To Buy Or Not To Buy…

Regularly I hear from people hoping to save on the cost of the GAPS Guide book. In response to Katherine a little bit ago, I said,

I know postage can get wildly expensive, and the cost of a niche book is always already higher than a mass-produced one. My recommendation is to view it as ‘many hours of consult’. Paying, say, $38 USD for a book with shipping which eliminates or reduces the need for multiple consults is actually a huge savings.

Further to this, the tips in the book directly save a person that much more (shopping, preventing expensive mistakes, etc).

The final consideration is, “How much time does one want to spend hunting for information?” If a person feels their own research time and effort is worth more or less than the cost of a book with shipping, that can help them determine whether a purchase is ‘worth it’.

So, to buy or not to buy… Even on a financial level alone, the GAPS Guide book has saved people far more than it cost them. The additional savings in time, energy, effort, and headache are further -and very real- benefits. Last but not least, your contribution to my work -in the form of book purchase- is what allows me to maintain this blog and respond to comments on things not directly covered in the Guide itself.

A hearty thanks to each person who has supported this site! For the various ways to do so, including those that cost you not a penny, please click here.

4 Replies to “To Buy Or Not To Buy…”

  1. I live in Europe so ordering the GAPS Guide was expensive because the shipping cost was realtively high. I did order it however it and never regretted doing so. It was a great help in the beginning of the diet. It answered many practical questions I had at the time.

    Following the GAPS program is quite a puzzle in the beginning. Having this booklet at hand helps you through the early stages.

  2. Hello Braden,

    I am also wondering where it might be possible to get a copy of the GAPS Guide, or if there will be a reprint sometime in the near future. I am looking at starting very soon and want to have all the resources I can get about the diet. Thank you.

    • Dear Courtney,

      Please now see the newest post on this website!

      While you wait for the expanded edition to become available, I recommend beginning a slow transition to Full GAPS. For now, focus on just adding some GAPS dishes to your current menu. This will go a long way in preparing you!

      All my best,

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