GAPS Guide in UK?

A couple of quick notes, folks:

1. A reader is seeking a paperback copy of GAPS Guide 2nd Edition, shipped from within the UK (or with another affordable shipping option). If you have a new or used copy of GAPS Guide 2nd Edition that you could ship cheaply to a point within the UK, please post below. (If you need your information to remain confidential, just say this in your post. I will then keep your reply unpublished and forward your contact information just to the inquirer.)

2. It suddenly occurred to me that it had been very quiet around here! When I logged in to my website to check some unrelated items, I found a host of comments! Whoops! I am so sorry to those of you who found their comments not being published and not being responded to. I will look at repairing this immediately. In the meantime, all posts have now been replied to 🙂

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  1. I am using your GAPs guide to get back on track and start from total elimination. I realise my issues are complicated- intolerance to Latex, Histamine, Oxalates and full blown allergies to many foods, including Shellfish, Grains, Yeast. Consequently I could not continue with the bone broth and slow cooked foods, but have to cook fresh and rotate. But thanks to your book I had a framework to follow, and felt that I am not alone- which had been crippling me in the past. I have managed to heal enough to take control of my life again without cortisones, anti histamines or immune suppressant chemotherapy type drugs. I have regained confidence and am putting all my findings onto a spread sheet that compares all the info out there; AIP, FODMAP, Oxalates, Salycyates, Latex, your GAPS list, with my own tests and reactions. I have started sharing this with other complex food allergy and food intolerant people via a Facebook group for low histamine intolerance.

    • Dear Tanya,

      Thank you so much for your wonderful and kind notes! And I am so glad, of course, that my book has been helpful to you, and that you are seeing progress! It’s an incredible gift you are giving to others, too, in compiling the information specific to the histamine issue. Thank you for doing that!

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