Final Deadline for Print; Half Price; Addiction Buddy Available

Three quick announcements:

1. This coming Monday, February 17th, 8am Pacific Standard Time represents the final shipping of physical books for an indefinite period of time. The e-Versions will continue to be available through this site. Again, printed copies of GAPS Guide 2nd Edition will not be shipped after this deadline until further notice. So, if you’ve been wanting a physical copy, please order before that time. (Note: Order deadline is Monday at 8am; books are subsequently prepared, then entered into transit usually Wednesday and Thursday.)

2. I have limited quantities of “damaged” books available. This box-of-10 allows you to buy the book at half price per unit. Please see the Store page for the order coupon. Boxes of “damaged” books are sets of 10 books whose covers may be dented, torn at an edge, etc -all still perfectly readable and, in most cases, suitable for reselling with the flaw noted. Again, deadline for this order is this coming¬†Monday, February 17th, 8am Pacific Standard Time.

3. Anyone looking for a food addiction recovery buddy? I encourage you to check out the offer/request posted this morning by Melissa here:

5 Replies to “Final Deadline for Print; Half Price; Addiction Buddy Available”

  1. Hi Baden,

    How might I get a hard copy of the second edition? I have to avoid printing from a computer, as I am sensitive to the ink. Thank you for understanding, and for making this available to us!


    • Hi Karen,

      Your best bet for a hardcopy right now is to check Amazon, or to ask on the online support groups if anyone would like to sell theirs.

      All my best,

    • Hi Stephanie,

      I don’t make any money through my GAPS offerings, so expanding into additional formats is generally beyond my options, but I will definitely look into what this would entail. Thank you for the suggestion/request!

      All my best,

  2. Hi all,

    Thanks to Stephanie’s tip/suggestion, I have now begun looking into print-on-demand options for folks outside of the USA. Folks inside the USA, or willing to pay shipping from the USA, can still access physical copies via Amazon. Please click on my website’s Store page to be linked to that option.

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