Conditions Addressed

The following are conditions that the GAPS community has so far seen positively impacted (ie. greatly assisted or completely resolved) through the approaches presented in GAPS Guide and similar resources. Please note: The speed at which a given issue is assisted or resolved is different for every person and every condition. For example, in some people, eczema is relieved within days; for others, it takes months to achieve the same healing. The latter person, however, might experience deep sleeps -for the first time in her life- after a single day! For brief but detailed quotes, please click here.

  • acid reflux
  • acne (typical and cystic)
  • adrenal burnout
  • allergies
  • anger, unfounded
  • anxiety
  • appetite issues (excessively small or large)
  • asthma
  • attention deficit (with or without hyperactivity) disorder
  • auditory hallucinations
  • autism spectrum disorder
  • autoimmune disorders
  • bedwetting
  • behavioural problems
  • bloating
  • blood sugar issues (low and high)
  • candida overgrowth
  • celiac disease
  • chronic diarrhea
  • colic
  • colitis
  • constipation
  • cravings (sugar, starch, pica, etc)
  • crohn’s disease
  • cystic fibrosis
  • dental enamel defects
  • depression
  • diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2)
  • diverticulitis
  • dysphoria
  • dyspraxia
  • eczema
  • eosinophilic esophagitis (seeΒ GAPS Guide book, page 60)
  • fatigue
  • failure to thrive
  • feeding difficulties (including “picky eating”)
  • food phobias
  • FPIES (Food Protein Intolerance Enterocolitis Syndrome)
  • gas
  • gout
  • hay fever
  • headaches
  • heartburn
  • Helicobacter pylori
  • hives
  • histamine intolerance (or excess levels)
  • hyperactivity
  • hypoglycemia
  • incontinence (fecal and/or urinary)
  • indigestion
  • irritability
  • leaky gut
  • learning disabilities
  • libido, overactive
  • malnutrition
  • menstrual and pre-menstrual issues
  • migraines
  • mineral deficiencies
  • mood swings
  • multiple sclerosis
  • muscle cramps
  • nail-biting
  • narcolepsy
  • obsessiveness (over historical and current events)
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • pain: muscle, foot
  • phobias (food, environment, social)
  • psoriasis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • reflux
  • rosacea
  • schizophrenia
  • seizures (possibly dependent on the cause, but including those in which dozens are occurring per day)
  • skin disorders
  • sleep issues (difficulty falling asleep; difficulty staying asleep, excessively brief sleep, excessively long sleep)
  • sound sensitivity
  • stool abnormalities
  • temper, short
  • thyroid, low functioning
  • tics
  • tooth decay
  • tummy pains
  • under-eye circles
  • urinary tract infections
  • violence (against self, against others)
  • vision challenges (though not blindness)
  • warts
  • weight issues (underweight and overweight)
  • white coating on tongue
  • and more

151 Replies to “Conditions Addressed”

  1. Fascinating as always, Baden. I too have had mysterious foot issues. Partly, I think structural (“Morton’s neuroma”) but that doesn’t quite explain to me why –when it should get better after resting– I’ve had long periods of them hurting badly when I wake in the morning. I have an intuition that it has to do with something globaller –something about “grounding” and feet being related to fundamentals and beginnings. That’s not so far away from your “accumulater of toxins”. So many surprising things are happening in my body after two months on GAPS and I will keep my eye on my feet as well. Thank you.

  2. Will GAPS helps with blastocystis hominis parasite? In my case as it is in many cases it is hand in hand with candida overgrowth. I know that improving GI health overall will bring the bacteria in my gut back into balance.

    I feel so confused right now: MD is recommending antibiotics (Flagyl) for the parasite then Nystatin for the fungus, which I know will further destroy the balance in my gut. I have seen countless cases on the internet of individuals being on antibiotics for years for parasites as as soon as they kill one infection, another one pops up.

    Then my Naturopath is recommending a traditional anti-candida diet (moderate GF grains allowed) along with supplements with ingredients that are not GAPS or SCD accepted (okra, aloe, etc). She also wants me to start right off on a high dose of probiotics right off, rather then build up…

    Then there is GAPS which I would need to do anti-Candida style (very small amounts of fruit, no honey) and still I need treatment for the parasites and need to gain weight (I am 10 lbs underweight…at 5’2 I’m only 98 lbs right now).

    Any one have experience with parasites and GAPS….please help!

    • Hi Nicole K,

      GAPS resolves fungal overgrowth, including candida, as well as parasites, yes.

      Specifically, the diet itself heals leaky gut, which is what causes parasites to get into the system (instead of simply pass through). GAPS also clears one’s system, so that they are no longer fed. NCM recommends a parasite killer a little ways into the program.

      My personal recommendation is to start the GAPS intro (initial stages are free of free and honey), settle at the right point for you for several months, then complete a parasite cleanse.

      On GAPS, one may build up very quickly to a therapeutic dose of probiotics – but only if her body can handle that! Otherwise, jumping in to a high dose can cause horrible die-off symptoms that are difficult to shake (until the dose is drastically reduced). On GAPS, the body is the boss πŸ™‚

      Finally, GAPS allows folks to successfully lose or gain weight, as the need is.

      All of this, including my own experience with a parasite cleanse, is covered in more detail in the book.


  3. I’m very afraid about crohn’s disease. I have some symtoms in abdominal pain, often in the lower right area, and diarrhea. Should I go to see the doctor? Please help.

    • Dear friend,

      Whenever you have concerns, it can only be recommended that you see a doctor, just to be sure.

      This said, I can also tell you that the symptoms you describe are quite common for people coming to GAPS. I recommend you do two things: see a doctor and start GAPS.


  4. I’d like to know how successful GAPS has been for Crohn’s patients. I am interested in statistics and/or individual case studies.

  5. Hi Ken,

    GAPS is a newer, three-part program. Its diet is essentially the SCD with a few important developments. The SCD, developed in the 1940s and 50s by two physicians, has a longer history, so most of the written testimonials speak to that.

    I have posted a note to the GAPShelp list, asking if folks with Crohn’s might respond to you here about that program specifically. I know that at least one person with Crohn’s has seen even greater improvement by using GAPS’ nuanced approach to the SCD (and without the use of BioKult).

    While we wait for replies re: GAPS, here are some starting points which refer to the SCD alone:

  6. My daughter is 3 years old diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. We started her on gaps. This is her 2nd day and she already has the flu like symptoms. What do we do now?

    • Hi Jaime,

      Your daughter is right on schedule. Day 2 is a very common time to start seeing the initial die-off response. Keep her hydrated (not just water, but electrolytes) and offer her anything on her current stage. In 2-4 days she will pick up and start eating everything.

      In the meantime, let her rest and do things she enjoys (watch videos, whatever) and give her 1-2 die-off relief baths daily.

      Jaime, are you involved in our online support group? Please see this site’s navigation under ‘support’.


  7. Thank you very much for your advice. I’m happy to say that the fever broke already, but she is still a little lethargic. I’m already involved in the yahoo support group as well. I just have one question: What kind of electrolytes can I give her?

    • Dear Jaime,

      I’m glad she’s feeling somewhat better already. For electrolyte ideas, please type the word ‘electrolyte’ into this site’s search box.


  8. My son was diagnosied with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis 1 1/2 years ago…. he does not have pain every day just “flare ups” about every 2-3 months – Would this diet help?? I know diet has an affect on his disease but this is such a HUGE undertaking with 3 other kids in the house ( we would all do it not just him).
    Thank you for your time!

    • Hi Sarah,

      At least one parent on the support list has her family on GAPS because of this issue. She is reporting success. I suggest joining the support list and putting “juvenile rheumatoid arthritis” in the subject line, in hopes she will see it and respond to you with more information.

      All my best,

  9. I would be interested to hear tales of any experiences of individuals with low thyroid function and GAPS — especially if their hypothyroid issues are due to Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

    I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s over 3 years ago. I have been on GAPS for a full year. Just had a blood test again this week and my labs are miserable. This explains why I still have trouble with fatigue, focus, and getting things done. But I had really hoped to see more progress by now.

    If you have any experiences or words of wisdom to share, please reply back to this site or to me directly:

    Thank you,

  10. Kim,

    I began GAPS about 9 months ago for this condition and leaky gut as well as minimal digestive issues. I have to say that I have not noticed a big change in my thyroid issues. However, my last labs, just a few weeks ago had my TSH lower than it has ever been on the level of med’s that I am on. It was not low enough to change my dose but I am hoping that it will head that direction. My free t4 and free t3 were about the same. I have heard of some being able to lower their thyroid meds while on GAPS. I have had improvements such as needed weight gain, about 10 lbs, better blood sugar levels and some signs of improved digestion…so I am hanging in there for the long haul…hoping and praying for continued improvement!

    Heather D.

  11. I’m wondering if the GAPS diet is something I should attempt. I am in generally good health and don’t have much in the way of allergies (just Amoxicillin) so far as I’m aware and I don’t have any of the Autism spectrum disorders. I might lean slightly towards Asperger’s, but that could just be personality, and I can be fairly social.

    My main issues are insomnia, Athlete’s foot, and irregular stools. The insomnia has been ongoing most of my life. I know there’s a heavy psychological basis, but I don’t always eat great, so there could be brain chemistry issues as well. I have trouble sleeping too light and waking too early and sometimes falling asleep. Trouble falling asleep used to be the only issue but my insomnia has changed in the past few years. Athlete’s foot is persistent on the toes of my left foot and a little bit on my right. I was able to mostly clear it from my right foot a couple years ago. Stools are generally too soft and require TP although not too uncomfortable. I don’t know if that could just be related to unknown diet factors and being easily prone to stress.

    I’ve been on both Accutane and Diflucan at different times during my teenage years.

    Thanks for any feedback,

    • Hi Aaron,

      GAPS does involve a major lifestyle change and if you are quite comfortable at this point you might not bother, or you might not feel motivated enough to give it the 100% it requires. On the other hand, doing a program like GAPS may well prevent any deepened or further issues.

      The only way you will know if the program is helpful to you is by trying it.

      With irregular stools, chronic fungal infection not related to constantly wet feet, insomnia and specific vulnerability to stress, I personally would certainly give GAPS a full, proper trial of 3-6 months.

      All my best,

  12. Has anyone seen improvement for allergies (especially ones as serious as anaphalactic allergies, excess histamine and asthma?

    • Hi Taera,

      I have not heard of changes to anaphylaxis -on GAPS we would never recommend someone re-try a food they’d previously had a life-threatening reaction to. However, very definitely people have had excess histamine and asthma entirely resolved via GAPS.

      All my best,

  13. I have toyed with beginning GAPS for some months. My eldest son craves everything sweet — including toothpaste — has an insatiable appetite and cannot keep focus at school. I am desperate to begin GAPS diet but am SO overwhelmed at everything one must do. As a single, full-time working mother with two small boys to raise I’m frightened to begin…but then frightened NOT to begin. Is it possible to successfully do this diet and not be in the kitchen ALL day?

    • Hi Kai,

      I too am a single mum (just one son, though) and when we started GAPS I was working several contracts and going to school 3/4 time. Yes, GAPS can be done in these circumstances! The GAPS Guide book was essentially written for you πŸ™‚

      All my best,

  14. Successes with Mild Bipolar Disorder/ Bipolar II, Depression, or Chronic Fatigue?

    Hi everyone,

    Thank you for your posts. I’m just starting to learn more about GAPS and the GAPS-method of treating such a variety of physical and psychological issues.

    It seems like many of the users on this site have seen tremendous results for their children. Does anyone have reflections to share on using the GAPS-diet and probiotics to treat conditions like chronic fatigue, depression, or mild bipolar disorder (bipolar II) in an adult?

    My husband is not well. I’m looking at everything under the sun that could help, and open to experimenting, but wondered if anyone has stories of positive results (or equally valid/important to hear: lack of results) to share as we start down this journey.

    Many thanks for any insights or perspectives you could share.

    All the best in your journeys to heal,

  15. Hi Baden

    I’m a naturopath in Melbourne and I’d love to buy your book, however when I click on the link for international customers you kindly provide on your website it takes me to a supplier that doesn’t seem to stock it in their online store.
    Any ideas where I could get it?
    Incidentally, I just wanted to say GAPS is the best program I have come across to deal with food intolerances and digestive issues. I used to recommend a WAPF diet to clients but since recommending they step back onto GAPS intro I’ve seen the biggest results in children and adults AND being able to reintroduce foods for which they tested positive in IgG/Alcat tests or which caused obvious reactions (including eggs and fermented dairy). My greatest thanks to NCM for sharing this knowledge and to people like you for putting all this effort in a wonderful website and blog. Thanks from Australia!

    • Hi Alessandra,

      Exciting about the results you’re seeing in patients!

      Nutrivene does distribute internationally, including to Australia. Perhaps there is a glitch in their website that they need to be informed about? Please do contact directly and they will help you get a book.

      All my best,

  16. Dear Leah,

    I’m sorry, I somehow missed your post earlier! You asked, “Does anyone have reflections to share on using the GAPS-diet and probiotics to treat conditions like chronic fatigue, depression, or mild bipolar disorder (bipolar II) in an adult?”

    If you read GAPS Guide, you will find the story of my own recovery from those and other conditions. Today I posted Jason’s story to the ‘results’ page on this blog. Many people on the support lists have been sharing similar results. Please do check those resources for assurance.

    All my best to you and your husband,

  17. Hi — I am having an experience with headaches — for months but improving since I got on the GAPS diet. If I eat sugar or starch I get a headache within 30 minutes often. I don’t see anything listed above about headaches nor do I see anything in the book but I might have missed it.

    Is there any known relationship between headaches and food in your experience with other clents? If not, I should probably seek other assistance.

    Warm wishes and appreciation for your work,

    • Hi Jean,

      Absolutely there is a known relationship between food and headaches, including migraine, and with GAPS helping to resolve those.

      I will add that to the list.

      All my best,

  18. Hi Baden,

    I hope you can help me out…I’m absolutely desperate. I have the majority of the conditions you listed above.

    I was diagnosed with Crohn’s in ’83 (I was 14) and have since had several surgeries, one, in ’92, resulted in an ileostomy (removal of my entire large intestine, and about a foot of my small intestine. I wear a bag). Since then, my Crohn’s has pretty much been in remission; however, symptoms of what I now, 15 yrs. later, know to be Leaky Gut symptoms, started around four years after that surgery. I’ve been biopsied several times, and it always came back negative for Crohn’s, positive for inflammation. Obviously, no one knew what to do with that info.

    In 1996, I found a wonderful physician’s assistant that treated me for candidiasis. I felt the best I had in years! That lasted until a couple of years after I thought I was cured and could eat whatever I wanted…

    So, fast forward to 2005, when my symptoms really started to hit. Mood swings, extreme food intolerances (I had only a few prior), weight loss, headaches, depression, etc. I started to research diets, and started SCD in 2006. Unfortunately, I got worse. In 2007, my adrenals crashed, I went hypothyroid, and was brought down to tolerating two foods – turkey and cashews.

    Around the end of 2009, I had discovered that some healing occured, and just last year I spent a lot of it eating whatever I wanted – in spite of reacting to the foods. Dumb. Yes, I know. But boy, did that Mexican food and Cold Stone Creamery ice cream taste amazing…

    I just had a traumatic 2010, and it sent me back into the pits of hell. I have now reached my bottom, and am desperate. I am back to turkey and cashews. I’ve started taking probiotics. I don’t know how to even start on the GAPS diet, aside from eating turkey broth. I’m scared to death that I’m not going to heal, but I’m willing to do whatever it takes. As I said, I react to EVERYTHING. I can’t take the majority of supplements, especially glutamine. I even reacted to some IV nutrition that I tried.

    So, basically what I’m looking for is for someone to tell me what to do. Do I push through the reactions that I have to foods to try to rotate them in? I fear that I’ll have to eat turkey broth for months – not sure how I’ll survive on that.

    Sorry if this seems scattered or doesn’t flow well – I’m sure I’ve left a ton of stuff out, too. Like I said, I’m desperate, and obviously not afraid to show my fear. πŸ™‚ I hope you can help, or can point me to someone that can just say, “okay, here’s what you need to do.”


    • Hi Tara,

      I hear your fear and desperation.

      I have met a few people in your boat. I knew one woman who had to live at the top of a mountain because of how affected she was by environmental pollutants as well as foods. She was down to one or two foods when I met her. Within weeks, her range of foods had increased multi-fold.

      You might also enjoy reading Jordan Rubin’s story, as presented in the book The Maker’s Diet. There is a lot of religious content which may feel supportive or difficult for a reader, depending on their own orientation, but the story of Jordan’s recovery from terrible Crohn’s through a diet very similar to GAPS might be a comfort and resource. (He is also now a practicing ND that might be able to consult to you.)

      Also, several people on the GAPS support lists were down to very few foods, had similar questions, and can provide information about what worked for them, what their journey looked like, etc.

      It is common for people to experience a worsening of symptoms when beginning any healing program (SCD, GAPS, etc) so don’t let that dissuade you.

      You are on the right track. Turkey broth is a perfect place to start. From here, I suggest:

      1. Continue the turkey broth and boiled turkey. Include any types and amount of GAPS animal fat you can tolerate.
      2. Continue on the probiotics.
      3. Join one of the online support groups, paste your story into a new post then wait for encouraging and informative responses.
      4. Follow the intro steps outlined in the GAPS Guide book.
      5. Connect with one of the GAPS health practitioners.

      For (3) and (5) see this page:

      Please let me know how things progress for you, Tara.

      All my best,

  19. Baden, thanks so much for hearing me, and for your wonderfully helpful, thoughtful response. I have joined a couple of the Yahoo groups, but find myself overwhelmed by all of the information…I wish there were a “beginners” group! πŸ™‚

    I will definitely follow your suggestions. I’ve been considering considering consulting with Dr. NCM…your thoughts, perhaps? Some great news is that one of the practitioners listed is relatively close to me here in Southern California.

    I will check out Jordan’s story, as well.

    Your blog appears to be what I need at this point, and I’m sure I will find a lot of helpful info here (I already have). Thanks so much for sharing, and for all of the hard work you put in. I would love to hear/read your story – do you have it anywhere on the blog? I went through old posts but couldn’t find it. Just curious to learn about your successes. πŸ™‚

    Thanks again, so much…

    • Hi Tara,

      There is indeed a beginner’s email list! It is the first one listed under ‘Online Support Groups’ here: To prevent overwhelm, I suggest temporarily removing yourself from other groups and sticking with just that one for now.

      Dr Natasha is wonderful. The waitlist for a consult with her might be long. The other practitioners listed are excellent, too.

      My full story is presented in the GAPS Guide book. Mine was a wild journey, too!

      All my best,

  20. Thanks, Baden! I’m actually already on the GAPShelp group – didn’t realize it was the beginner list. Maybe I need the pre-school version! lol!

    I’ve already ordered your book – can’t wait to read it!

    Thanks again – I’m so grateful!

    • Hi Tara,

      GAPShelp is a more populated and advanced group. The one I linked you to is new and is called GAPSdiet. It is the same subscription process and link that used to go directly to GAPShelp. So just follow the link, enter your email address and you’ll be on the beginner’s GAPSdiet list πŸ™‚


  21. Hi Baden,

    Sorry about that, I misspoke. I’m actually a member of the GAPSdiet group, as well. Thanks so much for your help…your book can’t get to me fast enough! πŸ™‚


  22. Hello, Interesting blog, thanks for sharing. I am on my 8th day of GAPS and have run into some concerns. I have been to the hospital many times and never have any answers. I have upper stomach (under the rib cage) and slightly to the right side pain(very tender to the touch), really noticeable when I am hungry, also with chronic burping and lump feeling in throat (my reason for starting GAPS). I have within the last year come down with allergies to dairy and I cannot tolerate sugar in any form which brings on shortness of breath and chronic burping. I have followed a candida diet for the last 8 months until now. This last eight days on GAPS have been pretty hard, and I have recently in these last eight days started with acne, nervousness, anxiety, shortness of breath, nausea and lower back (kidney?) pain. I am wondering if this is just parasite/Candida die off? I went to the hospital and they said it looked like I was starting a bladder infection, I really do not want to take antibiotics due to my candida issues. So I have been drinking apple cider vinegar and taking milk thistle but the pain comes and goes. I was wondering if these sound like die off as I was worried that possibly GAPS was to low carb for me and causing these issues? Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!!~

    • Hi Erin,

      I’m so sorry you’re experiencing these things.

      GAPS does not need to be low carb. Please see:

      Nausea is a common issue in early intro. Dr Natasha states on her FAQ page that this can be due also to low blood sugar, and suggests sipping fruit juice (to alleviate the cause), as well as ginger tea (to alleviate the symptom). Acne is normal enough, because acne is the body’s way of removing toxins and that’s what’s happening in early intro. Quite a few people report increased anxiety during die-off. Bladder infections are discussed in Dr Natasha’s book (and possibly her website), in that toxins are released via urine, so intense die-off that is not managed can trigger this. Symptoms such as nervousness, lower back pain and shortness of breath have been reported by a few people, but are concerning enough that medical attention is necessary. You indicate you have been to the hospital a number of times. I assume you mean during this eight day period? I suggest you:

      -bring your concerns to one of the GAPS physicians listed via the support page, and
      -take lots of die-off relief baths (and follow the other die-off relief tips in the GAPS Guide book), and
      -go onto full GAPS for now, and
      -post your concerns to the ‘beginners’ support list and wait for input

      Please let me know how you do.

      All my best,

    • I just wanted to add I have all the same symptoms when starting gaps, the kidney pain kept coming back until I removed the high oxalate veges and all nuts.. (all nuts are nigh in oxalates) I was tested and found to have very high levels of oxalate in my urine with a 24 hour urine test. Since I removed them I have no more kidney pain, but I am struggling finding things that will fill me up to eat. My anxiety and depression is always through the roof for the first 21 days or so of being on gaps, I assume its the bad gut flora.. but really dont know. Because of this, I end up cheating to stop it, because its hard to live like that with kids. I wish there was more science behind “die off because it can be very scary to go through for so long and not know if it really is die off or just your body not working properly.

      • Dear Melissa,

        Thank you so much for sharing all of these details with our community. I’m going to make this (the link between your kidney pain and high oxalate foods) the first item on the upcoming GAPS Guide 2nd Edition Updates page. I’m confident this information will be helpful for others, as this is a piece I stated in the 2nd Edition to have an unknown cause at the time of writing.

        Some ideas for you:

        1. I think there might be an email list specific to people needing to do a low-oxalate version of GAPS. If not, there are definitely LOD groups on which GAPSters participate. Here is a wonderful post by one GAPSter who has combined GAPS with a LOD. She offers info, recipes, and tips, plus a link to an LOD Yahoo Group:

        2. To find the above for you, I googled the phrase yahoo groups low oxalate GAPS. In that process, several sites and articles came up. I suggest running a similar search phrase then perusing all the articles that come up.

        3. A number of people do experience an exacerbation of their anxiety and/or depression (which can be a result of excess oxalates/dumping or another issue) in the initial stages of GAPS. Some of these find it helpful to increase their carbohydrates (difficult for you, though, as you note) or take a supplement such as magnesium or 5-HTP or, yes, gradually address an oxalate issue where that is present.

        4. In situations with this kind of added complexity it can be very helpful to see a health practitioner familiar with GAPS. This support can help you resolve interim symptoms, personalize the program for the best fit for your body, and assess whether discomfort is due to die-off or a result of the body not working properly. On my site’s Support for You page are links to practitioners.

        5. To prevent and/or reduce discomfort as much as possible, please follow the steps in GAPS Guide 2nd Edition, starting with the slow transition, then implementing careful management of die-off and toxic backlog. This approach, plus the tips mentioned above, can make all the difference in your healing.

        All my best,

  23. Hi Baden,

    You are such a wealth of information so I hope you can help me with a few questions. My husband is doing GAPS since he has Ulcertative Colitis. He has had this condition for over 30 yrs. This last flare has lasted for over 2 years and has continued to get progressively worse. We found GAPS when he had bloody diarrhea for the last 3 months and has lost 35 lbs. he is 6’1 and down to 156 lbs. We instantly started the Introduction phase. Our problem is he still has diarrhea after being on Introduction for 2 weeks and 2 days. He has only done chicken and salmon broth he is a little scared to try beef broth. He is doing a Tbl spoon of fermented juice in his broth and eating pureed zucchini, (without skins and seeds) He also is dairy intolerant.

    I’m sure there are things we are not doing correctly since we started this so quickly (out of desperation) that we haven’t received our book yet. If you could give us some recommendation it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Edna,

      My first question would be: Has he seen a doctor about his most recent flare getting progressively worse? ie. Might there be something else going on to exacerbate his condition? This would be important to get checked out.

      People with severe diarrhea should avoid vegetables (even peeled, deseeded zuchinni) at first. He should be taking boiled meat as well as broths. He can and should move forward with things like eggs -any of the foods listed in the intro that are not veggies. Beyond that, I’m afraid I don’t know. In such a severe situation, I recommend consulting with one of the GAPS physicians linked to via the ‘support’ page of this blog. I strongly recommend also joining one of the online support groups, as you will connect with others who have gone through a similiar journey and will know how to move through it.

      Edna, please let me know how things go.

      All my best,

  24. Hi Baden,

    I have a 9 yr old daughter who has ADHD and learning disabilities, including dyslexia. But the biggest issue is her poor ability to focus and defiance. I have tried many medications and therapies with minmal results.
    She does have complaints of occasional diarrhea, constipation and stomach aches. She has shadows under her eyes and is pale. Her skin on her body is dry.
    I’m am skeptical at this point to try yet another “theory” because of all the time, money and tears spent with all the various treatments we’ve tried. But I can’t give up on my daughter.
    Any words of wisdom for us?


    • Hi Linda,

      I hear your reluctance to commit extensive time, energy and money to yet another therapy, possibly to only experience vast disappointment, frustration, fatigue and discouragement again. I went through something similar with my son before I found GAPS. All I can tell you is that GAPS worked miracles for my son. It certainly sounds like your daughter is an excellent candidate for GAPS. I guess my only suggestion would be to ‘take it (very) slow and easy’. ie. In the GAPS Guide book, follow the ‘preparing for intro’ steps. You might well see some improvements for your daughter at any given small step- for example at the point of adding soups or at the point of replacing rice with grated cauliflower- and that will give you encouragement and energy to take the next one, and so on in an upward spiral (though you will need to be prepared for the inevitable relapses, too).

      Please let me know how things go.

      All my best,

    • Hi Yolanta,

      I don’t know, but some great folks to consult with about this would be those at They are very familiar with nutrition for Down’s Syndrome as well as with GAPS. Please do connect with them!

      All my best,

    • I am curious if you pursued GAPS diet and if you did, how it’s going. My son has DS and I’m considering it. Thanks!

      • Hi Marilyn,

        If Yolanta doesn’t reply -and it’s likely she won’t catch your comment here- please do connect with the folks at about this!

        All my best,

  25. Hi. I’m so glad I found this site. I think I have UC, I’ve been having blood in my stools off and on for a yr now, plus severe stomachaches and fatigue, swelling of joints. I am severely gluten and lactose-intolerant as well. I’ve had a colonoscopy and endoscopy last yr, GI didn’t find anything. I wasn’t happy w/ that GI so I moved to another one and now a colonoscopy was brought up again! I had severe reaction to the solution for the colonoscopy and I really don’t want to do it again! Is there any other way to diagnose it? What if I just do GAPS? I am already grain, soy, and dairy-free. The past week I’ve been seeing blood/mucus in my stools again.

    Sorry another question, my DD is 3 and has multiple food allergies. She’s also grain, dairy and soy-free like me, and plus other foods she’s avoiding. She’s allergic to beef, pork, chicken, and a bunch of veggies and fruits. I’m not sure how I can do GAPS for her. I need help. I want her to be better! She’s also on a hypoallergenic formula (Alimentum Ready to Feed) and I’m wondering if it’s possible if she can stay on this formula while doing GAPS. She is also having blood and mucus in her stools but she has a tendency to be constipated, unlike me who gets diarrhea.

    I would appreciate any advice you can offer. I’m very desperate. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Scarlett,

      Any time a person has worrisome symptoms, they should get checked out by a doctor.

      I don’t know whether or not there is a way to diagnose UC without a colonoscopy. There are lots of people on the support lists, though, who have had similar symptoms and previously went the medical route and can share their experiences and knowledge with you. I strongly recommend connecting with them.

      Certainly you can start GAPS now. I would start with a veggie-free intro (so fats, meat broths and boiled meats), working up from there.

      Regarding your daughter: It is very common for people coming to GAPS to have multiple intolerances as well as some allergies. Yes, she can continue the formula while starting GAPS. Once you have confidence in the program and the nutrition she is accessing you can start weaning her off.

      The folks on the support list will be able to give you lots more tips as you go. The GAPS Guide book would be very helpful to you, too.

      All my best,

  26. Baden,

    Thanks for your reply. The new GI doctor wants me to now have either another colonoscopy or a CATscan. I forgot to mention the CATscan on my above post. I’m just so worried that the previous doctor missed it last year. I don’t know why I can’t shake that feeling off of me.

    I just joined the GAPS support group today :). I tried to do SCD before but the moment I felt better I stopped and then the holidays came and I started cheating on food even more. I’m flaring up right now, it’s been a pretty horrible week so I need to start GAPS.

    I’m sorry, another question, is there another probiotic (we can’t do dairy)that I could take? I am very sensitive to corn, there’s maltodextrin(which in the US is derived from corn) in BioKult, I’m worried about taking that. Would an SCD-legal probiotic be ok? My daughter takes one (SCD-legal from GI ProHealth). but it’s only Lactobacillus in it I believe. Does she need something stronger?

    Thanks again and I appreciate your advice. I’ll browse through the Gaps support group. Also, where can I buy the GAPS guide that you mentioned?

    • Hi Scarlett,

      Yes, do use any probiotic you feel comfortable with, including the SCD-recommended ones. When you feel stronger, you can branch out further. The GAPS Guide book has a whole section of information on probiotics, including what to consider for your daughter (though what she is on now is a good start, and fine for now). Information about the GAPS Guide book, including a link to the distributor, is here.

      All my best,

  27. Thanks Baden. I clicked on the link you gave and it brought me back to the gapsdiet website but I don’t see your book. I see the original one and the cookbook.

    Also do you happen to know how long before a post appears on the yahoo support group? I posted yesterday but I see the last post was from Feb.1.

    Thanks again!

    Sorry for all my questions!

    • Hi Scarlett,

      No worries – I am happy to help you get started.

      Thank you for informing me about the book purchase link. Someone else had mentioned this issue recently. I have now updated the links here.

      Like the blogs, the support groups are moderated by volunteers, so an initial post is processed whenever a volunteer is next available. That is usually from 3-24 hours, though there are no guarantees. If all volunteers are unavailable (snowed out of internet access, etc), it can take longer. Once the moderators can see that you are not a ‘spambot’, subsequent posts are processed automatically, ie. immediately.

      All my best,

  28. Hi Scarlett!

    I’m only about three weeks in on the diet, so I’m a newbie, too. But, I wanted to just chime in about my forum experience. GAPSHelp is the most responsive group; however, there are more advanced topics discussed which, at least for me, led to confusion left me feeling overwhelmed at first.

    If someone doesn’t answer your question, simply repost it with the word “BUMP” as the very first part of your subject line, with your original subject line to follow. Someone will get back to you – the group is really good. In fact, better than a lot of others that I’ve either been on or am on currently.

    Good luck, and I’ll keep an eye out for you!

    Best wishes,

  29. Hi Baden,
    I discovered the GAPS diet through my sister, who has an 11 year old with Crohns. My son is 20 and has iron-deficient anemia. At 15 I noticed a dramatic loss of his hair which prompted me to take him to the doctor. The IDA was discovered then. After all the proper tests, and the ruling out of Crohns, Celiac, etc. the cause of his anemia was never discovered. Iron supplements were the only thing that were prescribed and three years later he has it again. Have you heard of the GAPS diet helping kids, particularly boys, with anemia?

    Thanks so much for your time.


    • Hi Lisa,

      Definitely! My own son (as well as I) had abysmally low iron levels pre-GAPS. They are now excellent.

      Organs are an excellent source of iron to get your son’s levels up.

      All my best,

  30. Hi Baden

    My son is on the GAPS Intro Diet. Into his second week. He had about 3 days where he ate nothing at all. Then suddenly he started eating and some foods he has never ever touched…like eggs.

    Dr McBride wrote to me and said it was normal for him to not eat while he was cleansing and that diarrhea was normal at this stage.

    Can you tell me, the coconut water drink with the ginger, lemon and honey, which he loves…is that ok for him to keep drinking? Also, at what stage can I expect his diarrhea to stop?

    I thought honey and lemon were not to be consumed on this diet.

    Thank you.


    • Hi Mikey,

      Your son’s path has been very typical. This is very positive! And awesome on you for keeping your son hydrated!

      I don’t see a lot of diarrhea (more constipation) at the early stages, but don’t worry. We certainly see this in some people (especially those coming to GAPS for that reason). Typically it resolves within a week of starting intro, but I definitely wouldn’t worry if that’s not the case for your son.


      1. When you say diarrhea, what exactly are you describing? 1-3 looser stools per day? Or more than three times, and having to race to the bathroom with urgency?

      If the latter:
      1. Did he have diarrhea before starting GAPS? Any change in diarrhea after starting?
      2. Did he have diarrhea before starting the electrolyte drink? Any change in diarrhea after starting?
      3. After his few days of not eating, did he start with just boiled meats, meat broth and fats? If yes, any change in diarrhea during that stage?
      4. Did his diarrhea stop early in GAPS and restart? (If so, a specific food might be an issue.)

      Honey is supported on GAPS. Usually we avoid or severely limit it during the initial stages of intro (but note that Dr Natasha does support a bit being added to ginger tea right from the start), but it is allowed. Lemon is also a ‘recommended food’. Personally, I would aim to limit the sweet coconut water and honey -perhaps start diluting it gradually- because limiting sugars in the beginning can help a lot. (This said, you did the right think in ensuring his hydration.)

      All my best,

  31. Hi Baden,

    Thank you for answering my question about anemia. I have to laugh a little as we in America, or I should say this girl in the South, is not sure what you mean when you say “Organs” are an excellent source of iron. I’m assuming you mean liver but the world would have to stop turning before my 20-year-old would eat it.

    Any other suggestions?

    Thanks again.


    • Hi Lisa,

      Yes, liver, etc. I suggest simply preparing the liver in one of the favourite GAPS ways (ask the support group) and serving it as a ‘meat’ dish. Many people thought they would despise liver until they found a recipe (whether cooked or raw, solid or blended) that they loved.

      If you decline to do organ meats, another option would be a product such as Floravit, found in a health food store. For GAPS, organ meats are the optimal source, though.


  32. Hi Baden

    Our son started the GAPS diet for about a week before we switched to the Intro Diet. During the week on the full diet he had 2 – 3 loose stools per day which became diarrhea once on the Intro Diet.

    After a few days of not eating he started with steamed pumpkin and small amounts of stock. He also had diarrhea before starting the electrolyte drink with no change so far.

    A day after he started on pumpkin he had a fairly solid stool but then the diarrhea started again, still on the Intro diet.

    We feel he has detoxed to some degree as he had a couple of days with no food, no appetite, he smelled and his breath was terrible. He was very out of sorts and feeling miserable. That was during his no food days but since then he has been eating like a horse but still has diarrhea.

    Hopefully I have answered your questions and made sense.

    Thanks Baden


    • Hi Mikey,

      If I’m reading you correctly, you are differentiating between ‘2-3 loose stools’ and ‘diarrhea’, with diarrhea being several liquid stools per day with urgency. The former is not a concern, the latter can be.

      The smell, bad breath, feeling out of sorts and miserable, etc, is typical of detoxing, yes. Are you doing daily and rotated detox/die-off relief baths for him? This is super important and helps a lot.

      It’s interesting to me that he had no diarrhea on full GAPS, then diarrhea on a more restricted (intro) stage. I can’t yet think what would trigger this (except, as Dr Natasha said, for the detox itself). The foods he was having on intro, was he having each and every one of these foods while on full GAPS? (Orange squash, such as pumpkin, triggered stool in my son so consistently that I used it as a constipation remedy in him. Note that it can take up to four days for a food reaction to show.) Was his quantity of veggies increased on intro? (If so, the increased fibre could be an issue, in which case one might reduce or avoid veggies for the first while.)

      One thing I found with my son is that no matter what I did, his stool consistency was all over the map for the first few months. And then it became consistent. So, unless it is true diarrhea -causing a risk of malnutrition or dehydration- I don’t worry about stools the first while.

      He will likely eat like a horse for about six weeks, and then his appetite will mellow.

      Is any of this helpful? Feel free to write again, to continue the exploration. I also strongly recommend connecting with the support group(s) about this, as other families will be able to share their experiences and tips.

      All my best,

  33. Hi Baden

    Yes he is having a bath every day with Apple Cider Vinegar in it.

    He is eating an incredible amount of pumpkin which we are trying to reduce. He would eat an entire pumpkin in one sitting!

    He now is having eggs for bfast but won’t go near soup. His breath still reeks. His stools are the same I guess as with your son. Some are more solid than others and I guess this is normal.

    The main thing I suppose is that he is hydrated and eating well. He’s eating none of the foods to avoid, eating eggs and some veggies and drinking stock and coconut water.

    Are there any other foods that would be ok for him at this early stage? We want to vary things a little.



    • Hi Mikey,

      With some stools partially or fully formed, I wouldn’t worry.

      The breath will resolve.

      Be sure to do a different detox bath every day: ACV one day, epsom salts another, baking soda another, etc.

      Orange squash such as pumpkin is sweet and may be feeding yeast in him. It would be good to replace (at least much of) that with non-sweet veggies.
      Ideas for more foods:
      Of course, he can do beef one day, chicken another, salmon another, etc.
      Boiled meat can be mixed with veggies for “stir fry”, etc.

      Don’t worry about soup if he totally won’t eat it; it’s great that he’s drinking stock!
      Here are more tips on getting the required meat broth in:


  34. Hi Baden

    Can you tell me if skin rashes or eruptions are common when on the Intro diet.

    My boy has a rash on his stomach and chest that just errupted a few hours ago. It’s raised and red.

    Your thoughts?


    • Hi Andrew,

      Yes, skin eruptions are indeed common during die-off. Of course, I can’t say for sure your son’s current rash is due to die-off. When you have any concern, do get it checked out by a doctor.

      The rotated die-off relief baths (see GAPS Guide book, or do a search via this blog’s internal engine) help die-off symptoms a lot.

      All my best,

  35. I keep reading about GAPS and am really wanting to do it, however I don’t know if its really do-able when I have a husband who loves junk food and 2 sons ( one is only here part-time and the other is only 19-months-old). My youngest son gets sick frequently, so much so that I had to quit my day job and am now looking for a night shift. I am wondering if he has food intolerences or other issues that cause his immune system to be run down. Could this possibly help him as well? I have problems getting good sleep, I am very fatigued and tired all the time, moody, and have frequent headaches. In the last 6 months I have changed how I cook and eat in so many ways (whole foods, EVOO, coconut oil, butter, pastured meats when possible, raw milk ect) and I notice when I eat other foods I feel awful. I fell like this could really help me feel even better but it seems almost impossible given the diets of other members of the household. I asked my husband to do it with me but he just won’t give up the foods he eats.
    Thanks so much for your time,

    • Hi Gina,

      Yes, GAPS would likely help both you and your younger son a lot.

      I understand your husband as I was a huge junk food addict until GAPS!
      As for how to do GAPS within a family of mixed preferences and intentions, etc, I suggest this:

      -cook GAPS for the whole family; they can accept what is offered or make something else for themselves
      -ask your husband if he would consider helping you and your youngest by eating junk food only outside of the house (at work, in car, etc)

      All my best,

    • Hi Susan,

      Personally, GAPS resolved my OCD probably about 90-95%. I still have a tiny amount, especially if rushed (a form of stress for me), but the horrible, daily experience of it has been gone since about six weeks in to GAPS. To hear from others about their experiences, do post your query to the support lists as well.

      All my best,

  36. Hi Baden,

    I love your site, and am planning to order the Guide Book. I’m preparing to start GAPS for myself and my children, for various reasons. My oldest son and I have the most urgent needs. My oldest is 6, and has allergies and asthma. I battle depression and gut issues, such as bloating and irregularity, with occasional stomach aches.

    Do you know of any online support groups or websites that have testimonials or discussions with parents of children or adults who have recovered from asthma and allergies through the GAPS diet. Also, how do I talk to my son’s doctor about GAPS, who considers the gut connection to be based on bunk science?

    I’m looking for a new provider, but not sure which route to go, natural, holistic, integrative, or conventional. I hope to find someone in my area, who I can afford.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Jessica,

      Great! I strongly recommend waiting for your GAPS Guide book to come in before starting. It’s just that much easier (and cheaper) to start with the book’s help than without. In the meantime, you can just practice some recipes on random days, which will also go a long way to helping make the journey easier.

      Yes, the GAPShelp support group (under ‘implementation’ on the support page) has families with people who’ve recovered from asthma and allergies via GAPS. When requesting that info, be sure to use a very specific subject line (like ‘recovered from asthma/allergies?’) as most people do not have time to read all the posts on that very busy list.

      It is not necessary to talk with your doctor at this point about GAPS. When we first have our children, we don’t generally go over our family’s diet with our doctor; the same holds true when we change our diet in any way. Just go ahead with the program, seeing your doctor as needed for medical help, and let him observe (or receive your reports of) the changes that come.

      I feel that every type of practictioner is helpful in different ways. I like having a conventional doctor, with the fees covered by our government, for medical emergencies and blood testing, etc. For everything else, I use a wholistic practitioner (naturopath). I found that for the first three years on GAPS, we needed to consult neither, as the health for each of us only improved and improved.

      All my best,

  37. Hi Baden,
    My best friend has a little boy who is 3, he was 2 months prem, was on antibiotics for pretty much the entire first year of his life and has had pneumonia numerous times during his short life.
    He currently weighs less than his 1 year old brother and is continually losing weight. He is sick almost constantly, and his mum takes him to the doctor almost every week.
    He has finally gotten in to see the only GI paedeatric doctor in our state (we live in western australia), they did an endoscopy last week, where they found an inflamed eosophogus (sp?) and intestine. They took a whole bunch of biopsies but no results have come yet. The thing that did happen was he reacted to whatever they did, coded twice and is now having seizures, which he is now on medication for. I fear they will poke and prod him to death literally, or he will die during one of their procedures.
    I have spoken to her at length about GAPS, as I believe his malnutrition and inability to absorb anything is due to the ridiculous amounts of antibiotics he had during his first year. She is hoping he has something that can be fixed surgically, and then he will be magically better.
    He eats a lot of white toast, biscuits and easy snack foods as she believes calories is all that matters.
    I don’t know how to convince her to try GAPS. He is fading away before my eyes, and I’m so scared for him. I have offered to do all the work for her so she doesn’t have to think about it as she has 2 other kids and we were going to do it anyway, so to add someone elses meals to ours would be easy. I’m trying to do it slowly by at least suggesting other things than toast, like making him coconut and almond flour bread and cakes instead of regular bread but I really think he needs intro more than anything.
    She’s so scared of him losing more weight, but he’s losing weight constantly anyway, she can’t see the greater good, and the fact that healing is what is going to happen.
    My biggest concern is getting him strong enough to withstand what the hospital is doing to him and hopefully he will quietly get better all on his own so eventually she can discontinue the hospital “treatment”.
    I don’t know what to do!!! I’ve given her broth but he wouldn’t drink it so she didn’t give it to him, without her support, it won’t happen basically.
    I’m sorry this is so long, I’ve been researching GAPS for 8 months, and I started all because she rang me one day in tears because she thought he was going to die. Then I thought, ok let’s figure out what’s wrong with him and fix it!! Then I found GAPS…but it’s convincing her that’s the problem now.

    • Dear Starlett,

      Oh… I feel your distress and fear and worry and love…

      I can’t imagine many things more painful than to watch a child disintegrate. I know when I watched my son’s body going that route, I was pummelled with angst.

      You are doing everything possible. The key thing is that you are (a) being a very present friend while this mother goes through a living hell, (b) letting your friend know there is information and treatment available, and (c) offering to do the work of getting him onto GAPS, in recognition that she has much else on her plate.

      Beyond this, there is nothing you can do (I don’t think). Ultimately, the decision about what to feed her child, and how to support him in eating healing foods, will be up to the mother and to anyone she places in a position of care for her child, such as hospital staff. A lot of parents on GAPS did not have, or could not receive, the information before their kids were 6, 10, 12, 15 years of age. They and their kids went through so much pain, but when everything aligned for them to find, grasp and do GAPS, these kids healed! We can only hope that things will align for your friend sooner rather than later -but we can’t make it so. We can’t make -or even really help- people to ‘get it’. We can gently and occasionally offer the gist, but it’s their own perception, will, interest, and energy that must do the rest. It’s so hard, but true.

      Remember that even Elaine Gottschall pursued the allopathic route, and her young daughter reached a terrible point, before Elaine came across Drs Haas and the SCD!

      All my best,

  38. Thank you for your reply Baden, I sound so pushy but I just feel so frustrated watching him deteriorate and I know this will help him but I am not a Dr and am therefore ignored as a source of information. I love my best friend soooo much and I’m her go-to girl when she needs to cry and pour out her heart and I just want to shake her sometimes and say, pleeeease let me help!!! As I said, I have been researching this purely for him for almost a year so have read sooo many stories of kids in similar situations, I send these on to her but she doesn’t read them as she isn’t a big reader.
    She is so relying on them to fix him surgically only I fear it’s the surgery and drugs that will eventually kill him as his system is simply too weak to handle it, as last weeks episode showed.
    Anyway, sometimes it feels better simply telling someone, so I really appreciate your help. Meanwhile does anybody have a similar story to tell and have been on GAPS to show improvement so I can read it to her? That may help, I don’t know.
    I have your book and my family (my hubby, me and 2 boys aged 4 and 6) are about to start the intro diet.
    Thanks again Baden xx

    • Hi Starlett,

      Well, sometimes in friendship we do have to grab someone by the shoulders (figuratively speaking) and say exactly that, yes! And sometimes that gets their attention and sometimes it doesn’t…And sometimes it brings us closer together and sometimes it results in some or much separation that is heartbreaking to bear.

      I recently watched a friend spiralling downward in addiction over the course of many months. I mentioned GAPS several times, sent her the link on addiction from Dr Natasha’s FAQ, etc, and she knew what it had done for me, but she wasn’t doing it. I just continued in our friendship, loving her dearly. Eventually came the time when I took her to the hospital for emergency admission, to preserve her life. I know how hard it can all be, and all the moreso when it’s a child we’re looking at, but we can only help people where they are currently at. My friend is now safe and has started a recovery journey. I still hope she’ll do GAPS one day, but I’m not attached to it. Her journey is her own.

      All of this said, maybe it would help you to say to your friend, “I really need to share something that’s important to me. Is there a time we can spend two hours together?” And when it’s just the two of you, to say, “I’m watching all your pain and fear about your baby, and I’m feeling a lot of that, too. I love you both so much, and it’s tearing me apart to watch you both have to go through all of this. I really want to help. The thing I really believe would help him more than anything is the nutritional healing program I’ve mentioned. Right now, that doesn’t seem to feel like a good fit for you, do I have that right? I’m not sure what to do with my feelings around this, of believing he could be well and totally wanting to support you as my dearest friend and at the same time understanding that for you, the intensive nutritional program isn’t a fit right now. I guess I just need to hear that you’ve really heard my intuition, beliefs and thoughts about this. And I really want to keep supporting you, in whatever path you feel able to take right now.”

      Sometimes we need to feel heard by anyone at all -and that’s what happened for you here yesterday, I hope. And sometimes we don’t need another to change, but just to get across to us that they have indeed heard us. Recently, I resolved a persistent issue by saying to a friend, “I think what you’re telling me is that you feel and think [this, this, this]. Do I have that correct? Okay. And I feel [that, that, that]. I care about you and I just really want you to be safe, but I get now that you’ve heard my concerns, yes? Okay, so I will leave this be now.” Whenever the concern comes up for me, I recall that conversation and feel an acceptance.

      All: For people who aren’t big readers, but who are interested in GAPS, some of the GAPS audio DVDs or short videos might be useful.

      All my best,

  39. Dear Baden

    I am so glad there is someone I can contact. It is frightening to be doing this diet from a book when I am so ill. Although I realise most of the people doing this diet are also.

    I have been following the introduction diet for nearly 2 weeks.I started on the intro diet including some vegetables ( the few on the diet I am allowed) but as I have diahorrea I had to cut back to the meat and meat stock and eggs.

    My history is very long and complicated, 11 years of trying to get better in private medicine. I live in the United Kingdom and we seem to be so far behind medicine in the USA.

    The doctors have made me worse over this period. Two years ago I started Neutralisation. I am intolerant to all foods. Neutralisation was fairly successful for me but I still had health problems.

    I was put on phospholipid Exchange because I had an imbalance in fatty acids and then Chelation Therapy(3 times the normal dose). Due to this I developed horrendous burning sensations in my nerves which is globally (all over the body and to some extent inside me.

    For the past 8 months I have been to see 3 consultants in the NHS and am due to see one more. It has been established I have Helicobacter Pylori in my stomach and Clostridia. I also have at least one parasite in my lower gut – Dientamoeba fraglis.

    Due to the treatment I also have inflammation in the stomach and although not diagnosed there is inflammation in the lower bowel.

    The doctors do not know how to treat me because any medication causes a frightening flare up in my symptoms and I cannot cope with the symptoms already. I realise it is not as simple as just getting rid of the bacterial overgrowth in my upper gut.

    The doctor who give me Neutralisation recommended the gaps diet. I have no money left to consult her.

    I am having a problem digesting the fat and protein. I do not feel like eating the meat and the fat makes me feel nauseous. Although I do sometimes add additional animal fat to the stew which I intend to stop for the time being. Maybe also I am trying to eat too during the day and should me taking it slower. I am eating fish and eggs. The only meat I can eat is turkey, beef and chicken as I can only eat food I am neutralised for. However I know neutralisation is not working very well any more, if at all, since the flare up.

    I take Betaine HCL and Pepsin after eating meat and digestive enzymes before.

    The diahorrea and abdominal pain did calm down and the stomach pain is a lot better. I reintroduced vegetables a few days ago but this upset my tummy this morning so it was too early.

    You may not be able to answer this question but my main concern is whether the Gaps Diet can be used to treat a Helicobacter Pylori infection and inflammation in the stomach because it seems to be correcting the bacteria in the lower gut.

    Thank you for reading this email. Sorry it is so long.


    • Hi Carol,

      This is quite the journey you’ve been on!

      It’s great that your pain has already reduced.

      I don’t yet have specific information about Helicobacter Pylori infection. As I said to Sue on the same topic earlier:

      Yes, some people who are very, very ill when they come to GAPS -especially where intestinal tissues are ravaged- or who are very sensitive have a very difficult transition. I liked this exploration on h pylori:

      A lot of people lose weight initially on GAPS, but as the body heals they gain it back.

      I suggest two things:

      1. Ask on the GAPShelp support list who else has dealt with this and get their experience and tips.

      2. If you would like extra (ie. professional) support, there are several practitioners available to help by phone. See this blog’s β€˜Support’ page.

      The second suggestion may not apply to you as you’ve noted you cannot afford more consultations right now. (Perhaps one of the GAPS ones listed would accept a payment plan?) In any case, I think suggestion #1 is an excellent resource. It is incredible what people have recovered from on GAPS. There have been several cases of incredible devastation and hopelessness healed on this program. And people who’ve “been there” are often as good a resource on many of the details as the wonderful professional consultants are!

      About treating beyond the large intestine, Dr Natasha at her FAQs page says:

      How does GAPS diet deal with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)? Because fermented foods and probiotic can actually feed SIBO, what is your recommendation on how to address this situation?

      Majority of GAPS people have this problem. Just follow the GAPS programme, it will feed the gut and re-balance immunity and the nervous system in the gut wall. The body knows how to heal itself, just give it the tools.

      It is not necessary to eat other meats or, at the very beginning, really any meat at all. Also, the fish and eggs are fine, as is your being limited to turkey, beef and chicken. None of these limitations are barriers.

      Some people need to start with very tiny amounts of fat and work up slowly. That’s fine, too. It’s important to get the broth with its marrow, etc.

      Normally Betaine with Pepsin is taken before protein meals. Is there a specific reason yours is being taken after?

      The body will heal in its own way, and flare ups will be part of this. Don’t let these dissuade you. Again, I strongly recommend getting onto the GAPShelp list to connect with others who have gone the most difficult healing journeys.

      All my best,

  40. Hi Baden! I am sure this isn’t the right place to leave this question… But thank you, nonetheless, for all you do.

    I have a seven month old and he and I are currently on GAPS full. He has a bowel movement about every four days – before beginning GAPS, my mainstream pediatrician told me this was normal. I see that for – at least adults – that is not normal. What about for babies? He’s breastfed, and eats pureed boiled carrots or peas blended with organic chicken and homemade broth 4-6 times per day.

    Many Thanks,

    • Dear Analise,

      I’m so sorry I missed responding to your post when I was ‘here’ yesterday! Today while driving I thought, “Wait! Someone asked about their child’s bowel movements and I didn’t answer!” I came back and hunted and hunted until I found you πŸ™‚

      Definitely babies, too, needing to be eliminating toxins through bowel movements at least once daily. Your little one is definitely constipated. Please do apply the tips for that presented in GAPS Guide.

      How wonderful that your son can enjoy such nutrition in the breastmilk, broth, veggies and meat! You’re totally on the right track!

      All my best,

  41. Hi Baden, I wrote you before earlier in the year when I started Gaps intro but had to discontinue due to moving (it was a bad time to start). Well my health problems went on (even with a gluten/sugar/dairy free diet) so back to gaps diet I went. I am about 3 weeks into the intro and once again am having shortness of breath episodes when I eat my meal- the chicken stock, with meat, fat, coconut oil and sauerkraut added (I also take a digestive enzyme). It goes away about 1-2 hrs after I eat. I read somewhere that a high fat meal can raise blood sugar levels and can lead to shortness of breath. I was wondering if you have heard of this and if you had any thoughts on the stocks high fat content possibly causing blood sugar issues. Have you heard anything like this from anyone else? I want to continue with the diet but every time I eat I get shortness of breath (I don’t think I am eating too much). Is there anything I should add in to balance things more? Thanks so much for helping us with our health questions. ~Erin

    • Hi Erin,

      Shortness of breath is a common die-off symptom, but as it’s associated directly with your meals, that’s not necessarily the case here. However, the sauerkraut may be triggering it. To be at sauerkraut (as opposed to a couple of teaspoons of its juice) at three weeks in is quite a fast progression, and could be more probiotic than your body is ready for. I haven’t heard from anyone else about a link between stock, blood sugar and shortness of breath but that’s not to say there isn’t a link. Erin, if moving from kraut back to juice doesn’t ease this, this is a case in which I would recommend you connect directly with a health practitioner well-versed in GAPS.

      Please let us know what you find out and how things progress for you.

      All my best,

  42. Hello, Baden, could you please explain how someone experiencing extreme histamine reactions – panic attacks, depression … – could best implement the diet to include healing foods, ideally without prompting unpleasant histamine intolerance bouts? If anyone reading this has experience of overcoming histamine intolerance, please share ideas on how to do this. Thank you.

    • Hi Cheerful,

      Histamine reactions – Have you read the information on this presented by Dr Natasha in her G-A-P-S book? In the ‘Revised and Expanded’ (2010) edition, there is excellent information on pages 43 and 94-97. My two main recommendations for dealing with it would be: (a) the ‘low and slow’ method of food introductions, as outlined in the GAPS Guide book, and (b) lots of die-off relief remedies, again as outlined in the GG book, daily.

      Once you’ve reviewed these two resources, please let me know which of the tips you’re implementing, and we can go from there.

      All my best,

  43. GAPS/SCD is AMAZING!!! We are at day 25 of our 30-day Intro diet challenge and the health changes are spectacular. Our entire family was diagnosed with Celiac in 2005, for which the Standard Gluten Free diet has been a total failure!! After reading the GAPS book, I now am fully convinced it has been Leaky Gut all along caused by too many courses of antibiotics—first in me starting in college. And then from the time we moved to the mountains of Idaho to a small town where antibiotics are handed out like candy for any sniffle. Our daughter, now 19, was hit the hardest—-showing signs of GAP syndrome from the time she was a baby. 2 days into GAPS—with ONLY stopping her daily sugar intake—she spent an entire week sick as a dog on the couch, missing work and life due to severe die off. Only from removing sugar! I believe she has a long road to recovery, but seeing improvements in her health and mental health is worth the struggle. I am looking forward to the day that both our kids embrace GAPS/SCD without my urging and can have 100% healthy lives. We have homeschooled for over 10 years—-mainly because of the poor health of our daughter. She even was put back an entire grade in school due to her poor health and learning disabilities from what I now know was GAP syndrome. Her immune system was so damaged and malfunctioning, we even had her tonsils and adenoids removed in 2007—she would literally spend from October to April sick on the couch. Thankfully, no ASD with either of our kids. But VERY definite mental changes with gluten ingestion, and Super Sensitivity to minute amounts of gluten caused by the leaky gut that has made life practically unbearable for all of us the past couple of years. Seeing light at the end of this tunnel is wonderful!

  44. Hi Baden, I am wondering if there is anything specific you can direct me to on how GAPS can heal MS? I’m getting a few comments here and there but nothing really specific. Thank you in advance.

      • Zuze: Thank you so much for sharing this link for Lissi, and for all of us!

        All my best,

        ETA: As I progressed through the comments, I eventually saw that Cheerful also submitted this link. Thank you to you also, Cheerful!

  45. Hi, Lissi, you might find this interesting if you have not already seen it:
    Dr Wahls healed using the paleo diet which, in many aspects, is similar to GAPS, whereby, I believe, GAPS goes further on the topics of healing and re-building the gut flora and detoxing our bodies from environmental and other toxins. Still, you may like to follow up on Dr Wahls’ progress. Best wishes, …

  46. Hi Baden,
    I just received your guide book!
    My whole family is going on GAPS in about a month. We have, thus far, reduced grains by a lot. I have an 8 month old and am concerned about her growth. I have low stomach acid and since reducing grains I have developed white horizontal lines in my nailbed that are not growing out. My daughter has them now too. She was breastfed for 6 months, but was not growing and was reacting to everything in my diet so she is now on the Nourishing Traditions raw goats milk baby formula recipe. I read that the white lines may be due to low protein…this is weird because we have actually upped our protein intake. I am also having hairloss and other symptoms in line with b vitamin deficiencies. I can only assume that my daughter and I are not digesting our protein correctly. I am taking HCL with pepsin.

    I felt better when I was eating grains! Is it possible that the grains were providing better nutrition than the protein? I never had these symptoms (hair loss, fatigue, purplish fingernails, white lines, ect) when I was eating less protein and more grain. I started adding saurkraut juice to my baby’s formula and to my own meal as well. I know we need the healing but am concerned that we aren’t getting all of the nutrients we need. The family has been low grain for about 4 months, and the baby has only had pureed liver, squash, bone broth, avacado, and pureed chicken. Any insight as to why our health seems worse instead of better? It’s not die off, although I have had that a couple of times over the last 4 months. It seems like genuine nutritional deficiencies. Thanks so much for your time and for your guide!

    • Hi Kari,

      Thank you very much for getting a copy of GAPS Guide before bringing your questions, which are very good and important ones.

      The word that comes to my mind is “synergy”: A diet that simply eliminates a food group or a macronutrient can indeed bring deficiencies. The GAPS program, though, will eliminate polysaccharides while introducing dense sources of every nutrient needed.

      I’m not sure that the symptoms experienced in your family relate specifically to protein -white spots in a nail bed can also relate to zinc, etc. With your symptoms, the B vitamins also come to mind. To be sure of what vitamin or mineral may be low in one’s body, one would need to be tested by a health practitioner. However, you may find that these issues resolve upon moving past the stage of eliminating foods and on to the stage of including -and, via intro, full digesting- the full range of nutrient-dense foods.

      If you do have any concerns about specific symptoms, I recommend consulting with a health practitioner familiar with GAPS. You can find some via this blog’s ‘Support’ page. In the meantime, you might also like to connect with other GAPSters through one of the free support forums. Put the concerning symptoms in the subject line of an email to catch the attention of anyone else who might have experienced the same ones.

      Kari, I hope any of this is helpful!

      All my best,

  47. Hi I have started the Gaps Introduction Diet 5 days ago. first 3 days were good, but then after having the broth with vegetables felt just so full of undigested food. It has been suggested to me that I should leave out the Introdution Diet and go straight on to the full Gaps diet. My problems for a number of years have had burning/Reflux, food not digesting and weight loss. Does not matter what I eat cannot increase the weight, get rid of the burning or the undigested feeling, would appreciate some advice.

    • Hi Wanda,

      I highly recommend intro.

      -Put a tablespoon of raw Apple Cider Vinegar into a cup of room temperature water and sip that. Do this all day long, having at least three tablespoons per day.
      -For the first six weeks or so, ensure you are eating protein-and-fat upon waking, every hour or so, then right before bed.
      -As with any food, if the veggies cause problems, leave them out for now. They are not necessary.
      -Ensure a bowel movement and detox bath daily, as well as following all the other tips and guidelines presented in your GAPS Guide book.

      Upon doing the above for some days, feel free to write again and let us all know how things are going.

      In this site’s internal search engine, type the word “reflux” for more tips.

      All my best,

  48. Dear Baden, Thankyou for your quick reply. Things are not going as good as I had hoped so perhaps it may be better to give you a run down on my problems to enable you to better guide me. I have ordered the Gut & Psychology Syndrome book but do not expect to receive it until next week some time.
    My problems first started in early 2006 with a persistent cough. The next symptom was a feeling of having eaten a lot of sugar food, this would normally hit me around 5pm. To fix the problem I would eat a piece of raw carrot which seem to sort it out. I asked my Dr about this and he said I had acid coming up my throat and prescribed Losec which I declined at this point. A few months later the next symptom developed which was burning up the esophagus. My Dr arranged for Specialist to look down my throat – result was tissue inflamed just take antacids as and when required. I also took Losec for 3 weeks, first week no difference, second week perhaps a little better, 3rd week worse than ever so stopped taking them. Continued up and down like this until January 2010 when my Dr said I had a Salicylate problem, he advised me to do a low salicylate diet, take probotics and gave me a prescription for Creon (Lipase 10,000BP U, Protease 600 BP U, Amylase 8000 BP U). I took Creon for approximately 1 month only, all the weight I had lost came back and I felt fine. It all started again in January 2011, first symptom again was the cough then I
    started to feel like everything I ate had not digested. The burning came back and the weight dropped off again. I am 5ft 5″ weighed 9 stone, dropped very quickly to just over 8 stone. Tried Apple Cider Vinegar, hydrochloric + pepsin acid pills, this seemed to work for a while so stopped taking the HIC. All symptoms except the cough returned so went back on to Creon in September (a stronger one) for about 6 weeks and had to lower the dose due to the side effects.
    Have been back to the Dr and had liver function tests done which were ok. Recently had a pancreas stool test done, result was 15. I was told that 10 was normal, 15 in the middle and 20 was chronic pancreatitis. The Dr is still wanting me on losec or Lansoprazole, neither of which I will take. In my opinion I do not have enough acid/enzymes to digest my food without taking drugs to slow up what I alreay have. I have been on a similar diet to the Gaps for a few weeks now but on the Gaps introduction diet for almost 2 weeks. I followed your advice re Apple Cider vinegar but it made the burning worse, ( I am quite tender just above the bottom of the breast bone in the middle, usually worse when the burning is bad). ACV is very high in salicylate so it may still be too early for me to have foods with salicylates. From yesterday I have started taking HCI pills and so far the burning is better. I am still on stage 2 of the Gaps diet and still feel like I have over eaten most of the time. Due to feeling like this I find it hard to drink a lot of fluid, makes me feel like I want to bring up all my food. I have never eaten a lot of rubbish food and certainly in the last 11 years my diet has been good, mostly organic, fresh food, basically meat, vegetables, salads and very little bread. Sugar has been kept to a minimum (I use rapadura when sugar is required) As from last September I stopped eating gluten and dairy to see if that would help, did not notice a lot of difference. I am making my yoghurt with raw milk. I do not know if I have “Leaky Gut” as there are no tests available for this here in New Zealand. I had candida (1st and only time) back in 2007 and treated that over 4 months with a Naturopath and was ok again.
    With the above information do you think that the Gaps diet will help, I certainly hope so because I feel like I have hit a brick wall with nowhere else to turn any longer. I checked my weight again tonight and see that I am now down to 7 1/2 stone, has not helped me seeing that, should have not checked!! I hope my story will enable you to advise me where I am going wrong. My sincere thanks for your time and help.

    • Hi Wanda,

      While no one can predict with certainty, I believe that GAPS will benefit you, yes.

      It is not necessary -thus is merely an unnecessary expense- to do a test for leaky gut, so it’s totally okay that that’s not available to you in NZ.

      Some people are sensitive to vinegars, so where you react to it, you are doing the right thing by eliminating it from your program for now.

      Do you have the GAPS Guide book? Please be sure to read it through before beginning the program, starting on page 28 of that book. What you might do is: read the whole GAPS Guide book, then start on page 28 of that, essentially following the program you did that worked for you before (low salicylate diet, probotics, Creon) while transitioning to full GAPS then intro. As noted therein, it will be very important to ensure 1-3 bowel movements daily and to do the rotated detox baths.

      For most people on GAPS, it is not necessary to take in a lot of fluids. You will be getting enough with the broths/soups, veggies, etc.

      It is very common to lose weight in early GAPS. While this can feel scary for people who come to it with low weight, with some healing the weight will return and then some.

      All my best,

  49. Hi Baden,
    I have a quick question that I hope you can help with. I have been on the GAPS intro for the past 53 days (have worked up to Stage 2) after being on the Full GAPS diet for over a year.

    My primary concern is Candida overgrowth. I have food sensitivities to beef and eggs, so haven’t had those on intro (cause major lethargy and muscle weakness), and have been eating a lot of pork. I read that pork should be marinated in ACV before consumption to render it more digestible.

    But, these past few days I’ve been eating a vegetable soup in which I boiled raw but marinated pork meat, and have feeling lethargic!

    Do you think the ACV is causing Candida to flare up, causing the lethargy? I’m concerned.


    • Hi Allison,

      There can be any number of reasons for lethargy, but yes, some people are distinctly sensitive to vinegars, including ACV. If you suspect this as triggering problems for you, do remove it from your program.

      I wouldn’t worry about marinating pork; I would just eat it in the form your body says ‘yes’ to.

      Do try, though, to incorporate a variety of meats and fish -whichever ones do not bring symptoms for you- in your diet.

      All my best,

  50. Dear Baden, Have finally received the Gut & Psychology Syndrome book and find it extremely good reading. I have ordered the Gap Guide book which hopefully will be here in a couple of weeks. I am round about stage 3 of the Introduction diet. Still having problems with burning in oesophagus area on and off all day. Having said that I can then for no reason have a few good days and diet has not changed. Because I had a good few days last week I decided to make the nut bread. Sat ok in my stomach but a couple of days later I started to get diarrhoea so I then soaked the nuts in whey, so far I have only had a couple of pieces of this new bread as I am still getting diarrhoea. I have also only started taking sauerkraut juice in the last 2 days. I am now wondering if I am having too much yoghurt,kefir and sour cream. I am having probably just a bit more than half a cup of yoghurt and sour cream per day and a bit less of kefir. Sometimes at night before I go to bed I find that a little Kefir helps the burning other times not so good. I have found some areas of the book confusing regarding what to do about diarrhoea, one section says yoghurt and kefir are good for diarrhoea but does not include sour cream, another section adds in sour cream and sauerkraut. Would appreciate some guide as to what I can do. I did not go back on my Creon but I am taking some HCI, I am only having 1/2 pill with each meal, I think the amount I was taking was making the burning worse.

    Kind regards

    • Hi Wanda,

      1. Burning with HCI is, as you correctly understood, the indication that less is now needed.

      2. Forgive me if we covered this earlier -it’s hard to track ‘conversations’ on the blog- but did we discuss what your diarrhea is? I define true diarrhea as more than three loose or liquid stools per day that require racing to the bathroom. If you’re experiencing simply 1-3 looser stools per day, I would generally leave that be and proceed with the program as presented in the GAPS Guide book.

      3. Especially early in healing, it is normal to experience ‘good and bad days’ even without changing one’s diet. The body can react to food four to fourteen days after testing it. More often, though, it’s just about the body cleansing and building -adjusting itself overall.

      4. Early on, nuts are hard for most people to digest. Even soaked, these often must be left out at least four-to-six weeks.

      5. Depending on how long you’ve been doing intro, Stage 3 is usually very, very early to be up to half a cup of yogurt and sour cream and kefir. (And if you mean half a cup of each per day, that will definitely be impacting you.)

      You may need to backtrack a bit.

      Using the progression as listed in GAPS Guide, I would:

      -if experiencing “true diarrhea”, as I define it above, add an elecrolyte drink to your program (in my blog’s internal search box, type electrolyte)
      -if experiencing “true diarrhea”, as I define it above, remove all vegetables from your diet
      -into a jug of 6 cups of water, add 6 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and sip this throughout the day
      -eat boiled meats, fats, broths
      -take one teaspoon per day of sauerkraut
      -after two days, assess what your body is doing

      At that point, feel free to write me -or any of the online support groups listed on this blog’s ‘Support for You’ page- again.

      All my best,

  51. Hello Baden and thank you so much for helping us all!
    I am a nursing mother and have been interested in GAPS for awhile – I do eat very well but I seem to be struggling with anemia/possible B12 def even though I eat meat, take iron supplements (floradix as well as desiccated liver capsules). I do get acid reflux after carbs and my bowels do switch from solid to soft, large and tiny. Would this be an appropriate time for myself to start GAPS even though I am nursing, and if so, what stage should I start at? Also if I do have an intolerance to dairy what do you think about coconut water kefir for probiotics like Donna Gates recommends for the Body Ecology Diet? I am thinking about it for my 4 year old son as well though I don’t know if it’s necessary to go full out with him – his skin is bumpy and he has dark under eyes/circles. I try to steer clear with wheat and dairy for him. Any comments would be very helpful!
    Thank you,

    • Hi Carla,

      GAPS may be a great fit for you!

      Dr Natasha recommends a nursing mother start with full GAPS, avoiding intro until after weaning.

      Healing the gut will help your body become able to absorb those wonderful foods and supplements.

      Coconut water kefir and coconut milk kefir are great for GAPS.

      Of course I recommend anyone go on GAPS, including your young son. But for now you might start with simply adding more and more GAPS meals your current diet, building to full GAPS from there over the course of 8-12 weeks. This approach (and lots of other info, of course) is detailed in my book, GAPS Guide.

      All my best,

  52. Hi Baden, just wondering as I have the fructose malabsorption issue, could I still use this diet? I notice there are a few things people with low fructose issues can not have like honey fruits and certain bacteria. What would you recommend? Regards, Tanya.

    • Hi Tanya,

      On her FAQ page, Dr Natasha answers this question this way:

      37. Does the GAPS diet heal fructose malabsorption, or would the GAPS diet need to be modified?

      This condition is part of GAP Syndrome as well as lactose intolerance and most-sugars-intolerance. Why? Because in people with abnormal gut flora enterocytes (the cells which line the gut) are damaged and unable to fulfil their main function: digestion of sugars. The fructose malabsorption became prominent since high-fructose corn syrup came on the market: this is a processed sweetener which is extremely harmful to health. But as it is cheep to produce and very profitable for the manufacturers many processed foods and drinks are sweetened with it nowadays. GAPS diet removes double sugars and there is no need to modify it. If you have been specifically diagnosed with fructose malabsorption, you may want to avoid fruit and honey initially. As you go through the GAPS Introduction Diet, your enterocytes will start recovering and you will be able to re-introduce honey and fruit.

      All my best,

  53. Curious if you have heard of Achalasia and whether or not the GAPS diet can help with this disease? I noticed Crones Disease in the list which is also a motility disorder… Hoping that some of the peristalsis in my Esophagus could return with proper nutrition??? Thanks, Erika

    • Hi Erika,

      I’m sorry, I have no information on whether GAPS has addressed Achalasia for anyone or not. You might want to get the opinion of a health practitioner familiar with GAPS. They might have a sense of things that I (not a health care practitioner) just don’t have, ie. whether the issues/mechanisms associated with Achalasia are resolvable through nutrition. Practitioners familiar with GAPS are linked to from my ‘Support for You’ page. By phone, online, by Skype, etc, they can offer consultation to a person anywhere in the world.

      All my best,

  54. Hi, Erika, I am also not a health practitioner but rather a user and big fan of GAPS. What you might also like to investigate is the book “Patient, Heal Thyself” by Jordan S Rubin, NMD, CNC. I re-read this recently and was struck by the overlaps with GAPS in terms of healing foods. Jordan cured his own ‘incurable’ Crohn’s disease. Dr Terry Wahls,, cured ‘incurable’ multiple sclerosis through a nutritional protocol similar to GAPS. I would strongly recommend trying GAPS and tweaking it, where necessary, with the help and support of a medical practitioner. Best wishes, …

    • Cheerful: Always good to have you with us. Thanks so much for sharing additional resources with Erika!

      All my best,

    • Thank you! My family is starting GAPS together this next month! We are all scared to death and so excited! I am anxious to see all the ways my body will benefit from these dietary changes! Thanks again for the book recommendation!

  55. I found this blog while looking for things to eat to speed up my recovery from celiac disease. I can afford to see my doc for advise, but not for blood tests and procedures. I have insurance, but a 10,000 dollar deductible.

    I had been having issues with loose stools, mud butt, and the need for repeated butt whiping throughout the day. I had some other problems too, but was not really aware they were problems.

    I’ve been a pot smoker since I was 14, and have felt like I needed it for most of that time. I was never diagnosed with ad/hd as a child, but when looking at a list of symtoms I know that I have (had) it. The pot seem to allow me to be less hurried and scattered. As a pot head in a medical marijuana state I was attracted to the idea of legal weed so I went to a local doc that is known for getting qualified pateints their card. I have an old fracture that would qualify me for the chronic pain use of MMJ.
    The Doc took this oppurtunity to discuss other aspects of my health, suggested I get a blood test at the next health fair, family history etc. I was too emabarrased to discuss my mud butt issues.
    After going to the health fair I was exited and motivated to eat healthier. I tried eating very little meat, and lots of grains and veggies. Blueberry pancakes and oatmeal where two of my daily foods. Instead of feeling better, I felt low on energy, lost weight, and had even more gut issues. I Iooked like hell by the time my blood results came in the mail.
    I went back to see my Doc 10 lbs lighter and with blood results in hand.
    I had cholesterol that ws slightly high, and a iron serum that was higher than normal. The iron serum is an indicator of chronic inflamation or cancer.
    I finally divulged my gut issues to the doc, fearing I had colon cancer or something. Doc says my symptoms sound like a food allergy of some sort and says we can do an expensive blood test to find out if I have gluten intolerance or allergys or I can try the elimination diet starting with gluten. I opted for the free one, quitting gluten.
    Within 3 days my life changed. No more mud butt, no more ad/hd, no more anxiety, increased energy, I feel like I have a mans dose of testosterone in me again, better memory, focus and drive. I also woke up on day 3 deciding I no longer needed pot after 30 years of use.
    I am convinced that gluten has been holding me back from my potential my whole life. ad/hd, legal problems, addictions, laziness, and social anxiety all because of gluten.
    Quitting gluten was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. It was not at all difficult to do bvecause the results felt so damn good!
    I just wanted to share another success story. Now back to reading on what good stuff to eat. Cheers!

    • CBRob: I read posts as they come in, but don’t always get to respond right away. I want to tell you now that when I read your post, I cried. I cried in awe and incredible joy at your recent discoveries and turnaround. I cried in heartache for the years you lost. I tried to read aloud your comment to a friend but when I got to the part about how your life changed, I became too choked up to be audible.

      Congratulations on finding your way!! Bless you for hanging in there all those years!! Thank you for posting this!!

      You might also enjoy connecting with the folks over on the addictions page, who have been reporting similar gains in their sobriety by adjusting their diets.

      All my best,

  56. Hi Baden,
    My 12 yo daughter was dx with alopecia areata 2 years ago – the hair loss started after getting the h1n1 vaccine. She has a lot of gut issues with flatulence, bloating, cramping, constipation sometimes. I read the GAPS book and identified with a lot of what NCM wrote – I had taken a ton of antibiotics and was on b/c pills for over 10 years before I had my daughter. We’ve seen conventional and alternative drs and taken all kinds of supplements and nothing has worked. We’ve also tried gf/cf, soy and sugar free diets and the hair continued to melt from her head. I wonder if you’ve across alopecia areata and whether the GAPS diet will help. She’s lost all her hair including her eyebrows and eyelashes. We’re desperate for some ideas on what to do.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Samantha,

      While I haven’t yet heard reports from anyone on this topic, on her FAQ page here, Dr Natasha says:

      3. Can the GAPS diet help with alopecia?

      Alopecia can be caused by many things: nutritional deficiencies, allergy, hormonal imbalance, toxicity, auto immunity, diabetes, vascular abnormalities, etc. No matter what the cause, following GAPS will help to balance your hormones, remove nutritional deficiencies and toxicity, re-balance immunity and improve circulation. So, give it a try.

      Personally, I anticipate it would have good results.

      All my best,

  57. Hello,
    I have posted once before on a different page with some of this info, but I wanted to post my situation and see if you think I might be on the right track with choosing GAPS, if it could help my situation or not.

    I am struggling with what my gastroenterologist calls “atypical dyspepsia” which is basically a form of acid reflux, but with abnormal symptoms (for instance, I don’t hardly ever get acid reflux in my esophagus, but most of my pain/discomfort is in the stomach itself. he says it is like an irritable bowel syndrome of the stomach). He did an endoscopy and found that there is inflammation in the lining of the stomach itself, but I don’t know WHY.

    I had noticed that my problems began after I had contracted a bacteria called h. pylori about 2 years ago. It was wreaking havoc on my system and I took strong doses of antibiotics to kill it, which I did and a biopsy has proved that. I have never had any kind of digestive issues really before this, but ever since then I have never been the same. And over the last year and a half I have gotten much worse. It was to the point where anything I ate caused pain. I had tried my dr’s methods of Nexium type drugs, but nothing worked and I’m not interested in covering the problem up with drugs, but fixing it! I read about GAPS and wondered if maybe the strong dosage of antibiotics that I took to get rid of the h. pylori bug may have killed off a lot of good bacteria also, causing my system to become off balance and causing the inflammation in the lining of my stomach.

    I have been trialing the intro and when I stick the to broth/meat/veggies and even sometimes homemade yogurt, and ghee I seem to do ok (as far as I do not feel pain/nauesea in my stomach). However, sometimes when I drink the broth on an empty stomach it causes me a lot of discomfort, I can tell it is irritating the inflamed lining. It seems like the inflammation will never go away! Argh. I have only been trying the intro for 4ish weeks though, and didn’t make it past stage 3…I did some stuff out of order too. I am going to start over from the beginning with the 30 day intro plan and see what happens following it to the letter. I have seen a lot said about Crohn’s and other issues, but am wondering if simple, generic, “inflammation” could be healed with GAPS. Thank you so very much for your time, and for any thought/input you may have.

    • Hi Stephanie,

      A few thoughts:

      1. Yes, I believe GAPS would be very helpful in your situation. Definitely GAPS is excellent for inflammation!

      2. A number of people have come to GAPS with, or after treatment for, h. pylori. These folks may be a good resource for you. Carol, for example, posted Dr Natasha’s thoughts here:

      3. You might also find the tips here helpful:

      4. I strongly recommend reading all of GAPS Guide through first, then starting your program on page 28 of the Guide. For best results, I’m a strong advocate of a methodical, gentle approach to long term healing. Of note, a “thirty day plan” is sort of the opposite of “to the letter”. GAPS’ intro is not a specific timeline. It is fluid, flexible, different for everyone -with its path and timeline determined by personal response, need, etc. The GAPS Guide book will set out lots of details for you. It is worth getting information in place and preparing fully. This will greatly increase your chances of success.

      All my best,

  58. I suspect that my daughter may have celiac although she tested negative for it. Can celiac be healed by GAPS? If after completing the GAPS diet, if you introduce gluten, will the celiac symptoms come back? My daughter is resistant to a life-long GAPS diet – she’s willing to do it for up to a year. Thanks.

    • Hi Samantha,

      Yes, in many people celiac disease resolves with GAPS, and folks are able to eat gluten after the healing is completed.

      After the healing period, and when one has been free of any digestive symptoms for at least six months, one would remain largely on GAPS while testing homemade sourdough and, if all is well, move on to test commercial sourdough then a wider variety of foods.

      All my best,

  59. Does GAPS help to heal Gastroparesis & Esophagitis? Also, is fasting once a week recommended on the GAPS diet? When I do fast, I get sudden Vertigo and experience a low heart rate of about 50-52, but having heard such great things about fasting, I’m not sure whether to continue or not. Lastly, since starting the GAPS diet a week ago, I’ve been waking up with lower abdomen and kidney pain. Is this normal?

  60. Hi, I have just stumbled through the GAPS diet, my one year old daughter has Cystic Fibrosis. Has anyone with CF had good results with the GAPS diet? She needs to take digestive enzymes with each meal to help her digest her food. She has a hard time digesting fats. Would the GAPS diet heal her gut to where she does not need to take enzymes any more? Any information you might have about GAPS effects on Cystic fibrosis would be very appreciated.

    Thanks Lisa

    • Hi Lisa,

      Sorry I took so darned long to answer!

      The diet aspect of GAPS is based on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. The main book for that, Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall, lists Cystic Fibrosis [of the pancreas] even on its cover, so I would definitely give GAPS a go and see what effects it has for your daughter. The BTVC book doesn’t get into specifics regarding CF, it simply notes that it has been resolved through the SCD.

      Many people previously reliant on digestive (pancreatic) enzymes and/or struggling with fat digestion see these issues resolved through the program, yes.

      To possibly connect with other families doing GAPS for this, please do join one of the email support lists as presented on this blog’s ‘Support for You’ page.

      All my best,

  61. Bayden,

    This website is awesome! I have been diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis and have tried every alternative treatment I know of. So for me GAPS is really my last hope before immunosuppressive drugs. I am on day 8 of the GAPS diet and am working with a GAPS practictioner that I found on Dr. McBride’s website. The problem is that since I have started I have had watery diarrhea once a day since I started with no regular stools. I am only taking a probiotic in the AM and drinking 2 cups of broth with 1-2 tsp kraut juice three times a day (the practitioner doesn’t want me to have boiled meats for 2 weeks?) I am also drinking some ginger tea with a little raw honey. I also take 1 tps of ghee mixed with one tsp of fermented cod liver oil once a day. My practitioner is out of the country and hasn’t responded to my email so I’m not sure what do to. Do I press on or should I eliminate something like the ghee and/or cod liver oil? I’ve been alternating every night between taking an espom salt bath and an apple cider vinegar bath. Is this diarrhea normal? What do you think I should do?

    • Hi Paul,

      A few thoughts…

      On the one hand, watery stool once a day I wouldn’t particularly worry about at this stage. Many people experience watery stools in healing crisis, regardless of the particulars of their diet. Also, for many people stool consistency is random and all over the map for the first weeks of healing. The stools will sort themselves out. If a person is having multiple, urgent, liquid stools each day, this can be dangerously dehydrating and then I would act on it, but one liquid stool a day I would not worry about.

      All of this said, one thing that can trigger liquid stool or diarrhea is starting or increasing probiotics too quickly. A probiotic capsule plus 1-2 teaspoon of kraut juice three times per day is a LOT of probiotic. Please review your GAPS Guide book for my recommendations around introducing and increasing any probiotic source -and just one of them at a time- very, very slowly.

      Do you know why the practitioner has asked you to avoid meat -even boiled- for two weeks?

      My recommendations -including transitioning to GAPS, introducing supplements a ways into the food journey, starting with a tiny amount of probiotic, increasing a probiotic very slowly, etc- are detailed in my book. These recommendations are intended to minimize issues. Starting with zero meat, very high doses of probiotics, an early inclusion of ghee and CLO, etc, are all very different than what I recommend. I recommend a slow, gentle approach. In this case, in which your practitioner recommends a very different approach, hopefully s/he is able to get back to you very soon.

      All my best,

  62. Hello Baden,
    Thank you for this website!
    I think I could benefit from Dr. Wilson’s Temperature Treatment. Would you advise to try this protocol before starting Gaps diet or after.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Ara,

      I recommend starting with GAPS -starting from page 28 in your GAPS Guide book, moving from there to full GAPS, then through intro, then back to full GAPS for at least three months before looking into adjunct therapies. I recommend this because this progression will resolve so much, saving you time, effort, learning curve, frustration, money, etc.

      All my best,

  63. I’m reading the guide (page 28), that makes so much sense. Thank you Baden for getting back to me. Have a fantastic day!

  64. Hi,
    I am almost done with the GAPS Introduction diet. Things went better than I expected, aside from a short bout with diarrhea in the first stage of introduction, I feel wonderful. Clear head, no bloating or digestion discomforts.

    I have noticed a lessening of a rash I have had for years on my abdomen and back. It usually is itchy and dry. But it is improved considerably. My problem is the my left foot. It is scaly, dry and has tiny red dots on the arch area and lots of bubbling of skin on the surface. All this is very dry; nothing is oozing and no sensation of heat or extreme itch. I’ve always had problem with my left foot being more dry and scaly. Since I am on the GAPS diet for IBS and Leaky Gut syndrome, is it possible that skin microbial (fungus or other) infection can get worse before they get better?

    Thank you for your website and all the good information πŸ™‚

  65. Hi,

    I check out the questions that Dr. McBride answers, but I am still a little uncertain on one thing. I have spider veins and was wondering if GAPS would help this. Have you heard of anyone noticing improvement with this? I believe Dr. McBride said no, but the reason I thought it might help is because I have read that they can be caused by sugar, constipation, lack of exercise and also low thyroid. I thought since these issues would improve on GAPS then maybe spider veins would improve. Has anyone said they have seen improvement with this issue?

    Thanks for your time,


    • Hi Jordana,

      I have no information regarding GAPS and the potential effect on spider veins. I suggest asking this question on one of the email support lists, as presented on this website’s Support for You page.

      All my best,

  66. Hi,

    I am a mom of two children with eczema and allergies. I have rheumatoid arthritis. My mom has fibromyalgia. My youngest has severe nut allergy and mild milk and egg allergies. I heard the interview Dr. McBride did with Dr. Mercola and was amazed, thrilled and super excited that this way of eating may help all of us with our immune issues! My mom purchased the book for me which I inhaled in a few days. I found this wonderful website as I began to scour the internet for any experiences of people who have had success with Rheumatoid Arthritis on the GAP protocol, perhaps I missed it but I could not find them here.

    I have experienced help with R.A. by going on a Paleo/Eat Right for Your Blood Type/Avoiding foods I test allergic to diet. But how wonderful it would be to get my gut healed and even improve my health perhaps making a reversal in the condition!! I also hope this will help my children to not get progressive autoimmune issues.

    We are going on vacation and I plan to begin the protocol when we return in July. Do you know of anyone who has seen great results for their Rheumatoid Arthritis on the GAPS plan (or even just kids getting better from allergies?) If so PLEASE, PLEASE share these experiences/information regarding others success with me!!

    It would make such a difference to us here in L.R. Arkansas in our little community to have these experiences to read, print and refer back to as we start on this healing journey!

    Thanks so much!!


    • Hi Veronica,

      You are right on the mark, looking for encouraging stories to read as you prepare to move through GAPS!

      Yes, the GAPS community has seen *many* people heal from allergies and from rheumatoid arthritis.

      The GAPS Guide book is a guide to the program, but does include several stories of healing (including from allergies, but it doesn’t include examples of rheumatoid arthritis). To hear direct experiences, your best bet is to check in with one of the email support lists. They are listed at:

      All my best,

  67. Hi,
    I am really interested in the GAPS diet. About two years ago, I went into anaphylactic shock due to an anti-anxiety med I was put on. Since then, my digestion rate is at 20 minutes; the food enters my stomache and is in my colon within 20 minutes and then I have straight water stools. I was diagnosed with a severe spastic colon. I am taking medication that I can usually control it but I have break throughs and do not know when they will happen. I really would like to not be like this anymore. Do you think that GAPS would help my problem?

    Thank you,

  68. Dear Baden, I started the GAPS diet back in January this year and went on to the full Gaps diet around July. My health has improved so much I am so grateful. I have your book and Dr Campbell-McBride’s, best books I have ever bought.
    As I said I have been so good, gaining some weight back and feeling just so good until about 3 weeks ago. All the burning up my oesophagus, my tongue burning and the cough have all returned. I am now wondering if my diet is too acid. I start the day with vegetable and fruit juice, (one/two apple, piece of celery, little cabbage, small piece of beetroot, one carrot), for breakfast I have one egg and one sausage cooked either in ghee or duck fat. Morning tea/afternoon tea, I have a cup of raw milk. Lunch 3 pieces of nut bread, and some salad things, some of the ice cream made with Creme fraiche, sometimes a cup of chicken stock. Some days I have not been having the salad stuff. Dinner is cooked vegetables and meat, some more creme fraiche, again sometimes some chicken stock. Later in the evening I have kefir with some fermented cod oil in. During the evening I have my third cup of raw milk.
    I have been having sauerkraut before meals, although lately have slowed up on that. Again I read that sauerkraut is acid, is that correct?
    Looking at what I have, I am now wondering if I am not having enough raw food and my diet is too much acid food?

    Thankyou for answering my earlier emails, as you can see we have changed our email address slightly, it is now Would really appreciate some guidance as I am obviously doing something wrong.
    Kind regards, Wanda

  69. I am wondering anyone has had any success on the GAPS diet and Parkingsons disease.(Not sure if I am spelling that right.) I have a friend who has this problem and wondering if this will help her.

    Thank you,

  70. Hi, i have a 5 year old with geographic tongue, anxiety, nailbiting, and 1 year ago i noticed swollen tonsils with a continuous post nasal drip. So 1 year ago i became convinced of the need for GAPS, and the whole family began the intro diet the best that we could, although we may have rushed it a bit as it was difficult with young children. Initially we were off of fruits/honey for 3 weeks, and i thought this would be enough. I remember noticing lovely results, great focus, even temper, etc. I spent my whole summer focused on the diet. My son still needs to have immediate BM after he eats a banana, and unsure about any fruit really, but we have not been able to keep fruit out of our diet for any length of time since then, although i tried to limit it to cooked applesauce with ghee during school year, as this seemed to be the least aggravating to geographic tongue. We do avoid citrus fruits like lemons & oranges, pineapples, and lately i’ve kept tomatoes out. But we recently went to the beach for a 4 day vacation and i was too stressed about packing all our food along, so we caved and decided to eat boardwalk food for a few meals, and of course are now all recovering from our variety of symptoms. I am beginning to get frustrated with frequent potlucks, birthday parties and dinner invites, as my now 6 year old (and 3 year old) wants to eat what his friends are eating. I worry about my stress level, preparing these foods. I have no doubt the GAPS is a good thing, but i also worry about the emotional impact of the children always eating a ‘different’ snack at school, and that my 6 year old takes an hour or more to eat his soup some days (we eat soup every day for lunch), and other days he insists that i feed it to him, because he really doesn’t want to eat it. My husband becomes unsupportive some days after seeing my frustration and wasted time, but i don’t know what else to do…. any help or ideas would be appreciated!

    • Dear Donna,

      I hear you!

      The frustrations, concerns, and fears you are expressing are quite common in the GAPS world. And yes, stress is a valid concern that must be taken into consideration.

      Some thoughts:

      1. It is not ideal to maintain a very restricted diet for a long period of time. It is common to see excellent results upon restrictions, then interpret this to mean the food should be avoided indefinitely. Most often, this is not the case. Most often, a food can be reintroduced quite soon and if it can, it should be, as this will provide variety, which helps us psychologically as well as nutritionally. That is to say, the very foods that harmed us three weeks ago may be the most healing for us now! So, try to restrict foods only for as long as necessary/helpful, then reintroduce them.

      2. Things that can help us introduce more foods include: probiotics, fermented dairy, other GAPS supplements, boulardii, and adjunct therapies such as NAET. Please see your GAPS Guide (2nd Edition) for details.

      3. Regarding potlucks, parties, and dinner invitations, did you read the sections relevant to these in GAPS Guide 2nd Edition?

      4. While it is not a problem if your son needs an hour to eat his soup, there is also no need to have soup at every lunch time, nor even every day. Let go of as many “extra rules” as possible.

      5. When you do choose to offer soup, you might make your son a deal, e.g., “If you eat your soup in half an hour today, we’ll have something else for tomorrow’s lunch.”

      6. Stress is not always about a physical circumstance, but far more often about our perspective or mind set. Rather than eliminating a healing opportunity from your kids’ lives, you might instead: decline some of the party/dinner invitations; make a gorgeous almond flour cake and have a tea party at home (perhaps inviting friends); talk with your kids about how every person is different and talk positively about their “different” school snack, about how lucky they are to have a mom that loves them so much that she will make them the food that is healthiest for their body; considering dressing up their “different” snack once in a while (not daily) so that they can take a turn being the admired/envied kid at school.

      7. If you are not already on one or more of the email support lists, I strongly recommend joining one, for talking about this stuff as it comes up. Again, these concerns and frustrations are quite common and one of the best ways to move through them is to talk openly with others who have experienced them.

      Donna, I hope these ideas help!

      All my best,

  71. Hello I have been struggling with a terrible skin disease for years called peri-oral dermatitis and peri-ocular dermatitis. I am self treating myself for Candida because I think that is what is causing it. Obviously doctors and dermatologists tired to prescribe me anti biotics and steroid creams, which dont work. They look at me like im crazy when I talk about Candida and one said that Western medicine doesnt test for it or even recognize it! Thank god for the internet!! Have you heard of people being cured of this skin disease from the GAPS diet? I believe it is fungus growing on my skin but it comes in cycles. I was disappointed to not see my condition on your long list. Thank you for your reply.

    • Dear Noel,

      I have good news for you!

      You are right that this diagnosis does not appear on my list, as I have never received a report regarding GAPS’ effectiveness on it. I came here to write exactly that, but still also encourage you to give GAPS a full try -every single item on this list is there because someone tried SCD/GAPS for it and were surprised to find it resolved. (My outrageous foot pain was the one that surprised me the most.)

      However, right before beginning my reply to you, I thought to Google the phrase peri-oral dermatitis and peri-ocular dermatitis GAPS. Look what wonderfulness came up!

      Additional pages come up, too, by people recommending GAPS for this issue, and at least one blogger, Sara at My Merry Messy Life (, has blogged beautifully about her journey with this issue (as well as eczema) and has just recently started GAPS. She might be a great person to connect with or read.

      Noel, I urge you to stick with what your intuition is telling you, reach out to others with the same diagnosis or other skin issues, and go for it! You might also find people on the various GAPS support lists with this issue -simply join one of the free groups, post your diagnosis in your first post’s subject line, and see if anyone else has already found this resolved through GAPS. To find a support list, click here:

      If you would like help with the process -and to make it as simple, low-stress, affordable, and comfortable as possible- I encourage you to pick up a copy of my book, GAPS Guide 2nd Edition. But I am here for you in any case! πŸ™‚

      All my best,

  72. Hi

    Please could you tell me if Multiple Sclerosis is one of the diseases positively effected by the GAPS diet as it isn’t in the list?

    Thank you.


  73. Hi I need some help I am confused with what to do about blastocystic I have tried a cocktail of antibiotics with no result, naturalpath gave me herbal pills with strict diet no sugar including fruit and minimal meat/veggies. I have read that once someone stops the diet it comes back. What do I do?? Such a strict diet caused me to become very irritable. Please point me in the right direction . Thank you kindly πŸ™‚

    • Hi Sabrina,

      Is it blastocystis hominis you have been diagnosed with? If it were me, I would do the complete GAPS program, starting with the section in GAPS Guide 2nd Edition called Preparing for GAPS. The whole GAPS program is very different from the diet you describe above, helps counter the effects of antibiotics, and often brings a body into balance even despite the presence of parasites.

      All my best,

  74. Hi,
    My family is going to begin the GAPS diet in an attempt to heal my 5 year-old daughter’s dysbiosis and leaky gut (deficient in iron and other minerals despite removing gluten, preservatives etc from diet). She also has fail-to-grow scalp hair which is starting to cause some psychological pain. I’m not sure if the GAPS diet will help with both of these?
    My husband has ongoing problems with his health also. He has bronchiectasis, chronic sinusitis and rhinisitus. Just wondering if anyone has had success with healing these through GAPS? He also has generally low immunity (seems to get a variety of viral things that the rest of us don’t pick up).
    We are both becoming a bit depressed and anxious about it all as it is totally overwhelming.

    • Dear Lil,

      Yes, GAPS has resolved bronchiectasis, chronic sinusitis, rhinisitus, dysbiosis, leaky gut, inability to absorb minerals, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, and skin and scalp conditions. I do not know, though, if anyone has specifically seen regrowth/growth of hair, but if a scalp/skin condition, hormonal condition, etc, is causing the hair not to grow, GAPS could potentially resolve this, too.

      I urge you to please read all of GAPS Guide 2nd Edition before taking a single step, though. It was written especially for people coming to the program in stress, overwhelm, fatigue, anxiety, and so on. The Guide is intended to make the process as simple, efficient, light, gentle -and cheap!- as possible.

      All my best,

      • Hi again Baden,

        Thank you for your reply. You really must be one amazing lady to get through all of the questions these GAPS families and individuals have for you. Thank you.

        I have just ordered the book! I am looking forward to reading it.

        I’m interested to hear if any of the other GAPS families have seen improvement in their child’s hair growth after GAPS? Would love a reply from anyone who has. πŸ™‚ I have read up on this fail-to-grow hair, it seems it could be “short anagen syndrome”, but as it’s a relatively new condition (or rather, one that little is known about) it’s the blind leading the blind as to how we can help that hair to grow!
        Anyway, thank you again.
        Kind regards.

        • Hi there, Lil.

          Well, it’s been just over a week, and no one has piped up here yet! Off hand, I can’t think whether anyone has or hasn’t reported this result. If you haven’t done so already, I recommend asking on one of the online forums. These and other research options are linked to in the following post:

          All my best,

  75. Dear Baden,
    My 9yo son is diagnosed with Achalasia, a disease that studies in Europe suggest to be autoimmune after all. In desperate need for cure (which is not out there yet in conventional medicine) I was aiming to support his body with the right nutrition and came across your website. Do you know of this disease and does your suggested diet help people with this condition? Is it suitable for children? (Yes he is fussy with food but I will try) do you have any feedback or success stories re Achalasia? So many questions, sorry! And apologies for my ignorance on your diet, really don’t know much about it but keen to learn!
    Thank you!!

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