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    • Thank you very much, Nicky! I have now pointed Alex to your note, and when I do a complete update of the resources pages, I will check this out for inclusion. Much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Happy and healthy new year!
    Thank you both for leading me forward, I have re-opened my FB account and found support in different communities.
    Baden, I am still looking forward to your book as more people have expressed how much of a help it has been for them.
    Personally, I feel much better now and I’m slowly progressing to stage 2.
    I wish you all impeccable health and loads of love!
    Kindest Regards,

  2. Oh, wonderful, Alex!! I am so glad to hear every word of this! Nicky, again, thank you so much for respondingโ€”what a great gift you’ve given to Alex and others ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi Baden,
    I am so keen to try Gaps and have ordered your book. We will all do with my husband and 2 girls. My eldest gal 8 yrs old has mild autism and worst ever eczema last year during winter and since winter is approaching here in Australia, we needed to be ready. I just have a question, my gal drinks Camel’s milk, can she continue drinking it when we started the intro diet? Thank you.

    • Hi Roselle,

      Thank you very much for ordering my book! That allows me to recover its costs and continue my work in this ๐Ÿ™‚

      Camel’s milk will be treated precisely the same as any other milk on GAPS. So, it will not be present at the start of Intro, you will ferment it into yogurt or kefir, then start your daughter with a teaspoon or less of it, and progress from there. (This is all made clearer in the book; I believe you will find it very helpful!) Later in your daughter’s healing program, she might progress well to nonfermented camel’s milk…or even to cheaper, more readily-accessible ones!

      In the book is also a brief, special section specific to eczema. That part might be of special interest in terms of finding faster relief while the body does its longer-term healing through GAPS.

      Of note: Recently I responded to Lorienne, who asked about transitioning a large family: http://badenlashkov.com/2015/03/04/your-comments-my-responses/#comment-451073 Perhaps some of that will resonate?

      I’m excited for you family’s healing, Roselle!

      I am here for any questions you may have after your read-through of the book.


  4. I am looking for help with cognitive and memory issues. Not Alzheimer’s but very concerned. Is there anyone facing similar issues that have tried gaps diet with success?.

  5. Baden I am new to your site. Just found it. Looking for help with non Alzheimer’s memory issues. Have been told it is depression effecting my memory. Need help. Is there any information on Gaps diet helping this issue?

    • Hi Donna,

      Yes, many people have indeed reported great effects of the GAPS program on depression and on other brain function. It certainly cleared my cognitive function (brain fog, memory, etc).


  6. A reader named Garth recently pointed me to several dead links on my site, and even provided the updated ones! Thanks a million, Garth! Those changes have now been incorporated. Others will benefit from your service, Garth, and will surely appreciated your work in this ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I’m confused about black pepper. Natasha’s book says in Stage 2 to “avoid spices at this stage”. But in the same section she suggests a recipe that includes it. Your book introduces it from the very start in Stage 1. The Heal Your Gut Cookbook says it isn’t allowed until stage 5, but Natasha’s book doesn’t mention anything about it in stage 5. What should I do?

    Also as a side question, why do you feel there are so many different interpretations of the GAPS diet? For example, the previously mentioned Heal Your Gut Cookbook suggests celery in stage 1, which is a no-no according to Natasha’s book. Too fibrous. My hypothesis is that Natasha wasn’t clear enough about these things in her book, so people have made their own interpretations of it. What do you think?

    • Hi Peter,

      I think your hypothesis is close to correct…though hopefully people aren’t interpreting so much as getting clarification and presenting the results of that.

      In an effort to provide as much clarity and accuracy as possible, some of us did extra research -asking Dr Natasha for clarification, reading her updates and collating those into our materials, taking notes from her subsequent offerings, etc.

      While I can’t speak for other people’s work (I don’t know all of it, nor anyone else’s process), this is how my presentations of Dr Natasha’s concepts were developed. I explored carefully what Dr Natasha was presenting per stage -carefully examining her use of various terminology and her statements of clarification- to present one collated source. I then of course incorporated all the research from my experience and that of hundreds of people who’d gone through the process.

      I think it’s very wise to look critically at information. Whenever you are uncertain about a source, or about what you personally should do, you have a few options:

      1. If you have access to Dr Natasha, relay your condition to her and ask her.

      2. Ask the good folks at http://www.gapsdiet.com/faqs.html your question. They can relay questions to Dr Natasha and retrieve answers.

      3. Consult with a health practitioner familiar with GAPS and your condition.

      4. Take the path you recognize as safest for your body. So if you are concerned about black pepper, for example, simply leave it out until later.

      A challenging part of GAPS is learning to listen to your body and trust its responses. However, doing this is a key part of the GAPS program and will bring big rewards short and long term.

      Peter, please do let me know if I can help with anything else! I wish you complete success in your health journey ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. Hi Baden,

    You came to mind last night – fondly remembering our early days learning and doing GAPS together. I recall your exciting news one day of wanting to write a GAPS Guide. Glad you did, you have helped so many!
    So great when we finally met at WAPF conference. I hope you and yours are well.

    Much love,

    • Millie! The strangest thing…!! Last night I was thinking about you SO MUCH. So much!!! And of your son. I was remembering meeting you at the conference and recalling our early days… I felt the strongest pang, all this memory and love and amazement and honour of knowing you… Today, I came here to check for comments, which I aim to do once a week. Boy, was I blown away to see your name here! Strangely, I didn’t see your comment when you submitted it late April! I only saw it now (along with two new ones from others). How amazing. But OF COURSE that’s how it would happen! Always with the synchronicity.

      Gosh, it’s so good to hear from you. My son is doing SO WELL, as am I. I sure hope your whole family is too!

      Eternally grateful for the SCD, for GAPS, for our early community, and for YOU.

      So much love!!!!!!!!!

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