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Done with being sick? Fed up with stumbling blocks?
Ready to make great gains?

The long-awaited 2nd Edition supports you to.

Heal Fast, Heal Simply!

Four years worth of GAPS/SCD/paleo feedback incorporated!

I find the Gaps Guide [1st Edition] FULL of practical and useful information! I actually bought two copies so I could have one around for myself and have one to loan to others. My intention was to donate it to our local library, but it has been on constant loan to friends that it has not made it to the library yet. I especially appreciate the easeful approach you give people to enter into GAPS. Thank you for your sharing your clarity, wisdom, experience, and compassion with all of us on healing journeys. Your generosity, service and work are an inspiration!

Holly, USA
on GAPS Guide 1st Edition

And GAPS Guide 2nd Edition…paperbackbookstandingtransparent

  • presents almost twice as much content over the 1st Edition
  • is professionally edited, laid out, and indexed
  • offers tips regarding medications, adrenals, addictions, highly stressed intestinal tracts, and more
  • presents even simpler steps
  • provides new, updated, and/or additional information and techniques
  • is available as an eBook (mobi, Kindle) and/or print copy

Keep reading, or…

purchase the book, right now!

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This updated edition of the GAPS Guide is worth every penny. No one should consider doing the GAPS protocol, nor begin the process of Intro, before thoroughly and carefully reading this book, along with McBride’s newest GAPS book. You will be so glad you did, as you will miss many of the “jump in blind” pitfalls that some of us suffered in our eagerness to begin our healing journeys.

on GAPS Guide 2nd Edition

Buy [the 2nd Edition]! The experience-filled insights, product and resource recommendations, simplification of the program and abundance of tips are a must-have for anyone starting this journey.

Davinna Artibey
Portland, Oregon, USA
on GAPS Guide 2nd Edition

[The 2nd Edition] has given me a broader perspective on NCM’s book and gives me more flexibility for thinking how to re-try GAPS after initial failure on intro.

on GAPS Guide 2nd Edition

If the only thing in the [1st Edition] was the first two chapters, or the second two, so on…I would have been thrilled.There is more info in that little book than any of the websites I have read. I now know why I hear people saying it is the most important book to have. It is soooo thorough and simple that anyone, even my eight year old can follow it. Yet it is complex enough to explain it all. I am blessed! The book is very well written. It gives just the right amount of information, not too much, not too little. I hate to read a book and get bogged down by too much of the same information!! I just have to say, anyone who doesn’t own this book, needs to. Oh, yes, my children who have read it are now excited about doing this!! EVEN knowing how hard it is going to be.

Cyndi Turnpaugh
Northern Indiana, USA
on GAPS Guide 1st Edition

This is such an amazing book!

Mihaela Hrebenciuc
The Netherlands
on GAPS Guide 1st Edition

We have received the [1st Edition] books you sent. They are fabulous! We too have been receiving good results from the GAPS diet and your book has tremendously helped our practice educate our patients.

Daisy Ma, Office Manager
for Dr Rosann Volmert, D.O.
Pasadena, California, USA

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Our story…

My son was diagnosed at various points with symptoms of

  • autism,
  • severe iron deficiency anemia,
  • failure to thrive (halted height),
  • and much more (as you’ll read about in the book).

In GAPS Guide, I share with you the steps I took to resolve his symptoms of:

  • inability to sleep longer than 2-4 hours at a time,
  • head-bashing,
  • inability to bathe,
  • inability to speak more than 1-2 words at a time,
  • inability to have his hair brushed,
  • chronic loose stools
  • and so on.

I also share tips gleaned from –and subsequently shared with- hundreds of others doing these programs!

When I first found out about the works of Dr. William Sears, Dr. Sidney Valentine Haas, Dr. Merrill P. Haas, and Elaine Gottschall (and, some months later, Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride), I felt tremendous hope! But very quickly, I came to feel overwhelmed and stuck: I was my son’s only parent, had very low income, was working contracts from home, knew how to cook only brown rice, had severe physical symptoms myself, and felt constantly on the verge of breaking down. And I was vegetarian!

How on earth was I going to do such a program?!?

But my son was very ill and I knew I needed to find a way, for him. What I didn’t know was that very quickly, his major symptoms would resolve and then, because I went on it too, mine would also! We did the program -starting with an elimination diet influenced by the work of Dr Sears and Dr William Crook, then transitioning to the SCD, then to GAPS- every day for approximately 2.5 years.

The whole time, I took copious notes, developed guides and templates to make it easier for myself, and shared those guides with others. When people told me those guides were a “God send”, I made more of them then formatted them into a book. Ultimately, well over 10,000 people benefited from the 1st Edition. Three years after the 1st Edition’s release, I committed to revamping the entire guide, to make things even easier for you!

Even better…

A series of events inspired me to issue the content as an eBook, an option which allows you to:

  • Start reading the entire book within minutes of ordering it
  • Steer clear of shipping costs
  • Read on a reader device or on your computer
  • Complete keyword searches
  • Increase the font size as needed

Let’s get the word out and help all individuals and families THRIVE!

All my best,
Baden   p.s. As most folks are already aware, GAPS Guide was developed independently by a mom, Baden Lashkov. Although the book heartily promotes, credits, references, and endorses the work of Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, it is not authored, produced, or endorsed by Dr Natasha. The book is the result of a layperson’s direct experience with the program and with supporting hundreds of other individuals with it over the past five years.

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What Is It??

This book presents the “how to” of the GAPS program. (For a list of conditions assisted by the information in the book, click here.) It also:

  • shares several inspiring stories of recovery
  • presents a step-by-step guide to doing GAPS
  • answers frequently-asked-questions
  • directs you to amazing resources

Suitable For

  • those curious about GAPS
  • those wanting a clear, simple guide to share with extended family who are still utterly confused by what you are implementing
  • resource centers and libraries
  • the friend who would implement healing if only she could understand how to
  • those familiar with GAPS but ready to progress further
  • those who would like to be able to support others with clear, simple answers to common questions about gut and psychology syndrome and the nutritional  and detoxification approaches that resolve it

Read more feedback here!

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11 Replies to “2nd Edition – Info & Purchase”

    • Dear Jill,

      On June 9 I replied to your comment via direct email. I have not heard back from you yet, and am wondering if you found my email -or if both your download link and my response email went to your spam folder (as this just happened to someone else this week). If you haven’t yet found my reply, please do check your spam folder for it and let me know where things are at for you…

      Due to the other person’s queries, I realized I need to add the ‘check your spam folder’ item to the Help With Purchase page, and have now done so.

      All my best,

  1. I want to start the GAPS diet but will have to wait about 10 + days for the book to arrive. I am also going to buy your book. Will your book help me get started immediately or will I still have to wait to read The GAPS book first? I have been eating LCHF for the past year so I don’t think I will have much problem making the transition except the eating breakfast part. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Toni,

      You can order the eBook version of GAPS Guide 2nd Edition and start reading it today! It is a very thorough book and all you need to do the program. I strongly recommend reading GAPS Guide 2nd Edition through from cover to cover first, then starting with the Preparing for GAPS section. This can make all the difference to the ease, comfort, effectiveness, and cost of your program.

      Xylitol is not on GAPS. The only supported sweeteners are honey and fruit, though I add information about stevia in the book.

      All my best,

    • You’re welcome, Toni! If you need any help with the download process, please be sure to see this website’s Help With Purchase page, or email me at the address provided in the download link.


  2. Hello,
    I am trying to get more information about the print version of your book.

    Is the print or font able to be seen well enough for an average person using reading glasses to read in fairly normal circumstances (i.e. electric light for night reading)?? I tried to find more information but it mostly addresses the e-forms of the book.

    Is the print version discount only for multiple copies or is it half-off normal price until Monday the 17th?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Marsha,

      Yes, the print version of the book can be read by an average person using reading glasses to read in fairly normal circumstances. I am prescribed reading glasses, and can read many books (darker and/or larger font) without these, but I do need the glasses to read longer sections of my own book. This is a result of a printing issue (lighter than ideal font). But with reasonable light and even the lightest possible strength of reading glasses, I can read it comfortably and at length.

      The current discount is available only for orders in multiples of 10 or 52 (and to points within the USA only).

      Marsha, I wish you the best of health!

      All my best,

  3. Hi Baden

    I am very keen to start on the gaps diet and would like to purchase the ebook version of your guide. I have clicked on the link you have provided which takes me to Amazon but I cannot see a link to the ebook. Is there something I am doing wrong?

    Kind regards, Leah

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