone number of the chef, who said, “Just bring me a list of what you can have and I’ll make you the best dinner you ever had!” Wow! This place tops my list of favorite restaurants already!

    Sarah, what kind of problems did avocado give you last time around? I think it’s causing some discomfort, and this morning I woke up with major gas! All the fiber, maybe? I’m cutting it out and putting egg yolks back in. REALLY hoping I can get to the pancakes by next week…

    • Hi Maggie,

      The ‘muffins’ (such as they were) are not for this stage. (I gave it to my son because he’s on a slightly different track than me.) In terms of the recipe, though, which might serve you later, Kim requested the same and I said: I don’t have a recipe for the squash pudding (or, when baked, muffins). I just make things up! 🙂 It is, though, based on the Carrot Mousse Cake recipe offered on p. 139 of your GAPS Guide book. Also, please note that, as it’s not in broth and includes ginger’s fibre, even the pudding version is not suitable for Stage 2.

      Great about the restaurant chef! I’ve often had the experience of restaurants saying they would give me only what I listed, but then giving me other stuff 🙁 Sometimes they’re not really connecting that their ingredients might have other things in them, agh. But hopefully your guy is on it! Have a great time with your extended family!

      All my best,

  5. Hi All,

    thank you for your intro stories, they have made such a difference this week!

    Still liquid stools for me, but a bit more formed, which I take it as a sign of improvement.
    All well with egg introduction, I also had my first soft-boiled egg, but later I will try putting the yellow in the soup before turning off the burner and the yolk in the bowl, the way I have always done it before.
    I made a real mess making ghee but could save half of it, so now I have half a pound of my first home-made ghee! (there was a little whitish stuff at the bottom, but really could not do any better)
    I also tasted my own sauerkraut and in two days I did not die! So I am overjoyed about it. I learned how to make sauerkraut and ghee and did not kill myself!
    Will start with a teaspoon of ghee in the soup today and tomorrow I will do a casserole.
    Baden, for the ossobuco: finely chop carrots, celeries and onions and put them in the roasting pan/pirex with some ghee or other fat. Put the ossubucos on top and some broth. Then let them cook at 140C for up to 2 hours (probably less) checking from time to time and adding more broth (especially since you do not have a lid). You can serve them with some gremolada (parsley +rosemary+sage+garlic+lemon, all mixed together with a food processor and served on top of the meat, if this is legal).


  6. I got such a burst of energy yesterday! That was wonderful. I hoping that would happen. I also feel very content & calm most of the time. But once in a while I have an outburst, my 4 yr old daughter yelled “BOO” at me in the bathroom and I immediately started crying! yikes.
    I am also having zero cravings!! My husband has been so good sneaking food behind my back so I wouldn’t see, but today him & my daughter were eating chocolate and I LOVE chocolate, but I had no desire for it at all! I don’t know how, but I like it! Someone brought pineapple last night to the support group and that looked really good.
    I have a question about vegetables. Which ones am I not supposed to have? Cabbage, celery, onions, stalks, anything else? I had a couple green beans at the group last night, they were home grown so I was thinking they would be OK. How about green peas?
    Anyway, I am not introducing anything new today either, just continuing with soft boiled egg and concentrating on upping my kraut juice a tiny bit. Also, I tried boiled chicken skin last night at the meeting, a friend encouraged me. I knew skin roasted was good, but I didn’t think of eating it boiled. Just put a little salt on it and yum!! It was so sweet. The meat tasted worse compared to the skin! Surprising.

    • Hi Gina,

      You can have pretty much any GAPS-friendly veggie. At the beginning we avoid super fibrous ones like cabbage and celery and the stalks of broccoli and cauliflower, but most other things are -generally speaking- fine. Each person will have different tolerances: some have to avoid onions, some have to avoid orange veggies, etc. As you have no major intestinal issues and are on Day 6, I would go ahead and try the green beans and/or the green peas.

      Thanks for the tip on the boiled skin! I will try that today, rather than automatically put all of it into a “pate”.

      All my best,

  7. Hi Baden,
    I am on 4 ..I just made the sunflower bread..I did skip over a couple of foods.. tried the carrot juice and had horrible reaction to it.
    I do think I may have an overgrowth candida problem… but you say in the book that GAPS will help w/ that… is that true?
    I was contemplating doing an anticandida diet until my hubby reminded me of what the books says… so we will start w/ the BK.. and then wait and see and if needed try the S. Boulardii..??
    Thanks much
    I will try and experiment on the yummy recipe you have for your son..
    Take care!

    • Hi Kim,

      Re: GAPS and candida, please see page 60 in your GAPS Guide book.

      Yes, wait on the boulardii for now.

      All my best,

  8. Hi Maggie, regarding your question about avocado:
    the previous time I did intro, when I ate avocado it gave me severe stomach cramping, and especially if the avocado was over ripe at all.

    Scrambled eggs weren’t tolerated well today; heartburn afterwards and the return of my shoulder pain (which has been gone for months while on GAPS). Guess I’ll back off on the eggs, wait until I feel back to normal and keep moving forward!

    It is really great seeing everyone’s comments.

  9. Maggie,
    I have a squash pie recipe that is awesome, but involves dry spices, coconut oil & honey, which you can probably substitute some things and leave some things out for Intro….

    2 c. pureed cooked butternut
    3 eggs
    1/4 c. honey (you can probably take this out?)
    ½ cup fat…butter/coconut oil melted
    (you could probably try all ghee or do 1/2 ghee, 1/2 lard)
    1 T freshly grated ginger
    1 t cinnamon
    ¼ t sea salt
    ¼ t nutmeg
    grated rind of 1 lemon

    Mix & pour into buttered pie dish. Bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes. I just pour everything into a food processor and mix it together until it’s smooth.

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