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Update: On February 2, 2016, the App’s developer emailed his subscribers to say that while this App can still be used by those who already have it, it is not being further developed and is no longer available for new downloads. He will send word to all of us if it returns, in which case I will post an update.

A phenomenal new resource is available to you! A GAPSter, Ben Kniaz, has developed an app which allows owners of Apple devices to track their healing journey, whether GAPS, SCD, paleo, or other! This very flexible program allows users to record nuances relating to multiple aspects of one’s intensive healing journey. You can set up a separate profile for each family member, record relevant data as you go, then pull up summaries. I love its clean esthetic, simple layout, soothing colours, use of horizontal scroll bars for indicating severity of issues, how it allows one to record so much useful information in a compact area, and so much more! (And Ben already has plans for expanding its capacities!)

If you’ve read the opening to the GAPS Guide 2nd Edition book, you know that I strongly recommend recording one’s starting point, then details of foods, supplements, baths, reactions, and so on. A few years back, we all used paper or computer spreadsheets to do so. For folks with Apple devices, this app offers all the benefits of these systems, and much more to boot! And what a great way to easily report details of your journey to any health care practitioner assisting you!

I asked Ben if he would be willing to share his experience with healing and the specific frustrations that inspired him to create this resource for you. He had kindly done so, and I am very happy to share that with you below. Check out his story, app details, and app page link below.

Personally, I anticipate this resource will be a great boon to -and very much appreciated by- many GAPSters. Thank you, Ben, for creating this for all of us and for sharing its story and link here!

“Healing Paths” App
Written by app developer, Ben Kniaz

I have been following the GAPS protocol for about six months now. I went into the Introduction Diet with almost no previous preparation, and not surprisingly I found myself zapped of energy as my body adjusted to the new diet and began experiencing die-off. Although I often felt extremely weak and at times ready to give up, I also began to experience times of greater clarity, connection, and restfulness, and in the end the strength of these moments has given me motivation to continue. (I also want to thank Baden for writing GAPS Guide, which my family has read and continues to reread for its practical advice and its resonating stories.)

During the Intro Diet I became frustrated with the options available to me for tracking my progress and for reminding myself about when to try new food. The wall calendar which I had begun using didn’t give me enough space to write all my notes. And, although I enjoy journaling, I did not feel convinced that a journal format would help me keep my notes organized so that I could use them again later. The idea of developing an application that could aid in tracking or scheduling came to me some time near the end of the Introduction Diet as I became interested in iPhone and iPad application development. I have been a professional Web developer for over five years, and now I am getting into iPhone/iPad application development as an entrepreneurial venture. It occurred to me that the iPhone would be the perfect tool for tracking my progress, and “Healing Paths” is the result of that idea.

My hope is that Healing Paths will enable others to track their progress more easily. The app is designed to help anyone seeking to heal their gut following the GAPS, SCD, or Paleo/Primal diets and protocols, or any other path the person chooses to follow toward health. Having said that, I designed the app with the GAPS protocol in mind and have included features that particularly assist the user following GAPS. (Note the app’s ability to track multiple users at once for clients or families.) One feature I have lately been improving is the search capability. I’m pleased to say that you can now type in multiple keywords (such as “broccoli” and “die-off” and “sleep”) and begin to see a kind of storyline around these particular words based on your records. I think this could be helpful not only for reminding yourself about what happened and when, but also in doing some of the detective work that comes with learning your body’s particular needs. In the coming weeks, I will be adding a detoxification tracking area.

Here are the central features of the “Healing Paths” app:

  • track and schedule food,
  • record your response to the food (good, bad, questionable) with notes,
  • track and schedule supplements and supplement quantities,
  • track symptoms on a worst-to-best scale,
  • record general notes,
  • search all your records for keywords,
  • view a day report,
  • track for multiple users (e.g. track for yourself and a child, a spouse, or a client),
  • backup your data or share it with someone who also has the app

Healing Paths is available for download on the Apple store today:

With comments or questions about the app, please do head on over to that webpage and read further details or connect with Ben there.

4 Replies to “Track Your Journey Easily and Cleanly!”

  1. Wow Ben,

    I just downloaded the free version of this and so far I LOVE IT! Thank you for creating it. I will likely purchase the full version if I need it.

    I love this community and this web site – thanks Baden.

    All the best on your own healing journey Ben.

    • Hi Keeley,

      On February 2 of this year, the App’s developer emailed his subscribers to say this App is no longer available, and that he will send word to all of us if it returns. If that happens, I will post an update. In the meantime, thank you very much for commenting, to indicate that an update was needed on a post here. I am going to add Ben’s update to the opening of this post so others see it right away.


      • Thank you for the update Baden.
        We’ve been trying out MyFitness Pal for the last couple of weeks. It seems a pretty good Ap for recording all food intake, plus there is a notes section so I can record other pertinent tracking info. It’s not a GAPS specific app, however it work for us.

        Thank you for your dedication and sharing the knowledge.
        My friend is really struggling and we’re trying to find our way through this.

        Kind regards,

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