Thanks to Vonnie for sharing with me the need for this list, to ease one aspect of the learning curve. In the comments section below, please let us know what else should be included here.

ABA – Applied Behavioural Analysis, a form of education especially helpful in retraining behaviours/responses; often used in relation to autism spectrum

ACV – Apple Cider Vinegar

BO – Butter Oil

BTVC – Breaking The Vicious Cycle, a book by Elaine Gottschall and an important influence on GAPS

CO – Coconut Oil

EFAs – Essential Fatty Acids

EVOO – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

FCLO – Fermented Cod Liver Oil

GAPS – Gut & Psychology Syndrome

NCM – Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, founder of the GAPS program

NT – Nourishing Traditions, a book by Sally Fallon, setting out information and recipes relating to the work of Weston A Price with its many overlaps with GAPS

PUFA – Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid

SCD – Specific Carbohydrate Diet, a diet developed by the Drs Haas and further developed by Elaine Gottschall

WAPF – Weston A Price Foundation, an organization committed to preserving and transmitting the work of Weston A Price, with its many overlaps with GAPS

11 Replies to “Acronyms”

  1. Wish I could remember where I saw that comment about HBVO. I thought it was one of yours! But anyway, here are some more for the list that I’m sure you know: EFAs, PUFAs, NCM, SKJ. I’ll keep collecting them. They drive me crazy until I figure out what they mean!
    Thanks again, Baden, for all your help!

  2. Someone recently posted a long spreadsheet of GAPS and common Internet-language acronyms on the Yahoo GAPS group. Find it here:
    filename acronyms, (re)post date Sept 4, 2011.

    That reminded me you can Google anything, including acronyms. But Googling HBVO came up only with:
    Hemiretinal Branch Vein Occlusion

    SKJ came up with some entertaining alternatives at

    This GAPs journey ’tis such a new way of living it even has its own language! And jokes, I suppose.

    — Jeanne

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