GAPS Results

My dream had been to continue posting results to this page. What happened? Our support list became so inundated with so many success stories, I could not keep up with loading them here! So, view the below as a small sampling, then join our very busy support list to hear countless more stories as they come through!

For a full list of conditions addressed via GAPS, please click here.

Schizo-Affective Disorder

I’m a 36 year old man who is about to celebrate his 37th birthday in a couple of days with, what appears to be, a significantly healed brain. I have much to celebrate.

See, I was diagnosed with Schizo Affective Disorder (a severe mental disorder that is a cross between Bipolar 1 and Schizophrenia.) This is a completely debilitating condition that has made life extremely difficult for me. Then I came across the GAPS diet a little while ago. In a short time, and for the first time in my life since I was diagnosed almost 15 years ago, I have been able to almost cut out my medication completely.

Now, I have had periods of remission in the past at different times. This, however, is different. During those remissions, I’d have to stay on the pills. It was impossible, as much as I tried, to come off them. I’d simply start feeling bad again.

Not this time. The GAPS diet is working!

There’s something, also, I have to note as well. The reason I dropped my medications (slowly), at all, was that as I progressed on the diet, I noticed I was feeling worse after and for approximately 6 – 8 hours after I’d pop my pills. I thought this was strange but quickly realized I was feeling negative effects from the Zoloft, Ativan and Abilify. The pills were making me feel bad.

It was as though my brain did not require them any longer and all I was left with were the side effects of the pills (sedation, etc). Therefore, I slowly cut them out.

I feel calm, stable, healthy, and good. I was erratic prior. I’m not now and I really hope this gives a ton of hope to many out there because, let’s face it, Schizo Affective Disorder is the [combination] of two horrific mental illnesses. I’m an extreme case. I had huge success! If I can get my life back… anyone can!

Thank you so much!!

November 10, 2010

Editor’s Note: Readers, please note that while it is common with healing to find that dosages of various medications can be reduced or eliminated in the long run, one should not feel any pressure or need to hurry this process and should not do so. It is of utmost importance to reduce medications only (a) under supervision of a doctor, (b) one at a time, and (c) very, very slowly (incrementally). Reducing too quickly or too soon can be self-sabotaging, compromise one’s capacity to adhere to the healing program and even put one’s life at risk. GAPS celebrates the wonderful health successes of all, but also supports the use of medications for as long as required.

Food Intolerances & Allergies

I’m a naturopath in Melbourne… I just wanted to say GAPS is the best program I have come across to deal with food intolerances and digestive issues. I used to recommend a WAPF diet to clients but since recommending they step back onto GAPS intro I’ve seen the biggest results in children and adults AND being able to reintroduce foods for which they tested positive in IgG/Alcat tests or which caused obvious reactions (including eggs and fermented dairy). My greatest thanks to NCM for sharing this knowledge and to people like you for putting all this effort in a wonderful website and blog. Thanks from Australia!

Alessandra, Naturopath
October 25, 2010


My son had severe eczema since 6 months old. I did the conventional route and nothing helped. The doctors just said he would grow out of it and would just give him steriod cream. I could not take it anymore. At age 5 (1.5 years ago) he went on the GAPS diet for 7 months. It was hard. He had major flare ups and hives (which he never had before) but we stuck it out. After 7 months, we slowly went back on a few foods but kept dairy and wheat out. This is the first summer he has gone with out eczema! He skin looks beautiful and he does not have shiners under his eyes. He even can tolerate some dairy and wheat without any flare ups! Not even sunscreen has bothered him.

Thanks to the diet, my son is scab free (except for the pick scrape on his knee from falling off his bike)!!

August 31, 2010

Anemia, Red Blood Cells, Hemoglobins, Hemotocrits

I just wanted to shoot a quick update on my son’s blood draw from last week. I was the lady who posted about all the fats in the blood vials (highly lipemic). Anyway, I have not received all the information from the doctor that I was waiting for regarding the fats in the blood, but I did receive the lab reports and I wanted to share the excitement with you all. We have been on the GAPS intro diet (currently moving into full gaps although I’m not in any hurry for it) for 5 weeks now. We have drawn blood on a monthly basis in the past since he was so messed up. This is the first blood draw in my son’s entire 5 years of life that his red blood cells, hemoglobins, hemotocrits were in NORMAL range! This is so exciting for us and absolutely miraculous. My guy is also fighting lyme disease so we’ve have always had screwed up blood and we have always been anemic. I know without a doubt the GAPS diet is responsible for these miraculous results.

Kristi, Northern California, USA
September 26, 2009

Leaky Gut, Candida Overgrowth, Intolerances, Etc

My five year old son, who was diagnosed with autism two and a half years ago, has been following the DAN! protocol since then. He was also gluten, casein, soy, rice, egg, corn, etc, free. We did wonderfully and he actually lost his autism diagnosis a while back. But the underlying issues of leaky gut, yeast, bacteria, lyme disease, nutritional deficiency, increasing number of food intolerances, etc, never got better. We were only able to control and manage the symptoms but not actually heal the underlying problems.

In the last two months we also saw a naturopath who worked on clearing some of these issues. One of the things she said we MUST do was the GAPS diet. Well after lots of tears, frustration and researching I forged ahead with the diet. A month ago I started my son on juicing and bone broth every day – he tolerated this well. Two and a half weeks ago we went into the intro diet and never looked back.

The first eight days were pure hell of die-off. Man, did we have die off! I never thought we would pull through but on the eighth day of hell things got better. His words came back full force, he got more energy, stopped throwing up, starting eating more solids, generally became his old happy self but the one thing I noticed the most is he became nice. He is no longer an angry child. He is no longer defiant and he is so loveable. He is accepting all the foods we give him and is no longer craving those sweet and starchy foods. Sure he asks about them from time to time and we talk about them but it’s not a “I must have this or I’m going to die trying to get it” deal. Oh, and his cognitive skills have gone through the roof. (I actually thought they were good before but now they are better). His eczema hasn’t returned. His fine motor skills (drawing, writing name, etc) have improved dramatically since where he was last month. It is amazing that all of this has occured from the intro diet only.

We are in the last stage of intro and slowing moving into the full GAPS diet. We have had to eliminate a few items in the intro stages due to intolerances which, by the way, became very clear were intolerances because bad behavior returned. He just started kindergarten two days after die-off hell and has done wonderfully since. (Thank god we got through the die-off before kindergarten started or we wouldn’t have been able to go.) We have a very long way to go for full healing but I have seen such amazing results so far that I am so excited about the future.

We recently had another huge wave of die-off that this time only lasted three days. The die-off was, I believe, due to the increased fermented foods. These foods are powerful – I love it, love it, love it! Our die-off was accompanied by lethargy and vomit. No changes to stools this time :). Behavior change back to pleasant overnight and his focus is now right back on track. I’m beginning to see a die-off pattern and again I love it!

Kristi, Northern California, USA
September 18, 2009

Failure to Thrive, Bedwetting, Shyness, Anger, Clumsiness, Clinginess, Etc

Melina started GAPS in May mainly due to failure to thrive (she didn’t add any weight between three and four and a half years of age), in spite of a very healthy WAP diet. We also had some other underlying issues that I never thought were a real problem until I read the GAPS book, things like regular bedwetting (I just thought she drank too much fluid in the evenings); clumsiness; always attached to me (I just thought she was a “mama’s girl”), fits of anger, horrible tantrums with no discernible trigger (I just thought it was her age, and that maybe she was too spoiled and sensitive); excessive shyness (she didn’t say anything in daycare for one and a half years, though she spoke three languages at home, but again I just thought she was overwhelmed with so many people in the same place).

As I stated in a previous report, she had big die-off during the first weeks (she couldn’t attend school for the first three weeks of intro, it was so bad) and she lost more than three pounds, when she was already skinny. She became a pale-looking, empty-eyed, walking shadow. But after the first three weeks were over, we started an amazing journey, where her entire body and spirit have been changing.

Over the subsequent three months, she put on 6.6 pounds. Remember: This child didn’t grow for almost 2 years! Her body became muscular and strong. She became vibrant, full of energy and, according to her teacher, one of the smartest children in her class. She initiates conversation in groups, she shouts in the breaks to call her friends, she has almost daily playdates. She learned to bike on two wheels faster than all her friends in the neighbourhood. She has a good appetite and she loves her food: She doesn’t miss or make any fuss about the non-legal treats that other children eat. She has not wet her bed once since starting the diet. She does get some anger attacks and tantrums, but everytime, like clockwork, it is when I give her too much SCD yoghurt.

There are still some issues to fix (eg. dairy sensitivity) and she has a little rash on her cheek, but I am so confident she is on a good path.

Like other people, I really need to thank the GAPShelp Yahoo Group for the support, especially during her first weeks when I was afraid and doubtful, and shocked to see my skinny child losing even more weight, being in pain, crying from muscle cramps and stomach aches. I am very grateful to all the mothers who wrote me, telling me how their children lost weight, too, in the beginning, only to put it back and some more.

Mihaela Hrebenciuc
The Netherlands
September 12, 2009

Behaviour, Food Intolerances, Constipation, Eczema

Having just about reached our six-month milestone I thought I’d update everyone on our son’s progress.

We started GAPS Intro as a family, in February, motivated mainly by our 2 year old son’s persistent eczema, persistent constipation, food intolerances and ‘autistic-like’ behaviours. Six months on we hardly recognise the little boy in our midst. He currently has NO eczema, produces type 4 or 5 stools daily, seems to be tolerating runny duck egg yolks (chicken eggs previously triggered his eczema) and is behaviourally a totally different child. His newly discovered happiness now permeates our home. We still haven’t been able to successfully introduce any dairy products (including ghee) but we are optimistic that with further healing this will also be possible in the future.

The journey here has been bumpy and several times I have questioned our decision, but standing were we do today, I am glad beyond words that we stumbled across the GAPS protocol on the internet and had the courage to try it.

I don’t believe that is a coincidence that he has improved physically at the same time as behaviorally. It’s only when things become easier that you really appreciate how hard they were before. DH and I keep looking at each other with tears in our eyes – irrationally you are so scared that if you speak the words then the magic spell will be broken and things will return to how they were. We have always loved our son dearly but now we really like him too 😉

August 15, 2009


I just wanted to share with everyone my short journey on GAPS. I had posted 3 weeks ago that I was still feeling really tired, one month in to GAPS and was worried the diet wasn’t going to help with this symptom. Well, it’s been almost 2 months on the diet and the last 5 days have been so awesome, I am happy as a clam to share that my energy level is much improved! I haven’t had to take a nap in days! Now, I haven’t upped anything so I’m not experiencing die-off at the moment. And I plan on introducing some new stuff today, so I fully expect to be tired again soon, but I am so encouraged that I have had these most wonderful days of energy and I KNOW that, with perseverance, I will feel better and better. Th[e Yahoo support forum] is awesome. Everyone is so helpful. Thank you to everyone.

August 13, 2009

Candida Overgrowth

…this year I decided to transition my 9 yr. old over to it. It was becoming apparent he had some yeast issues after a course of antibiotics. He only wanted white cheese food and sugar as well.

Ok, after several months of good non-yeasty SCD/GAPS food, my son is sleeping thru the night, no accidents, eating a wide range, and in a delightful mood 24/7. He even went to an Indian restaurant and tried food.

August 9, 2009


My daughter has autism and catatonic schizophrenia and her “hearing voices” symptoms have never fully been medically controlled. Since she went grain free a week ago, she has NOT HEARD VOICES. (Wow!) I see a HUGE difference in my daughter already. She’s so much happier.

August 3, 2009

Autism Spectrum Disorder

…yesterday was our one year anniversary on this diet and I wanted to post a note of progress and hopefully encouragement for those just starting out, or losing hope.

Since starting this diet, my boys (now age 12 and 7, ASD, severe and moderate) have:

1. Been taken off all their medications (they were up to six different kinds per day).
2. My oldest is seizure-free and is no longer taking any anti-seizure meds.
3. My youngest is talking and not a day goes by that he does not make one more milestone.
4. My oldest who was smearing poop almost daily no longer soils himself in the day or night. (He used to soak through his pull-ups.)
5. They both have more language.
6. They are both calmer.
7. My youngest is coloring and spelling and READING!

The list goes on. The moral of the story is: The diet works. Don’t give up!

August 2, 2009

Eczema; Behavior; Digestion

…my daughter’s eczema has healed wonderfully on the diet. Prior to SCD/GAPS she had a year of severe eczema (open sores all over her limbs). After 4 months on the diet her skin began to heal, and now eczema is no longer a problem – ie, it doesn’t dominate our lives any more. Her skin still flares occasionally, so the problem has not been entirely eradicated. She also has pretty bad hay fever which doesn’t seem to have improved at all, but I hope that continuing with the diet will resolve that in time. I think eczema is different for everyone. I honestly can’t say what triggers my daughter’s flare ups – I have become less certain about all this as time has gone on! I just keep plugging away because the diet has worked so well for us; my daughter has made huge behavioural advances and my son’s digestive problems have all been resolved.

Kate Edwards
Bristol, UK
July 27, 2009

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  1. Please tell me the digestive problems of your son that you wrote got all resolved after doing GAPs diet. I am very depressed because my toddler, I think, has the most damaged gut. He has severe and chronic constipation. All the supplements that I had given him stopped working. My husband and I gave him enema yesterday. Please help.


  2. I did the GAPS diet for a year, and then slowly returned to normal eating, though with a better sense of what my body wants to eat. Before doing the diet I got palpitations after eating, a lot of the time, couldn’t cope with carbohydrates after lunchtime ( I wouldn’t sleep properly), had headaches and generally felt unwell. My reason for doing the diet, however, was depersonalisation syndrome, a brain condition which makes you unable to perceive emotions or emotional resonance in things, but does not affect your reason at all.
    I don’t have any problems with palpitations or bad sleep now, I never react to foods except toxic foods, I feel well and digest well, and I feel markedly better in my depersonalisation, although I haven’t managed to cure myself with this. It has made a dramatic difference to every aspect of my life.
    One thing I’d like to add – I had much more energy and felt much stronger after I was able to re-introduce carbohydrates into my diet again, although I am sure it must be important to do this cautiously and only at the right time so as not to undo the good work the diet has done in healing the gut.

  3. The GAPS diet has brought my girl back to me. I only wish I could have helped my brother, aunt and cousin who have all fallen prey to bipolar illness and currently my sister, aunt, uncle, two nephews and a cousin who live with either bipolar or autism.

    Historically my mother suffered from TB and was subjected to tons of drugs and antibiotics; I have also have had a life plagued with candidas yeast infections so the minute I started to read the GAPS theory I could relate and became a believer that this system could help.

    Three years ago my daughter, Mary, was on top of the world achieveing in athletics ( a silver medallist at Nationals and on scholarship in University — then she had a batch of vacinations and life started to fall apart — bipolar presented itself. With one symester left at university and on medication for bipolar illness she could no longer be an athlete; she couldn’t pass her practicum and virtually every friend abandoned her. Life was miserable and I feared for her life.

    Having grown up amoung Bipolar inflicted siblings I knew conventional drugs would not help much and they didn’t. Through desperation I began a search and have come across a formula that works for my child: The GAPS diet.

    Now my daughter is no longer some one I don’t know but her kind, bright, wonderful self. My confidence and hope is being built up again (hers too). She completed a double degree and has just recently been accept into an international doctorate degree.

    My fear however is trusting that she’ll stay on the diet and believing that bipolar’s ugly head won’t turn on our family again. I’m afraid to let her go abroad for fear of her mental health going awry. Yet Mary had the courage to heal and go against medical advice and trust me when I insisted on trying this route — I moreless had her move home and nursed her back to health reading/following the Gaps book over and over like the Bible.

    Somehow how I want to find the courage to be brave too… to provide a huge amount of emotional and financial support and pray that she can soar to success. However,
    it is difficult to watch other family members suffer so much and watch them go through periods of highs and lows repeatedly. Most of my family have branded me as a quack for promoting this diet. They feel my daughter has just healed on her own and do not encourage her to stick to the diet.

    I feel confused. I beleive but I aslo feel weak. Any advice on how to stand strong.

    Eva, AB, Canada

    • Hi Eva,

      All will be well.

      Your daughter may well go off the program, and as an adult she will need opportunity to be able to do that. Now that her acute healing phase is complete, she may do fine doing GAPS only, say, 80% of the time. She may do fine with other foods incorporated. Conversely, she may become unwell with a single inappropriate food incorporated, and she may turn 100% to the Standard American Diet and become very ill again.

      Whatever path she chooses will be her own and it will be okay.

      Personally, I went on and off GAPS-like programs several times before I finally stuck with it. I did become ill again each time, but that was all part of the journey. It’s okay to be ill if that’s what we need to do. All that matters is that we give our children the taste for the good life, for full health. After that, the decision is theirs. It is very likely she will choose health, either sooner or later.

      As for influencing the rest of your relatives, there’s not much we can do beyond live the results. If our happiness, joy, laughter, ease and clarity do not impress them enough to open their minds to the effects of nutrition, only their own personal experiments -which they can only choose for themselves- can.

      All my best,

    • HI! It’s now been over three years since you wrote your comment and I’m wondering if you would give me an update. My son also was diagnosed bipolar in college and was similarly a very successful student and athlete before. I want to convince him that his diet could help him. So I’m collecting stories. Thanks!

  4. My 2 and a half year old nephew has terrible eczema and is emotionally stressed all the time, as well as not sleeping properly due to the discomfort. He is being treated with homeopathy by a naturopath, and she has put him on a diet excluding only wheat, dairy and soya, and taking lactobacillus acidophilus. His health and appetite have improved a lot after 2 months on this program, but not his eczema. The naturopath has warned against more drastic diets and more comprehensive probiotic supplements as she says the die-off will be too destructive, but we are beginning to worry that her program will not be enough, or will be a very long drawn out and expensive process.
    After my own success with the GAPS program I have a lot of trust in it, but have seen from what people have written here that treating eczema needs to be done with respect for what the person will go through in the process.
    I used the original GAPS book and don’t know yours – can you tell me if it addresses eczema? Does anyone have any contacts who can provide support to parents using the diet to treat eczema?
    We feel we’re on our own, particularly as even speaking to the naturopath on the phone is expensive, and we’re advised just to trust her and pay for lots of expensive homeopathic medicines as well.

    Sophia Smith

    • Hi Sophia,

      On GAPS, your son would go through die-off, it’s true, but acute die-off can be largely prevented or remedied. Along those lines, GAPS Guide has information on transitioning slowly, die-off relief baths, etc.

      In terms of eczema specifically, I have been compiling this post (adding to it regularly) based on comments from families on our support list dealing with that symptom specifically. On our support list you can connect with a number of families who have come through the worst of eczema and out the other side. As eczema is so challenging and frustrating, connecting with that (free) support will be vital! Simply put in your email subject line to the group ‘eczema’, so that families experienced with this find your email.

      All my best,

  5. My 2 year old son has just been diagnosed with Apraxia/dyspraxia. He has been in speech therapy since 18 months old and I was wondering if anyone out there has had any success with speech delay recovery while on the GAPS diet.

    • Hi,

      My son had only a handful of single words (at 3 yrs of age) when he started the program. Speech Therapy had been useless for him. Three days after starting just the diet part of GAPS, he spoke his first full sentence and he hasn’t stopped talking since! His language is still a bit behind his age group, but certainly catching up more and more every month.

      If you’d like to hear more stories of the impact of GAPS on speech, please post to the support list with a very specific subject line (as the list is so busy, not everyone reads all the posts).

      All my best,

  6. Baden, I have listened to your 5 hour lecture from WAP Conference….would you think the GAPS diet would benefit a person with Neurofibromitosis? Thanks for your response in advance. Toni

    • Hi Toni,

      I really don’t know one way or the other whether digestive healing and super nutrition would assist this particular issue.

      I suggest posting to our support list, with the diagnosis in the subject line, and ask if anyone on the list has had that or a similar issue impacted.

      All my best,

  7. MY daughter has tics, I think they would be transient tics, as they come and go over the past year. Also, the cause seems to be from gut disbiosis – candida, and clostridia. We have been on the scd/gaps diet for the past 5 months. I am not sure how much to cut out fruit and honey. lots of people say that it all settles out without a complete cutting out of these things. What is your advice about this and also who has used these diets to treat tics.

    • Hi Susan,

      Off hand, I can’t think of whether or not anyone has reported resolution of tics via GAPS. I suggest asking on the support list, being sure to put “tics?” in the subject line.

      Some people have to cut out all fruit and honey (and possibly nuts, and sweet veggies like winter squash and carrots); others do well with all of those in. The intro progression, as laid out in GAPS Guide, is key.

      All my best,

  8. Hi Baden,

    I am just about to start the GAPS intro diet for my 3 and 4 yr old and myself. I have been eliminating illegals for a while now and starting the diet off gently. My 3 yrs old has reflux though and with the extra fats its starting to aggrevate him – do you have any suggestions please?


    • Hi Caragh,

      The best idea would be to go to the support list and get input from a variety of parents who have been through this exact scenario. The support list is here:

      Some people do need to limit the fats when starting out, and build it up gradually, but if one of the parents can suggest a way their reflux-prone child was able to take in the fats, that would give your son an advantage.

      Betaine, Apple Cider Vinegar, sauerkraut, a slow build up of fats intake, and other approaches have all helped different people with reflux based in too low stomach acid, which is common in people who require GAPS.

      All my best,

  9. Hi Baden,

    Firstly thank you for writing the wonderful GAPS guide, i have been on GAPS now for 2 months (still on last stage intro) and feel I am finally healing.

    I had a course of very strong fluoroquinolone antibiotics following an op which casued overgrowth of bacteria in my small intestine (SIBO). Subsequently i could not tolerate any carbs, they were fermented as soon as they hit my small intestine. I also started to have huge histmine intolerance reactions to food which lead to me being put on a medical shakes diet for a month to calm everything down and let my gut rest.

    GAPS has helped me control all of this wonderfully now I’m off the shakes but I wonder whether it will be able to get rid of the small intestine bacterial overgrowth or whether GAPS was more for large intestine problems. I also cannot tolerate sauerkraut or yoghurt due to the histamine which is a shame but hopefully might change as i heal.

    If i have to stay on GAPS forever so be it, as long as the intolerances clear i will have a very varied diet and just be thankful for my health

    Thank you again for being such a positive role model for people like myself.

    Best Wishes

  10. Dear Nadia,

    Thank you for your email, and for the warm feedback about my book’s impact on your journey.

    I do not actually know about the role of GAPS on the small intestine specifically. I suggest you ask this on our support list because I know it’s been discussed there.

    Did you read what Dr Natasha said about histamines in her book?

    Without sauerkraut or yogurt, what form of probiotic are you taking? This is so important.

    Yes, 2.5 years into GAPS, I’m still very much enjoying it! It is indeed a wonderful, varied and delicious lifestyle!

    All my best,

  11. Hello,
    I’m feeling overwhelmed! I’ve started my 4 year old on the diet three weeks ago. I skipped the intro because he refuses to eat meat and soups. Never the less, he has shown significant behavioral progress! He still has very loose stools and is allergic to some of the “allowed foods”. He is allergic to nuts/seeds, eggs, soy, and dairy. I’ve been giving him some of the almond meal recipes and his back is beginning to break out. I know someone out there can see more clearly what I need to do and HOW. Are parents forcing their children to complete the Intro phrase? If so, how?


  12. Hello ,

    I started Gaps after having terrible digetive after giving birth to my 4th and 5th children were born. I am now just into my 4th week on the gaps intro and wondering what else to eat while breastfeeding if you have any info . I am feeling much better since i started but if i get to far ahead of the intro i get pains in my tummy and bloating. What are some gentle foods to add in .


    • Hi Leah,

      For women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, Dr Natasha recommends they skip the intro for now and go straight to full GAPS, so under that approach you can eat everything on the GAPS list. (For more information, please peruse Dr Natasha’s site at However, if you are struggling when adding in other foods, you are right to be attentive. What are you currently eating, ie. what is working well for you?

      All my best,

  13. Hi. I’m a 36 year old man who is about to celebrate his 37th birthday in a couple of days with, what appears to be, a significantly healed brain. I have much to celebrate.
    See, I was diagnosed with Schizo Affective Disorder (a severe mental disorder that is a cross between Bipolar 1 and Schizophrenia.) This is a completely dibilitating condition that has made life extremely difficult for me.
    Then I came across the GAPS diet a little while ago. In a short time, and for the first time in my life since I was diagnosed almost 15 years ago, I have been able to almost cut out my medication completely.
    Now, I have had periods of remission in the past at different times. This, however is different. During those remissions, I’d have to stay on the pills. It was impossible, as much as I tried, to come off them. I’d simply start feeling bad again.
    Not this time. The GAPS diet is working!
    There’s something, also, I have to note as well. The reason I dropped my medications (slowly), at all, was that as I progressed on the diet, I noticed I was feeling worse after and for approximately 6 – 8 hours after I’d pop my pills. I thought this was strange but quickly realized I was feeling negative effects from the Zoloft, Ativan and Abilify. The pills were making me feel bad.
    It was as though my brain did not require them any longer and all I was left with were the side effects of the pills (sedation, etc..) Therefore, I slowly cut them out.
    I feel calm, stable, healthy, and good. I was eratic prior. I’m not now and I really hope this gives a ton of hope to many out there because, let’s face it, Schizo Affective Disorder is the culmination of 2 horrific mental illnesses. I’m an extreme case. I had huge success! If I can get my life back… anyone can!
    Thank you so much!!

    • Dear Jason,

      A huge congratulations on your wonderful progress!!! When I get a chance, I’m going to copy your post over to our “results” page, too.

      It’s common on GAPS for medications (whether for physical or so-called mental imbalances) to be reduced or eliminated because the need or previous degree of need is no longer present. It’s also common for people to become more sensitive to their medications as they heal. I think this in part has to do with our not numbing and bombarding our bodies -covering effects of medication- with junky/”drugging” foods, and in part to our body running “cleaner”, which of course is the point of GAPS.

      For anyone else reading, please note the importance (sometimes life saving) of reducing medications only (a) under supervision of a doctor, (b) one at a time, and (c) very, very slowly (incrementally). Reducing too quickly or too soon can be self-sabotaging. GAPS supports the use of medications for as long as required.

      All my best,

  14. Can anyone out there tell me where to find a practitioner who specialises in the GAPS diet in Australia – specifically Brisbane and even better the Sunshine Coast (north of Brisbane) Would much appreciate any help that is out there.
    Sue Ullman

  15. Hi! I just heard about the GAPS diet from a wonderful friend. I just ordered the book and cookbook and will be starting the diet this week. I am wondering if anyone has had experience with this diet and rheumatoid arthritis. I have searched high and low for answers about my disease and refuse to take medicine. I am hoping this is my answer. Has anyone done this diet for RA? Thank you!

    • Hi Ashley,

      Yes, folks have had great success with RA on GAPS. To hear from some of those folks, I suggest you sign up for one of the free support lists and put your diagnosis into the subject line.


    • Ashley, I know it’s 1.5 years later, but I was wondering if you have done GAPS for your RA? I started 10 days ago…tough going. I have now started adding in the low oxalate aspect, too. (I have had RA for 20 years.)

  16. Hi My son is 6 yrs old and diagnosed with Autism. Last year I gave him, Aripiprazole and the results were wonderful. He was listening and was attentive, but rash appeared on his legs and next day little swelling on his lips. This is a wonderful drug except my son is allergic to it. can I try using it again. Our Dr. says we may try with anti allergic medicine but I worry lest some other thing happen to my child. Pls help me!

    • Hi Saranga,

      I’m sorry, but I’m not at all in a position to advise on medications. For autism, I suggest GAPS. For questions about medications, a physician is the best person to talk with. Feel free to consult with one of the GAPS physicians linked to via this blog’s support page. You might also connect with other parents on the support lists about their experiences with medications, diet, etc. They too will not be able to tell you about the safety of reintroducing a medication that previously caused an allergic reaction, but they will be able to tell you their journeys and solutions they have found.

      All my best,

  17. I have four children and all have some type of learning disorder. My 4 year old and 16 year old both have food allergies. My 4 year old is allergic to wheat and soy. However lately she seems to becoming more sensitive to other foods as well. Do you think that the GAPS diet could help our family? For those on a budget, which books do you recommend purchasing (the Gaps Guide, Gaps Book, and the cookbook)?Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Michelle,

      Yes, I believe your whole family would benefit from GAPS.

      Regarding increasing sensitivities, you might find this article very interesting.

      For those on a budget, I would most recommend the GAPS Guide book first. This is because it’s fully self-contained -everything one needs to know to do the program- and also because it includes a section on budgeting for GAPS. The latter will save you much more than the cost of the book itself, plus enough to buy more awesome GAPS ingredients and, when you’re ready, the other books!

      All my best,

      • Which article please? I am very interested. After going gluten free 5 years ago I have become sensitive to corn (itchy ears, fungal reaction) and most recently eggs and nuts which seem to cause a mild anaphylaxis (tightness or lump in throat, takes effort to speak, shallow breathing/shortness of breath at its worst, hands and fingers fall asleep at night, stomach pain/ fullness as if a balloon has been blown up in my upper digestive tract with bulbous ends at the stomach and throat, dark circles under eyes). I recently became pregnant with my first child and after 2 years of searching for the reason for these symptoms (many naturopaths, an igA allergy test with no results, self diagnosis and dietary changes-the wrong ones apperantly, a sonogram of the stomach, prilosec then a negitive h-pylori test.) finally some muscle testing at home and actually listening to my body got me to stop eating eggs and nuts. This was very early in very early pregnancy, prior to week five when we found we were pregnant. Thanks baby!
        I am on day 6 of intro gaps and feeling great! But, I would sure like to eat some eggs and the delicious looking pancake. I am on the diet due to what I believe is candida (prone to yeast infections, itchy fungal ears, chronic sinusitis and stuffy, dry mucous producing nose), also curious if this will resolve the auto-immune lichen schlerosus I’ve managed since I was 19. And of course to resolve these food allergies!
        Thanks much!

        • Dear Kim,

          I believe GAPS will be of great help to you, yes! It is great for all the things you listed (candida, autoimmune disorders, food allergies, etc).

          Be sure to check out the resources, such as the free online email lists, noted on this website’s Support for You page.

          All my best,

  18. I have read Jason’s very inspiring story a couple of times.

    I also suffer from schizoaffective disorder, but started the GAPS Diet this past February. I have noticed much improvement during the past two months.

    I’m very interested to know, if possible, how long I might expect an outcome like Jason’s.


    Mark in Iowa.

    • Hi Mark,

      Wonderful to have you with us!

      There is no way to guess when symptoms of any ailment might reduce or disappear. Symptoms of my illness (dx’d by one doctor as schizoaffective disorder) went away one at a time, starting very early. Everyone, though, has a different timeline. The body decides what heals first and when.

      All my best,

  19. Baden,
    I saw that there was another comment about breastfeeding on this page. I’m interested in doing GAPs to help my baby (through breast milk) because he has digestive issues. However, I’ve heard that detoxing while breastfeeding could free up a lot of mercury that would then reach the baby through breast milk. Yikes! Do you know anything about this? Wouldn’t a large ‘die-off’ be a bad thing while nursing? I want to do the best thing for my baby and get his gut healed.
    Thanks for your site and advice!

    • Hi Colleen,

      Pregnant or nursing women are to skip intro until no one is directly dependent on their body. You will go to full GAPS. For more information, please see the baby, etc, pages at Dr Natasha’s site here.

      All my best,

  20. Ok I found it with a search..but I can’t find the answer to my question– does starting with the full GAP diet prevent the release of toxins to the baby because there is less of a ‘die-off’? She only talks about the introduction of solids and the importance of breastfeeding.

    • Hi Colleen,

      You might also find a tiny bit more info on Dr Natasha’s FAQ page. However, as far as I can recall, Dr Natasha does not go into this specific question in detail, but the gist is that while intro would be “too much”, the benefits of full GAPS would outweigh any concerns about the movement of toxins.

      My son was nursing heavily when I did intro the first time, and it served not only me but him very well! (This was before we had the info about skipping intro while pregnant or nursing.)

      All mybest,

  21. Hi Colleen

    I’m a GAPS practitioner in New Zealand and always recommend to my clients that they ease onto GAPS to reduce die-off.

    Remember that 3 things cause die-off of the “bad”bugs:
    – Depriving them of their food (carbs)
    – Introducing “good” bugs – fermented foods and probiotics
    – Anti-fungals – although anti-fungal drugs are not part of the mainprotocol, coconut oil, a GAPS friendly food, has anti-fungal properties

    So when changing any of these things in your diet, do so slowly and gradually and monitor your symptoms.

    Detoxing will happen naturally as your body gets strong enough to start processing toxins. The juices will also move toxins out, so add those slowly as well.

    The other thing that can make you feel bad is withdrawal symptoms from whatever you have an allergy/addiction to, another reason to start slow.

    Those are my general recommendations to everyone. In your situation, it’s even more imprtant to ease in. But not too slowly as you want to get the benefits asap.

    Hope that helps, Deb

  22. We have been so heartened by Jason’s post November 10, 2010. Our 33 year-old son was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when he was 14 and diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder some years later. Is there anyway you could put us in touch with Jason so we can learn from him?

    We have been loosely on the GAPS diet since November 2009, including a few weeks on Intro. In February, 2011, we started the Intro diet again and are still on it, planning to not go past the 4th stage for 8-10 months while our son slowly tapers off first the medication he is taking the least of, and then the next, and then the next. All three of us are following the same diet. My husband also has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and also is hoping to taper off of his medications.

    Our son struggles with the limitations and one of the questions I want to ask Jason is how long his recovery took on GAPS and how much of that was on Intro if any.

    • Hi Valerie,

      While I can’t put you in touch with any one blog reader specifically, I suggest you join the GAPShelp support list, etc, to find all sorts of people recovering from various “mental” illnesses including anxiety, depression, OCD, bipolar, hallucinations, etc, through GAPS. I too was dx’d with bipolar (mixed cycles) and schizoaffective disorder, among others.

      It’s great that you are now 100% on GAPS, and staying on an early stage. Doing GAPS “loosely” often offers little in the way of results.

      The healing progression will look different, and take a different amount of time, for everyone. Definitely we can be encouraged by others’ results, but we must also be aware that each one’s healing will unfold in its own way, not setting timelines, hopes or expectations in relation to another’s journey.

      As I’m sure you know -but I always like to reiterate just in case- your husband and son must be sure not to reduce or go off medications prematurely, as that can backfire with severe consequences.

      I wish your family wonderful health!

      All my best,

  23. Hi Baden,

    Has anyone had success with Narcolepsy on this diet. This is a sleeping disorder, my son has it and sleeps a lot in the day. There is not much the DR’s can do. My daughter is doing GAPS for poor digestion. My son did an experiment in science class on saliva digesting a piece of bread. His didn’t even start the process and was very different from the other kids.

    • Hi Phoebe,

      I have not yet heard any reports about narcolepsy in relation to GAPS. Perhaps you will be the one to let us all know! 🙂

      That is very interesting about the saliva experiment!!

      All my best,

      • Hi Phoebe:
        I am a GAPS Practitioner from Ireland. A client who had narcolepsy from childhood wrote me the following: “I have been following the GAPS protocol at home for 12 weeks and the results are amazing. I have had narcolepsy for years and this is the first time I’ve been free of symptoms since I was a child… I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve mentioned your name on the Irish narcolepsy forum ( forum) where I’ve been trying to interest fellow narcoleptics in the GAPS diet.”

        Hope that helps,

        • Mary, thank you so much for sharing this information with Phoebe! (I think Phoebe’s question was one of a batch that I missed answering, but until your post I had no information about GAPS and narcolepsy in any case.)

          Based on your note, I’ve now included ‘narcolepsy’ on the ‘Conditions Addressed’ page.

          Also, if you like and whenever you’re ready, please feel free to send your contact information/website, so that I can include you on this site’s list of GAPS Practitioners.

          All my best,

        • Hi Mary,
          Thank you so much for your response. This is great news. My son is unable to work outside the home or do much in the home. I am praying for an answer to this problem I have been on GAPS for 4 months yet unable to convince him at 22 yrs to do it. I have felt that it would be good for him. He did promise his sister he would read the book when she sends it. We haven’t been able to afford the book and not really all the items for the diet. As a single Mom I just do the best I can. .

          Thanks so much,

          • Phoebe: You said, “As a single Mom I just do the best I can.” As a fellow single mom, I just want to say kudos to you for this approach! Good for you for knowing your capacities as well as limitations. This, too, is an important piece in the goal of healing.

            All my best,

  24. I started the full GAPS diet because I didn’t know about the intro. I have been having stomach pains off and on. I also have diarrhea off and on along with low appetite. My question is, is it possible to heal the gut on the full GAPS diet without doing the intro?

    • Hi Robin,

      Yes, a person will gain much healing through even just full GAPS. Intro, though, brings most people even greater (and faster) results. Intro is especially helpful for people with diarrhea and low appetite, among other things. In the GAPS Guide book, I actually recommend steps for transitioning first to full GAPS, hanging out there for awhile, then moving to intro. So, while I do recommend intro for you, at this point you’re actually right on track!

      All my best,

  25. Hi,

    I am reading your wonderful testimonials in Malaysia. Is there any professional practitioner in this country? I believe we’ll need lots of guidance and support should we decide to even venture into this diet. I am overweight and am suffering from RA. Please advice

    • Hi Angie,

      Great to hear from you all the way over in Malaysia!

      GAPS is great for weight imbalances and RA.

      I do not yet know of practitioners in Malaysia. However, many of the GAPS practitioners in Australia, New Zealand, England and the USA offer very effective support by phone or Skype to folks all across the globe. If you feel you need professional support (most people do fine without it), please do consider this option.

      All my best,

  26. Hello Baden~
    If one is about to begin the Intro Diet and suspects a possible dairy sensitivity/allergy, is it necessary to forgo all dairy for 6 weeks PRIOR to beginning the Intro Diet; in other words before doing the sensitivity test with the yogurt whey which is included in the Intro Diet? I have been consuming moderate amounts of homemade raw milk kefir, yogurt, etc. for over a year with no” known” allergic-type reactions, though I suspect a lactose intolerance, hence I keep away from non-fermented dairy. I would really like to use the kefir/yogurt during the Intro phase, along with the fermented vegies, but am wondering if I need to be dairy-free for 6 weeks prior to doing a sensitivity test, in order for it to be accurate. It’s not clear from The GAPS book, though you do allude to a six week period in THE GAPS GUIDE ( pg. 38, First Edition) Thanks so much for your clarification on this.

    • Hi Laurel,

      No, it is not necessary to forgo dairy for six weeks before starting intro. My recommendation for that is in tandem with intro, ie. eliminating dairy from Day 1 of intro forward, for six weeks. (My complete recommendations can be found here: This noted, Dr Natasha now supports the use of whey, etc, in intro for many people. While I personally still like to see dairy out longer, in terms of Dr Natasha’s new position my recommendation is to keep dairy out for at least two weeks before reintroducing any form of it. This is a standard period of elimination for successful testing. This elimination can be done any time, but for most people is most effective starting with Day 1 of intro.

      All my best,

  27. Thanks so much for you reply, Baden. One more quick question. You mention above that two weeks is the standard period of elimination for successful testing
    ( allergy/sensitivity). I’ve heard/read anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. Do you know upon what the standard recommendations are based? Certainly, eliminating for 6 weeks would seem the “best”, but I’m wondering how necessary that time period is for an accurate determination of true allergy/sensitivity.

    Thank you for all your time and work. Your GAPS GUIDE and this blog are incredibly helpful resources. I begin the Intro Phase tomorrow.

    • Hi Laurel,

      I don’t know on what criteria any of the (varying) minimums are based. Generally, though, practitioners like to see an item out of the diet for long enough for it to completely clear out of the body (different times for each food) and for the person to experience their health level without the food, so that any change upon reintroduction is obvious. Again, I still prefer people keep dairy out for a good six weeks, for various reasons. Perhaps I’ll do a post about that shortly.

      All my best,

  28. Hello Baden,
    Laurel again! Is there any contraindication to using red cabbage instead of white cabbage for the homemade sauerkraut?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Laurel,

      Red cabbage can be used, yes. I don’t know why, but my batches with red have never worked out, so I stick with green.

      All my best,

  29. Thank you, Baden.
    I just read that red cabbage is more difficult to ferment due to the firmness of its leaves. It is more difficult to extract liquid from the leaves and one needs to use some water/whey to make sure the shredded red cabbage is covered. I’m also guessing/thinking that perhaps it is more difficult for the red cabbage to be penetrated by the fermenting juices due to the amount of fiber in and stiffness of the cabbage leaves…hence it would probably take longer to ferment staight red cabbage than greeen, or a mixture of greeen & red? I’m experimenting as we’ve got lots of garden red cabbage this year. Five days ago I threw some red cabbage and a small amount of H20 into the vitamix……in just seconds it was all a pulpy mass. I added some celtic salt and put it into mason jars. Today is day 5 and I am seeing fermentation bubbling in the jars, and a definite liquid layer in between the pulp in one of the smaller jars. I’m thinking that I can strain this and use the liquid during the intro phase….the actual cabbage itself for later. We’ll see just how it looks, smells and tastes once I open them in another day or two.

    Do you know anything about grapeseed oil…it’s benefits or lack thereof? I know that is pressed from the mash left over from the grapes used for wine making, that it has a very high smoke point, is used mostly in some European and South American countries. Would it be an oil to be used on the GAPS diet?

    Thanks again for so much helpful information!

    • Hi Laurel,

      Love the red cabbage experiments!

      Most oils are fine for GAPS and this includes grapeseed oil. I use this one and enjoy its lightness for baking, etc.

      All my best,

  30. Hi,
    I started the GAPS intro on October 1st and have been working my way slowly to each step and level. I have candida, adrenal problems,hypoglycemia, I’m just recovering from osteomyelitis in the jaw, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. I’ve lost about 5 lbs so far. I’m normally a thin person, with normal to low blood pressure. Recently, my BP has been going very high. 188/95 or 100. It seems like my BP is like a yoyo and going up and down. I’ve also been testing my urine for the alkaline/ acid levels and I”m 5.8 to 6. Is this a die off symptom from candida, or is there something wrong?

    • Hi Celeste,

      The conditions you are bringing to your GAPS program are commonly addressed through the program, and an initial drop in weight is normal. I’m not aware of anyone else experiencing a spike in blood pressure (though of course most people aren’t testing that). Regarding this, I suggest you connect with a GAPS practitioner or your doctor. You might also want to post to one of the support lists, to see if anyone else experienced then resolved this.

      I wouldn’t bother testing alkaline/acid levels. Some people do this (as well as candida spit tests and a host of other tests) and find themselves higher on the acidic range, yet progress very well in healing. It seems to me that the information gleaned is not particularly helpful in the early stages of healing. I would focus on the program and, as always, symptoms of immediate, life and death concern.

      All my best,

  31. I am a middle aged woman who has suffered from eczema, hay fever, and some asthma since adulthood (my mother died of asthma, and the these three conditions are very present in my whole mothers’ extended family.) Do I sound like a good candidate for the GAPS diet? I have tried so many diets for so many years, it would be sooo discouraging to start another that is a waste of time. The eczema has become unbearable lately, and I am desperate (I am an awful mother lately to my four children, they deserve better.)
    I did do the paleo diet for several months. The hayfever and asthma improved dramatically; the eczema got worse so I stopped the diet. I’m noticing that the paleo diet and GAPS diet are similar in many ways, and after reading many posts am wondering if the eczema flare ups could have been die off reactions?
    Any insights or encouragement would be very appreciated!

  32. Hi Baden,
    I have had many health issues over the years, fibrous tissue, hormone imbalance, infertility, multiple surgeries, appendicitis, C-sections, high stress, recently over the last 3 years I’ve had osteomyelitis of the jaw due to root canals, plagued with over 30 years of hives after showering, hives from hot flashes and sweating, candida, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, H. Pylori, bouts of yeast infections, mercury toxicity, etc……..I am a Dental Hygienist and am now in my 50’s. I was so ill from the osteomyelitis that I ended up with facial pain and clogged lymph nodes swelling under the chin, down over the left breast, arm pit, and down my groin and leg area that I had difficulty walking and lifting my arm until I had surgery on the left side of my jaw. I missed 9 months of work and slowly began to get back on my feet! I have seen many alternative care doctors to help me with the heavy metal cleansing, surgery on my jaw, adrenal fatigue etc. I’ve been on the Carb free / Gaps intro program, working my way through each stage since Oct 1, 2011. After about a month into the intro program, my hives stopped and I am totally in shock at how after 30 years of this suffering, that now I am hive free! I’m still working on the diet and taking the S. Boulardii, in the morning with my Fermented Royal CLO which I LOVE! Should I take the S. Bou. 3 weeks on then 3 off? I also have worked my way up to 2 Biokult in the evening. About 3 weeks into the program I had a core tissue biopsy on some fibrotic tissue in my left breast. It was very painful after the biopsy and I still am getting achy feelings in the area of the biopsy which the procedure stated I may have for several months after the procedure. Recently after the biopsy, I got a rash in my left armpit that I think is candida/yeast. (Nowhere else) It is itchy and sometime has a burning feeling. I applied coconut oil to it daily and every night, which helps to relieve it, however it still has not gone away.! (Don’t know if it has anything to do with the biopsy or not.) Funny how the left side of my body is having issues after the osteomyelitis….. I think there is still many toxins that need removed from my body. Also, I itch by both my private parts off and on and I’ve been picking at my nails…… should I take the parasite med Mebendazole? I live in the US and have researched the med online…..don’t know who to trust for ordering the meds. Any suggestions? Do you feel I’m going thru the die off stage or there are several issues here? I have normal bowel movements, and I’m trying to slowly introduce the foods and watch out for reactions. I haven’t taken many detox baths, just showers, also just started to use castor oil packs over the left side of my chest by the rash area. I’m limiting fruits, and use no sweetners at this time. I’m taking at least 1 -2 teaspoons of coconut oil daily along with the ghee. I’ve just started to try juicing and I have added raw milk yogurt, sour cream a few teaspoons every other day. I have some clabbered milk that I have added to my fresh juices. The rash came before I added the raw milk products and I have been on the intro program for more than 6 weeks before I started with the raw milk products. I’m slowly introducing the orange colored veggies, squash and soaked nuts due to some minor issues and reactions that I have experienced. Should I keep going with the Intro stages, slow down, stop, restart the program, take a break or what? I am at Stage 5-6 level at this time…..Any suggestions or advice that you can offer me will be greatly appreciated. Thank you !


  33. Hi it’s me again!
    I forgot to mention that my hands are extremely dry and even though I am eating the ghee and coconut oil along with olive oil, and applying organic shea butters and lotions, they still are prone to cuts and scratches that take a while to heal. This is something new for me…..more than previous years. Also, After showers and washing my face…lukewarm to warm water, not very hot water, my face, cheeks, forehead and chin area down my neck get bright red and have a slight itch to them for about 15 to 20 min afterwards. My once oily face skin has become very dry and a few “tags” of tissue have grown on my face by my nose and by my eyelashes. They are “epithelial horns” or harmless cutaneous horns and tags. Would you suggest a liver flush?
    Thank you,

  34. Hello Baden,
    Here i am again! please i have some issues to clearify.
    I have two sons age 4 and 2, the older one has speech delay,anger,blotting, food craving,and behavioural issue. The younger one is blotted, constipated and growth delay. We are @ stage 2 of intro.,both can tolerate 2 teaspoons of egg yolk for the first time in their life,but severly constipated.My younger crave for kale and spinach everytime and reject other things.
    Can they use clo with krill oil?
    can they eat fermented nut @ stage 2?
    how do i know if they have heartburn when taking HCI?
    The older one refused to eat for a week now and was down with running nose, weak, had fever for 2days and very skinny.
    Many Thanks,

    • Hi Aji,

      Great news on the egg!!

      Resolving the constipation is absolutely key. Without the daily bowel movements, the toxins are circulating within their systems and while this is the case, your boys will have many issues and healing will be delayed. Resolving the constipation will also help bring your older son’s appetite back.

      The other key thing to bringing the appetite back is keeping him hydrated, which requires not simply water but electrolytes. Please see this post:

      Do you have the GAPS Guide book? If yes, please let me know which of the suggestions under the ‘Constipation’, ‘Die-Off Relief’ and ‘Enema’ sections you’ve tried.

      I don’t know of any contraindications regarding CLO with krill oil, but if you have concerns, I suggest checking in with a health practitioner. Personally, unless this is the only thing that remedies the constipation, I would skip both the CLO and krill oil for now, focusing on non-bottled foods for now.

      No, nuts (any form) would not be used at Stage 2.

      It is difficult or impossible to know if a person other than oneself -especially a child who may not be able to articulate this- is experiencing the burning sensation that can come with HCI. The good news, though, is that HCI is needed by relatively few people. Is there specific indication of your children needing this? I would not use it unless a need for it is clear. A tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a cup of room temperature water 10-15 minutes before each meal -or just sipped throughout the day- can trigger digestive juices as well as relieve (in some people) constipation.

      Aji, I hope some of this proves helpful!

      All my best,

  35. Hi Baden,

    Thanks for your kind reply! So sorry for my late reply. My internet connection has been faulty since.

    Yes i have the book and have tried enemas with Biokult every night and still using it with no result yet. They are taking Sauerkraut juice and sour cream. They are very blotted and always crying for sour cream and roasted chicken. I don’t know if these is good for lunch @ school.

    Can they take cooked apples, plums and soaked nut @ stage 2? I’m trying to follow the steps strictly so as to get good result!. I will appreciate your advice on this also.

    Thanks you so much,

    • Hi Aji,

      Any GAPS food is great for a school lunch.

      Often, imbalanced cravings indicate an imbalance or intolerance.

      Of the ideas listed in your GAPS Guide book, under ‘Constipation’, which have you tried so far? (eg. Magnesium baths, etc.)

      How much sauerkraut juice are they taking? Too much can sometimes trigger bloating and constipation.

      The foods appropriate for Stage 2 are listed in the Stage 2 section of your GAPS Guide book. It does not include fruit or nuts.

      All my best,

  36. Hi Baden,
    Thank you so much for your reply! they are taking apple cider, sea salt and baking soda bath once a day. I gave them 2 teaspoons s. juice daily,i stop it due to blotted tummy and reintroduce it after 6days. please, what can i do to food craving? my younger son is never full, it is always more chicken, fish and vegetable. He eat to the point of vomiting everything and still cry for more. This is their 3rd week on stage 2 without any improvement. They are taking clo, pro EFA and HCI, I notice the younger one can not digest fat in his stool. please,, am totally lost here, this stage is so terrifying , they are constipated, blotted and cry for food. Both are still using enemas with biokult. Please HELP

    • Dear Aji,

      I have two main thoughts:

      1. If you are feeling very overwhelmed, scared or stressed, do consult with a health practitioner familiar with GAPS. They can do excellent work even over the phone from far away. They may be able to help you pinpoint and resolve issues.

      2. In the meantime…

      a. I would not have them on Stage 2 for three weeks. In the GAPS Guide book, I recommend moving forward to the next food every four days or so. Delaying the progression can create its own problems. This is very important. To function well, the body needs the additional foods.

      b. Offer them a high-fat-high-protein meal upon waking, then every hour, then just before bed. Let them decide how much to eat at each sitting. Cook the food in fat, slather it with more fat before serving. You can get duck fat by the litre or render your own fat from any animal. Most people can use ghee from early on, too.

      c. Stop all the supplements (CLO, EFA, HCI). In your situation (bloating, etc), I suggest you also stop the sauerkraut juice.

      d. Just to clarify… They are each taking one bath daily, with ACV *or* baking soda *or* epsom (not sea) salt -not these combined, right?

      e. How are their stools on the enemas? Also, please answer: From the tips under ‘Constipation’ in your GAPS Guide book, which of the other tips have you tried? This asked, I believe that moving forward through the foods may be key to resolving the constipation. Again, it is a very rare person that should be on Stage 2 longer than about a week.

      All my best,

  37. Hi Baden,

    Thank you so much for your kind reply. I really appreciate it so much.

    I have moved to the next stage immediately. I have also stopped all suplements as advised.

    I would like to make some clarifications:

    (i) When can they start the oils as recommended in the GAPS book?

    (ii) How can I help my younger son who can’t digest fat? I have tried almost everything on Page 89 of GAPS Guide. i.e. Adding one capsule of BioKult to Enema Fleet before bedtime everyday; Using Sauerkraut juice; ProEFA; CLO; Using a teaspoon of Apple Cidar Vinegar in a cup of warm water every morning and evening; I also tried the cooked apple and prune before they are fully on Introduction stage but with no improvement.

    (iii) What do you suggest about Enemas for Bowel Movement (BM)? Their stools on enema is dark and pasty. Initially they were making large BM but now its just a little.

    I bath them twice before winter but now I bath them once a day since its very cold presently. I bath them with Apple Cidar in the morning and baking soda at night. I was using sea salt every other day etc. as I had read about it on page 114 (Chapter 8) of GAPS Guide. But, now I’ve just stopped using it.

    They were a little bit bloated before starting the GAPS diet but it got worse in stage 2 of the diet. I was feeding them vegetable (non-organic) several times (as much as they want) daily. Now, I feed them vegetable once and organic chicken & salmon twice daily.

    (iv) How can I get some GAPS practitioner’s phone numbers?

    Thank you so much.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Aji,

      It is very normal to be super hungry for the first six weeks on intro. The only thing to do to resolve your children’s craving for food is to feed them 🙂 Specifically, if they wake at 7am and go to bed at 8pm, they would be offered food 10-14 times each day, ie. upon waking, then every hour to hour-and-a-half, then at bedtime. Each offering should focus on meat and fat, preferably with a bit of broth. (Vegetables are fine but will be secondary. The fibre from vegetables can trigger bloating, constipation or diarrhea.) At each offering, your children will decide whether and how much to eat. Your job is just to *offer* food every hour or so. Eating many smaller meals each day may also resolve the vomiting that comes from overeating at any one meal. It is so important to not limit their meals to three per day. This will leave them too hungry, and their blood sugar too unstable. Both of these conditions will cause them to overeat at the few meals they are being offered. In early intro, my son -then 3.5 years old- would eat almost an entire chicken at one sitting sometimes! Don’t worry, though -after about six weeks, this incredible hunger will resolve and they will naturally start to eat less. Let their bodies guide you (and them).

      (i) The oils and other bottled foods they can start later -after they have a wide range of foods available to them.

      (ii) The suggestions on page 89 of GAPS Guide are for resolving constipation. These cannot be used for digesting fat. What symptom is telling you your younger son is unable to digest fat?

      (iii) Any bowel movement -with or without an enema- is fine. In the first few months on GAPS, you can expect to see a wide range in the appearance of bowel movements. So long as there is at least one movement daily, and there is not blood in the stool nor dehydrating diarrhea, we needn’t concern ourselves with the stool.

      Sea salt is fine to use in a bath, but Epsom salt is much more helpful to most people, and is especially good for people dealing with constipation.

      (iv) Some GAPS practitioners are listed in your GAPS Guide book page 70, and some more are linked to via this blog’s ‘Book Updates’ page here:

      All my best,

  38. Hi Baden,
    Thank you so much
    You are right. They are very happy to have new food like nut butter, pancake, and scrambled eggs.

    (i) Please. Do they have to stop vegetables for now or they can have it once a day.

    (ii) My younger son has white clot in his stool. I think its the fat he could not digest. Please, what do you advise.

    (iii) Oh yes, Is there any other means of eliminating their bowel without using enema? I am worried about the bowel movement because they use to have bowel movement normally but now it seemed to have seized. Even when we use enemas, they will only make little with lots of water.

    (iv) Do you think the bloating will resolve by itself with time.

    (v) Sorry to bother you with this also. The nut butter I made is not creamy as when the nut is soaked and dehydrated. Is it ok for them to take it like that?
    vi)can i reuse the ghee oil again after frying with pancake?
    Once again, thank you very much.

    • Hi Aji,

      So glad your boys are feeling happier!

      When choosing which foods to add, it’s best to add just one every four days, and in the order presented in the GAPS Guide book. In the meantime, just offer the tested foods many times per day.

      1. They can have veggies even several times per day. It’s just that the vegetables should be lower fibre ones (eg. no stalks of broccoli, etc) and small in proportion to their meat, etc. Some people can’t tolerate any veggies at first, or only certain ones. We can figure this out only by trial and error. At this stage, veggies are not really needed and if they cause bloating, etc, they should be left out.

      2. I wouldn’t worry about the white clot in your son’s stool. It may be mucous, which is a common outcome of die-off. Even if it’s fat, this will likely resolve on its own. Give it some time.

      3. As noted in your GAPS Guide book, page 89, there are many other things that can resolve constipation, but it’s different for everyone. For some people, it’s butternut squash, for another nut butter, for another vegetables, for another epsom salt baths…and so on. Try one of the listed remedies at a time, each for four days, and see which ones your son’s bodies respond to. Constipation is very common in early intro. The enemas have not caused this, and the constipation will resolve.

      4. The bloating will very likely resolve with time and/or tweaking your program.

      5. It is quite early in the progression for them to have nut butter, but creaminess does not matter. The nuts should, though, be soaked then rinsed well. After that, it’s okay if it’s not totally creamy. Do feel free to add oil.

      6. Generally, we can re-use any fat. However, as I always pour the cooking fat onto the food I cooked in it, I never have any leftover, so I don’t have any specifics about storage, hygiene, etc.

      All my best,

  39. Hi Baden,

    Thank you. I really appreciate your support on this worthwhile journey.

    I also apologize for my numerous questions (and clarifications). Please:
    (i) My sons have yellow urine. Do you think I should bother about this at all?

    (ii) My senior son’s lips are turning black. Its getting blacker by the day. Black lips were first noticed in my junior son but long before starting the GAPS diet. But my junior son’s black lips resolved itself, although, after a long time. Now that I noticed it in my senior son (after starting the GAPS diet), I thought I should seek advice if its something I should bother about.

    Thanks again.


    • Hi Aji,

      I’ve never before heard of lips turning black. Upon Googling, I see this can be an issue in people with specific heritages/colouring (I myself gain a natural, brown ‘lip liner’ when living in very hot sunny regions), and for various reasons. It seems that a blackening of the lips, though, is sometimes related to levels of dehydration.

      The two causes for yellow urine that I’m aware of are (a) a concentration of B vitamins, and (b) too little water.

      Because both blackening of the lips and yellow urine can be triggered by low fluids, I suggest looking into that for your sons. You might want to add an electrolyte drink to their daily life. This said, if there is any concern, please do see a doctor. A blackening of lips is not a normal GAPS effect.

      All my best,

  40. Hi Baden,

    Thank you very much for your kind reply and advice.

    (i) I’m worried about clarity of my senior son’s speech. He was talking clearly with some words when he initially started talking just before he was one year old. We noticed he stopped talking at about 2yrs. Now he is picking up fast and making sentences but not very clear. I can understand him since I’m almost always with him. Likewise his junior brother can understand him for the same reason. He sometimes even argue and discuss with us (myself and his junior brother). But, any other person will ask me what he says. Do you have any suggestion or advice on improving his clarity please.

    (ii) My two sons are now at stage four. They are taking carrot juice regularly twice daily in the morning and evening. I will like to seek your advice on when its best to start again on supplements like CLO or ProEFA Oil.

    (iii) On constipation of my second son. He still has the symptoms and he is still very much bloated. Do you think we should consider S. Boulardii, Magnesiun etc etc.

    Thank you so much.


    • Hi Aji,

      My own son has always had major speech issues, so I understand. What I’m learning is that while GAPS can reduce or resolve the underlying medical/neurological elements that trigger speech issues -such that a child may, with GAPS, begin or increase talking- sometimes therapy (Speech Language) is needed to help a child learn what he missed out on learning earlier, at the typical ages -things like clarity, fluency, prosody, etc.

      (ii) Sounds great!

      (iii) For your second son’s constipation, please feel free to try any of the tips listed on pages 89-91 of your GAPS Guide book, yes. Magnesium (orally and/or added to bath) *or* Vitamin C might be the simplest options to start with. I would definitely not do boulardii at this stage. It can trigger die-off too intense. As he’s so early in his healing and has so recently been going through intense stuff, I would keep his path lighter for now.

      All my best,

  41. Hi Baden
    I am a mother of sever autistic of 30 years old and my son is on GAPS diet for 3 months, now according to the book of d.Natasha in the first stage said when talking about the dairy probiotic that has to be graduated until we reach kefir my enquire: is that has to be during the first stage or we can transfer to the second stage before we introduce the kefir or it’s products
    Thanks a lot for your assistance and i appreciate it so much if you reply to my email

  42. I’ll write my comment again as I just realised my previous comment was not clear:
    I am a mother of sever autistic of 30 years old and he has been on GAPS diet for 3 months. According to the book of Dr.Natasha, in the first stage it says that the dairy probiotic has to be introduced gradually until reaching kefir and its products. my question is: does my son have to stay on the first stage of the dite until the kefir is introduced or we can move on to the second stage before introducing the kefir.


    • Hi Asma,

      I think you’re saying your son has been on full GAPS for three months, and is now preparing to start the intro. Is this correct? If yes…

      A person will move forward from Stage 1 after 1-3 days (your preference, unless there is major stool symptoms which would have one on it for up to seven days). A person will move forward to Stage 2 without having yet introduced kefir.

      Does this help?

      All my best,

  43. I’m so happy to find your sight because I was in so much need of somebody to discuss with about the GAPS diet
    I actually mean that he is now in the first intro stage for 3 months and he was suffering from diarrhea but after the diet his stool is okay my question was do I have to be in the first stage until I introduce kefir and you answered me no

    My question now about introducing the fermented fish I found just smocked herrings and small fresh mackerel fish so can I introduce the fermented sardines which is not mentioned in the second stage?

    And are there certain weeks or period to move through the stages because I’m so cautious from his reaction of introducing new food because of his very sensitive stomach

    thank you so much for your assistance Asma

    • Hi Asma,

      I, too, am so glad you’ve found us! To find lots more support, please see the ‘Support for You’ page on this blog here:

      No one should be in Stage 1 of intro for three months. It’s important to move forward. The additional nutrition, not to mention interest, in the wider variety of food is important for healing. I do hear your concern for your son’s sensitive stomach, but please do move forward. You can do so cautiously, and a schedule for that could be one new food each week. Otherwise, we generally introduce a new food about every four days.

      I recommend adding foods in the order presented in intro. Egg yolk in his soups would be next.

      All my best,

  44. My family is planning to start the GAPS diet in a month. We have so many questions. The most burning question is one that might be difficult to answer , but I’d love any thoughts and support here. My 3 year old son has severe food allergies, eczema and growth issues. (He had a feeding tube for a year.) We’ve been on a WAPF diet for the last year and are slowly transitioning to GAPS. Can IgE allergies be reversed or just IgG sensitivities? His list of IgE allergies are a mile long and I’m up for doing whatever needs to be done to change the “diagnosis”. How much of these allergies are due to a leaky gut rather than DNA? I’m a hopeful Mama. Thank you.

    • Hi Diane,

      Numerous people have reported the resolution of IgE allergies through GAPS. You can connect with some of these families via the support forums listed on this blog’s ‘Support for You’ page.

      With your son’s issues -food allergies, eczema, growth issues- I have strong optimism that GAPS will bring him excellent gains. If you’ve read my book, GAPS Guide, you’ll know that my son, too, had serious feeding and growth issues -being unable to eat anything but breastmilk before his second birthday (a feeding tube was recommended), and his growth stopping altogether for the full year before we started GAPS. I’m excited for your family!

      All my best,

  45. Hi Baden,

    I would like to share my joy and concerns.

    My boys are doing great now! The senior one is speaking well, happy, more friendly and makes regular BM, which is sometimes pasty and sometimes loose. But he is still bloated.

    The younger one is now big, friendly and happy. But his BM is not regular yet and he is still bloated.

    (i) My major concern with both of them is BLOATING.

    (ii)The senior one now refuses to eat but I manage to force him to take soup with egg yolk or sour cream once or twice daily. He returns his lunch from school. These are total opposite to what he used to do before when he will always be in a hurry to eat and would eat everything within minutes and starts asking for more and more. He used to like srambled eggs, nut-bread, roasted chicken, juice, home-made chicken with broth, fish etc. But now, he only wants butter-nut squash fries and nothing more. Now he is getting slim again. Do you think the butter-nut squash fries may be feeding something inside him or so?

    Thanks so much for your kind advice.


    • Dear Aji,

      Thank you for sharing your joy and success! Reading the progress in a situation like yours gives me incredible happiness indeed!

      Well done!! You’ve worked hard on behalf of your boys, and you are all experiencing the results!

      This early in healing, there will still be issues. Don’t worry too much about those yet.

      Bloating can be triggered by so many things: a partially blocked digestive tract; food reactions; parasite overwhelm; etc. It does not need to be resolved quite yet. These issues are generally addressed over time with the long term healing program.

      Yes, I believe your intuition about the butternut squash fries is right now. While it is normal for the appetite to become very big and then to mellow out after about six weeks, a craving for only one sweet food and rejection of all others must be addressed. Butternut squash fries are very sweet, high in carbohydrates. This may trigger a yeast overgrowth. Many of us find that the more sweets we have, the stronger our craving for these and the more we are repulsed by healthier foods. What age is your older boy? You might set out some options, for example:

      -“eat at least three meals of meat, broth, fat, ferment and non-sweet veggies per day or we must return to Stage 1 to re-set your body”, OR
      -“after you’ve eaten at least three meals of meat, broth, fat, ferment and non-sweet veggies per day, you can have one cup of the fries”

      In the latter case, the meals can be small, but he would need to eat at least some of each category.

      When my son has started eating too many sweeter foods, I do the above with him. (I also do the same with myself.) It quickly re-sets the body to crave and accept healing, nourishing foods.

      You might enjoy this post:

      All my best,

  46. Hi Baden,
    Thanks so much for your kind advice. My older son is 4 and the younger is 2.I will go back to intro stage this weekend, i can’t wait to see him get fat like his younger brother:) In case there is any parasite or block digestive tract, do i have any chance of healing on this diet?
    Many Thanks,

    • Hi Aji,


      Isn’t it just so joyful to see our children become full and substantial and powerful? Yay!

      Yes, whatever the cause of the bloating -partial blockage, parasites, etc- it will likely resolve on GAPS, if not in the earlier stages then in the ‘Progressing Further’ (pages 46-48) one.

      In the meantime, are you having your boys sip an Apple Cider Vinegar drink throughout each day?

      All my best,

  47. Dear Baden,

    Thank you so much for your reply.

    Yes. I get them to sip Apple Cider Vinegar often through the day.

    Best regards,

  48. Hi there,

    My son has severe dyslexia. I was wondering if anyone had any success stories on the gaps diet?


    • Hi Danielle,

      Definitely folks have seen great results with dyslexia (and other learning disabilities) through GAPS! You may be able to connect directly with some of these families by posting to one of the email support lists, as presented on this blog’s ‘Support for You’ page. Be sure to put something specific -such as ‘dyslexia – success?’ in the subject line, as few people are able to read all the posts thus will open just the ones that they see in the subject line to be relevant to them.

      All my best,

  49. I am new to GAPS. I have been drinking whole raw milk since Oct 2008. I shortly after went to a WAP convention. Since then I have been serious with changing my diet. I have bacon and eggs every monring. The bacon is without nitrates. I have had a very dificult time in Southern California finding true organic fed eggs. I need very little the rest of the day, usually a piece of fruit and cheese and of course raw milk. For dinner I need very little. Maybe lamb once a week, rib eye once a week and chipino on rice a couple times a week. I eat very little vegetables. Lately I have had too much acid reflex. I am seriously looking at GAPS and using the guide. Do you have any advice for me. I am 60 years old.

    • Hi Daniel,

      My apologies for the delay in responding. As I said to Diane just moments ago, I can generally get to comments only about once a week, and yesterday there were more to respond to than I could manage in a day. Normally I work from first posted to last, and I didn’t this time, so I came back to find you and Diane today!

      I am always very happy to hear when a person over the age of 40 still believes their life is long and valuable enough to gain more health! (For me, it’s heartbreaking when people sort of “give up” on health at any point after mid-life. I always think of my grandmother who lived to 96 years. Another 36 years of better health is definitely worth it!)

      GAPS can be very helpful with reflux. This said, your diet sounds really, really good already. You might like to start with the tips offered at the post linked to here, and if after a few weeks you’re still experiencing reflux, go whole hog on the program (eg. replacing the rice with grated cauliflower, etc).

      All my best,

  50. For eczema, my sistet’s case of same for which dermatologist’s care did not work was completely healed with royal brittany brand of evening primrose oil, a 500 mg capsule daily – will require about six weeks for the outbreaks to disappear. She must contimue to take daily. I believe she may have taken two capsules daily morning and evening for the first six weeks until the open sores healed. It also makes you calmer and greatly improves regularity!
    God bless and best wishes.

  51. Baden, I’m wondering if you or anyone else can help me. I just started GAPS intro yesterday and am wondering on Phase 1. I have IBS and am doing GAPS to get rid of the bad bacteria in my gut. I was sick all but a handful of days this winter and I can’t live like this anymore. It’s not fair to my family or me. I am having no adverse reactions to the broth with veggies or the chicken. How quickly to move through each phase of intro??? I’d appreciate any advice.

  52. Okay, so after 2 days in Phase 1 intro, I moved on to Phase 2. After adding the egg yolks to my broth, I have had stomach pain on and off all day. Eggs and IBS don’t get along. So I’m wondering, can GAPS heal my IBS? Do I go back to intro Phase 1? How do I add egg yolks if IBS cannot tolerate eggs? Do I go back to Intro Phase1 and try again in a few days? Please, any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Ellen,

      Yes, GAPS has successfully healed IBS in many. Yes, do return to Phase 1 for now -allowing your body to rest, and to recover from the irritation the egg caused- then skip eggs and move to the next item in the progression, carrying on from there. After some more weeks of healing, egg can be retested.

      Also, while most people will be on Stage 1 for just 1-3 days, people with more aggravated intestinal tracts -people with diarrhea, cramping, or bleeding- will do two things differently: one, they will (temporarily) avoid vegetables if those aggravate the condition, and two, they will remain on Stage 1 for seven days or until those symptoms clear up, whichever comes first.

      Do you have the GAPS Guide book to follow along in? This information (and much more) is covered in there and on its associated ‘Book Updates’ page on this blog.

      All my best,

  53. Baden thank you so much. I am teary eyed that you responded to me. This can all be so overwhelming and you don’t know where to turn. I was so hoping you would respond to my plea. I am desperate to be healthy and get rid of this IBS. Thank you so much Baden. Thank you.

    • Ellen, I am so happy this was helpful to you. I really understand about the initial overwhelm and angst. That was totally my experience when I started four years ago, too. Yes, it’s so important to be in contact with others in this journey. You are so wise to have reached out. Unfortunately, I only get the chance to reply to comments about once a week, which can cause a delay. However, between the GAPS Guide book, its updates page, and all the resources -like email and phone lists- noted on the ‘Support for You‘ page, you need never be alone for long! I’m excited for the healing that is coming your way!

      All my best,

  54. Hi Baden,

    Please i would like to seek your advise on using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Is any of the above or their mixture is allowed in cleaning meat, fruit and vegetables?

    Thank you so much.

    • Hi Aji,

      These would be fine for cleaning veggies, yes. Please follow directions provided by their manufacturer or on websites dedicated to that use.

      Hope the boys are doing well!

      All my best,

  55. Does GAPS help to heal Gastroparesis & Esophagitis? Also, is fasting once a week recommended on the GAPS diet? When I do fast, I get sudden Vertigo and experience a low heart rate of about 50-52, but having heard such great things about fasting, I’m not sure whether to continue or not. Lastly, since starting the GAPS diet a week ago, I’ve been waking up with lower abdomen and kidney pain. Is this normal?

    • Hi Caragh,

      I’m not quite sure about the question. ie. There is much controversy about the cause of autism. Without knowing the cause in most people, we do know GAPS helps greatly to resolve or reduce many of the symptoms of autism. If you’d like to hear from other families who may have identified chromosone duplication/deletion in a person with autism, I recommend posting to one of the email lists (as presented on this blog’s ‘Support for You’ page). I don’t know whether or not anyone will have experience in this specific topic, but it may be worth asking. My guess is that symptoms of autism would resolve regardless of the cause of any given person’s autism.

      All my best,

  56. Hi Baden

    I am a grandmother caring for my paranoid-schizophrenic daughter’s little 17month old son. He lives with us permanently as he was removed from my daughter’s care because of her illness and instability. I started the GAPs intro with him because he had swings from constipation and diarrhoea – often in the one day, wakes up screaming, is clinging and hyped-up and his behaviour was deteriorating. We started with the full GAPs diet (including both my husband and me) and have now moved to the Intro for Nathan. His improvement is like a miracle! However, he loves his bottle – especially at night. I have taken him off all milk and fruit juices. Can you recommend something delicious for him? Is it ok to sweeten an egg/water drink with a little honey even though he hasn’t got to that stage of the Intro where honey is added?
    My daughter’s diet is terrible. I’m hoping she will consider changing what she eats but the nurses are unlikely to be helpful in supporting any dietary changes – they give her sweet bread buns etc and she basically lives on sweet foods and diet drinks.I thought I would help her change gradually – perhaps swap her diet drinks for home-made fruit juices and teach her how to make soup etc. Do you have any suggestions as to what would be the best change to help her make?
    Thank you for this website.

    • Hi Annette,

      Deb’s suggestion to you was wonderful! To add to that, it is actually okay to use a bit of honey right off the bat, including in Stage 1. Feel free to add small amounts if required for a child to accept a powerful food. I like to see adults limit early Intro honey to about a tablespoon, up to two tablespoons if using an electrolyte drink. I would go with maybe a third of that for a child.

      If your daughter’s experience of psychiatric ‘care’ is anything like mine was, you are right that they will provide and support only the opposite of nutrition, unfortunately. Happily, we can ultimately recover regardless of these interim interventions! As your daughter is an adult, it will ultimately be her own decision what to eat and whether to heal.

      What is your daughter’s living situation? Is she living independently? In a group home? In a larger care facility or psychiatric ward? Within her living arrangement, does she have choice and direct control over her menu? What is her level of clarity, and desire for wellness?

      I am so happy that your grandson has you, and that your daughter has you to care for him! How wonderful that Intro has already been miraculous for your smallest loved one!

      All my best,

  57. Thanks Deb. That’s exactly what I did tonight! The first time I tried giving him stock in his bottle he refused it but tonight he was quite happy. Hopefully he won’t wake up screaming in pain tonight!

  58. Thanks Baden – you are so kind to answer our queries – it can be a lonely journey without much help so it means a lot that you respond.

  59. I’m desperately seeking advice and support. My husband, our 19 month old and I are on day 3 of the intro. Hubby and I are getting by okay, but our son is really having a hard time. He started vomiting the first night and hasn’t really stopped since. I get him to take occasional sips of the broth, but he won’t eat any of the meat or veggies. When he started vomiting, we made some juice from fresh produce and added a very small amount to his water to try and tempt him into getting some more fluids in him. Last night he took alternating sips of the broth and the water around 7:30 p.m., but then he started throwing it all up around 1 a.m. and continued throwing up intermittently until about 5 in the morning. He was only 25 pounds when we started and has lost 3 pounds – that’s over 10% of his body weight! I want to stick with it, but I’m so scared for my baby. He’s sad/screaming when he’s awake, but he’s not even awake that much right now – he’s sleeping constantly and I have to check myself before going in and making sure he’s still breathing. Is there anything I can add to his diet at this early stage? At what point should I stop? This morning I didn’t even try the broth, just begged him to drink some water so he doesn’t get more dehydrated (he’s still wetting diapers at this point, but barely). Please, any advice would be so appreciated.

    • Dear Mamabee,

      I’m so happy Deb was able to respond to you within a day of your posting!

      I’m so glad this stage has resolved in your son. It’s very common, but yes, so scary for us parents!

      All my best,

  60. He was probably allergic / addicted to something he was eating before, and this is withdrawal. If that’s the case, it should pass in another day or so. I would try making some ginger tea from fresh ginger and adding a little honey to it. Diilute that with some cold water and feed him teaspoonfuls of that. The honey in it will hydrate him better than plain water. As would a little sea salt added to water.
    This only just arrived in my Inbox, but looking at the date of the post and converting it roughly to NZ time, I’m guessing another 24 hours has gone by, and he should be close to the end of the withdrawal. If he still hasn’t settled, and the ginger doesn’t help, post again.
    It’s possible that the Intro is a red herring, and he has something else wrong with him. So if he doesn’t settle very soon, you might need to take him to the doctor.
    Good luck, Deb.

    • Thank you so much for replying! He is doing so much better now. We ended up giving him some watered-down fruit juice as we found a short section regarding vomiting on Dr Natasha’s FAQ page. Thanks again and sorry for the blind panic! It was just so horrible to see him that way. 🙁

  61. Hello. Wonderful wealth of information being shared on this site. I am a 28 year old who is doing gaps due to mild pcos and hypoglycemia issues (sugar metabolism in general) which overtime put me in a bad adrenal fatigue state which is now getting better. I only realized the connection between this and my constipation after coming across gaps. I have had chronic constipation for the past 2 years. 20 days without a movement and when I do have movement, it’s not well formed and is very little in quantity. My understanding is that, constipation does not resolve right away and it takes a long time.. So when doing intro how does one know if they should move on to the next stage if not much has changed in stool habits. Also, I have been gluten,casein,coffee,sugar,soy,egg free for a year before starting gaps so I have no gas.bloating,pain…. I just don’t poop… Which I assume is due to lack of good bacteria in my gut :(…medically, and anatomically nothing seems to be wrong.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

    • Hi GAPmeup,

      For some people, constipation resolves very early on in GAPS; for others it persists and needs remedies. A number of remedies are presented in the GAPS Guide book.

      In terms of moving forward, ignore the constipation. (Stool consistency may be all over the map for the first weeks or months regardless of how well we do the program.) Simply start with Stage 1 for 1-3 days, then add a new food, preparation-style, or supplement every four days. If you have an obvious reaction to something, take it out of your program for now and keep moving forward.

      I think you’re right on track with your thoughts.

      My only other suggestion is to please be sure to read all of the GAPS Guide book through before starting.

      All my best,

  62. After following the GAPS Diet for 1-2 years, would it be safe to say you can eat junk food in moderation? Do some people report that they stay symptom free even when they slip up and eat something bad on occasion? In the GAPS book it says you can never go back to a diet filled with processed foods, but it doesnt say anything about consuming those foods in moderation once you have healed your digestive tract.

    • Hi Mark,

      Yes, most people find they can eat anything under the sun after completing healing (which for most people takes at least two years). Upon healing, the body is able to well process small amounts of toxins. As you say, this would of course be on occasion and not regularly, or the gut imbalance and symptoms would simply return. A few people -for example, a person who started their healing quite late in life- might react to any non-GAPS food and have to remain strictly on GAPS to be symptom-free.

      After 2.5 years of strict GAPS, I started including anything and everything (though still a good 95%-98% GAPS over the course of any given week) and find that small amounts of garbage are tolerated, while regular amounts start to wear my body down.

      All my best,

  63. Thank you for the information. I was just really curious to know because ive been on numerous sites about the GAPS diet and couldnt come across any information on it.

  64. HI- pls can you help? I am a poorly mom with leaky gut – with 3 GAPS children 3,2 and 7 months. I tried GAPS and found i couldnt tolerate the fat in the stock, it literally came out of my skin! i was wired, awake, in such a this nromal? my 3 year old son was also very bad with his reaction – we didnt sleep a wink all night, felt sick. I have elevated bilirubin and glucose and pains in my side- think its my gallbladder- i went raw vegan (Hippocrates style) to try and get better- think i got rid of a lot of candida thro the wheatgrass but havent healed my gut. My 7 month old baby wont sleep and my eldest son has STREP i think- my babys the worst – at 7 months he can only tolerate breastmilk and refuses teh spoon- he produces low lipase so i dont know how he will cope on GAPS. can you please help? should you really go on GAPS if you have such a bad reaction to the fats? bilirubin/ gallbladder problems etc? possible gallbladder stones? how do you avoid this level of reaction? what about the increased cancer risks of the meats/ fats? thanks, ps if its not GAPS i dont know where else to go!

  65. Hi Michele

    There is no cancer risk from meats and fats, if they are good quality, from grass fed animals. A raw plant diet is very cleansing, but it won’t repair. You need the fats and proteins to do that. Unfortunately that can be one of the side effects of a raw vegan diet – that you become even more unable to digest fats.

    I would introduce the fats very slowly, to allow your body to learn how to process them again. And you may need to supplement with bile and/or lipase in the meantime. If you also have problems digesting the protein, the sauerkraut is very important, though you may also need to supplement HCl for a while.

    The bone broth is the most important healing food. Start with no fat in it, and gradually increase it.

    Good luck, Deb

  66. Hi, I have been looking for some comments to assit with long-term healing of my diverticulitis which flares up fairly regularly, & I’m concerned about continually needing to take ntibiotics in order to control it.
    Any sugestions would be much appreciated. Peter

  67. Hi,
    My 14 month old son has come a long way with GAPS. Autism is slipping away! He has been on the intro diet for 2 weeks. Only soups, broth, stews. He is loving it. I just have a few questions. He is covered in little red bumps and a bad rash on one of his thighs. I am assuming this is just because I finally got him up to the theraputic dose of Biokult at night. He wakes up with a very very messy diaper after taking it. He is also taking Prescript Assist. I am curious as to when I should change things. When stool is solid? I am nervous to go up a stage.

    Also, I struggle with gut issues manifesting in depression, anxiety, etc. and have been using GAPS with great success. I just started Biokult, made it up to 3 caps at night, and am having extremely worse symptoms, pretty much as bad as when I was eating sugary cakes and carbs all the time. I feel discouraged to try so hard and still feel bad. I know it must be the Biokult, and I should stick it out. I just need some reassurance from someone who understands!

    This forum is wonderful. Thank you.

    • Hi beckandstef,

      The skin bumps are totally normal -quite common! Yes, I would assume these and the messy stool to be die-off related to the probiotic.

      I’m not sure what you meant about when you should change things. Do you just mean when you should move forward? At my GAPS Guide Book Updates page I explain it this way:

      P. 39 – Moving From Stage to Stage (“Pacing”)

      Where there is bleeding, cramping or true diarrhea (not simply three or fewer “looser stools” per day), stay on Stage 1 until that resolves, or a maximum of 7 days, whichever comes first.

      Other than that, simply keep moving forward with a new prep, amount or food every few days unless you get an obvious reaction to one of those new foods. If obviously reacting to newly introduced food, take that food out, allow a few days to recover, skip the reactive food and move on to the subsequent one.

      You could wait for the stool to firm up, but that may take some time. I would go ahead and move forward according to the info above.

      In terms of your own die-off (I love that you are recognizing the exacerbated symptoms for what they are!), you can wait it out and do lots of die-off relief stuff (the baths, etc) in the meantime, or you can go back down to the dose you were tolerating, and work up a bit more slowly.

      Are you on the email support lists? (If you think this website is good for support, you’ll be stunned by the encouragement there!) They are linked to from this website’s Support for You page.

      All my best,

  68. Hello,

    Has anyone successfully implemented the GAPS die to resolve severe facial flushing and inflammation? With or without classic rosacea?
    I have both, along with digestive issues, numerous drug/ food intolerances and major histamine intolerance. For me, this does not produce the usual symptoms, but rather, severe flushing. Anything which triggers vasodilation causes this (including histamine and arginine – nitric oxide releasing foods), and unfortunately all the healing foods of the GAPS diet are full of these. IE, gelatin, meats, fermented foods. Even juices, such as barley grass.
    All fats, especially omega 3’s. ( produce a severe reaction).
    I am currently taking rifaximin, the gut based antimicrobial to reduce SIBO. This helps to a point, but I know I have to heal my gut. My reactions are so violent, it seems impossible.
    I would be interested to hear from other patients or GAPS practitioners who have experience in treating this debilitating disorder. I have been housebound for years as my face engorges to a crimson blob with heat, light, and trigger foods, supplements, etc.
    I have been screened for automimmune disease, carcinoid, everything specialists can think of and results are negative. The problem appears to be in my gut.

  69. Hi,
    I started the intro for my 2 yrs old son with autism 5 days ago. Two days into it, he hardly took few sips of meat stock. He was almost dehydrated, not wanting to drink even water or juice. I then introduced banana in the stock and he started relishing it, so much so that he took 3-4 medium sized ones in the 6-8 servings of stock per day. Apart from sauerkraut with chicken, I was giving him ghee with the stock. Occasionally I gave him pureed carrots with the soup. However, because of the bananas, he is constipated. Should I move on to the 2nd stage or should I redo the stage 1 and try to give him pure stock and soup. The gaps practitioner I consulted told me that Elaine Gottschall treated her daughter with 3 bananas a day.

    Thank You & Best Regards

  70. I’m considering GAPS but first really need to know the answer to this question before I start…does our body/digestive system fully (or what %) absorb contents of steamed/cooked vegetables (carrot, broccoli, kale ect…) to where there is no fiber for a BM?
    Years ago I switched over to raw veg. Because I did not have bowel movements with a diet of steamed veggies. After reading about GAPS I would like to know if one is not suppose to have bowel movements of cooked veg fibers?
    I hope someone can answer this, I have looked for YEARS to get an answer to this question and still have not found out how much of the cooked veg. Is actually absorbed by the body. I have IBS constipation…

    • Hi Aly,

      I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand your question. I can tell you the following, though:

      1. There is still fibre present in well-cooked, GAPS-friendly vegetables. The fibres are somewhat broken down, so they are less aggravating to the gut, but the fibre is still present and “noticed” by the body.

      2. The fibre in even well-cooked, GAPS-friendly vegetables can irritate a damaged lining. Many people with intestinal disorders that result in diarrhea (IBS, Crohn’s, etc) avoid vegetables for their first weeks on GAPS. They eat broth, meat, and fats only until their intestines are healed enough to handle the fibre in well-cooked, GAPS-friendly veggies.

      3. On GAPS, we do not rely on fibre to move the bowels/resolve constipation. Instead, we rely on sufficient bacteria. It takes time to build up the required amounts of bacteria.

      4. To resolve constipation in the meantime, you can use the tips found in your GAPS Guide book under Constipation or here:

      Aly, I hope any of this is helpful.

      All my best,

  71. Thank you Baden 🙂

    What I meant was for example I eat 3 large ” raw” carrots (even if I blend it up raw in the vitamix) I am able to have a BM. But if I “steam” the same carrots and eat them I will not have a BM with them. So the question is did the steamed carrots fully get absorbed into my body leaving no waste like the raw carrot does? Is that why I don’t have BMs when I cook my veg? Or do I need harsher fiber like in the raw veg. To move it thru the intestines better?

    I have experiment on myself where I eat nothing but steamed veggies for several days and get No BM from the steamed veg. But then the next week I keep it all raw veg and I have full BM ‘s?

    Yes I definetly lean toward the constipation end of things but feel bloated with raw veg. And not with cooked veg.
    If we cooked our veggies is there anything in that veg that the body tries to get rid of as waste to put into a BM movement or is all of it absorbed into the body even the broken down softer cooked fiber?

    • Hi Aly,

      I’m not sure. My guess is that the cooking softens and breaks down the roughage (i.e., aggravating fibre), such that bowel movements currently dependent on roughage are no longer triggered.

      I understand that roughage helps you release stool, but if roughage also causes bloating, I would do GAPS, implement GAPS’ approaches for reducing constipation, and slowly heal your body while building your internal probiotic population for long term relief and wellness.

      You might find more information of interest via the Fiber Menace site:

      All my best,

  72. Him two years ago my daughter went on a gluten free diet due to diarherre – an intolerance to gluten and recently discovered intolerance to egg and dairy too. The journey has been up and down because since then her bowels have been better but still unpredicable and all over the place. I feel like I am obsessed with her bowel movements! She is now 5 years old and we have just heard of GAPS and eased our way into full GAPS and planning on doing intro when the time is right for us all, hopefully after christmas. We ate quite similar to full GAPS so it hasn’t been a huge dramatic change for us but there are still things that are different like cutting out ALL grains etc. So we’ve been on Full gaps for over a week and her bowels are terrible. Trying not to get discouraged!
    My big questions is – how many biokult probiotic tablets do i give her??

    • Hi concerned mum,

      Yes, crazy bowel changes are totally normal in early healing. Good for you for breathing through that!

      If you are using Bio-Kult capsules, a five year old will ultimately take about 4-5 capsules per day. However, for her comfort it is critically important to start with far less than that, and to work up very slowly. I suggest starting with 1/10th of a capsule per day (open it up, sprinkle about 1/10th out, close the capsule, store the capsule in a closed jar in the fridge until the next dose), and increasing by 1/10th capsule each week for the first while (you may be able to increase by more and more as time goes on).

      All of this info and more can be found in your GAPS Guide book pages 104-110.

      All my best,

  73. Hi I have M.E and Fibromyalgia, the symptoms are chronic fatigue, weak appetite and digestion, acid reflux, constipation. I have been on full gaps for about a week and I’m using yoghurt and sauerkraut.

    I feel all of my symptoms have got worse, is this “die off”?

    I see GAPS diet is mostly for psychological disease, but has this diet actually cured anyone of Chronic Fatigue?


    • Hi John D,

      Yes, GAPS has helped many people resolve symptoms of chronic fatigue/ME and fibromyalgia.

      It is quite common for symptoms to become exacerbated in periods of intense healing. However, I would like to propose several considerations for you:

      1. In the GAPS Guide book, I propose a gentle, methodical transition to GAPS. This is to support you physically, emotionally, psychologically, and practically.

      2. In the GAPS Guide book, I also strongly recommend that people not include probiotics from Day 1, but rather: Do the gentle transition, then enjoy Full GAPS for some weeks, then start Intro with just Intro food, and after the first wave of die-off has passed, introduce just one teaspoon per day of one probiotic source. One week in is very early to be using both yogurt and sauerkraut, and may be too much for your body at this point.

      3. In the book, I also recommend daily bowel movements, daily detox baths, etc. These are critical to feeling well throughout healing.

      4. In her FAQ document, Dr. Natasha newly offers additional tips for people with ME and/or fibromyalgia. That document is linked to from this blog’s Support for You page.

      5. To meet others who have recovered from ME and/or fibromyalgia, please join and post to one or more of the GAPS email lists, as listed on this blog’s Support for You page.

      All my best,

      • Thanks you for your reply, I will stop the probiotics for now and follow your steps. By the way, can probiotics also exacerbate psychotic symptoms?

        • Hi John D.,

          Die-off (including that initiated by probiotics) can indeed exacerbate psychotic symptoms (as well as any other symptom).

          If one is taking medication for psychotic symptoms, it is strongly recommended to continue the medications for many months, while beginning the healing with GAPS. Only after much healing has been established would one begin, under the supervision of their doctor, to very slowly reduce the medication by very small increments -and see how one does at each slightly reduced dosage.

          Two additional wonderful resources for people dealing with gut imbalance manifesting most strongly in disorders of the mind are: and

          All my best,

  74. I’m curious to know if anyone has been so sensitive that they could only have none broth, without the ACV? I ate roughage and bang…acid reflux so bad they put me on the heaviest dose of medication and then doubled it. I’m just getting going. I’ve tried to find somewhere online where people had problems even eating, but haven’t found any yet.
    I’m thinking I might have ti start a blog so I can be the first one to share my experience.
    If anyone knows of anyone, I would love to hear.

  75. After a year on the diet I cheated a bit with potatoes and chick peas sometimes. I have been off Zyprexa for 2 months only. My problem is that I was not eating and drinking enough, as a result I became very sick with high anxiety. I started the intro diet that calms a lot. This is the third time where I get sick from a lack of adequate food and this time with dehydration too. I am on the second day of the first stage to calm myself. I have an autoimmune disease too, but very mild. Please give me some advice on how long should I stay on the intro again before I feel better again. I am overmethylated and treating with vitamins by a doctor.

    Thank you,


  76. Preparing for this new GAP journey. My son started having seizures at age 5. Now at age 9 he is struggling with dyspraxia and learning difficulties. We have tried Doug Kauffman diets, gluten free, grain free etc. He has made some progress as far as getting rid of candida and yeast overgrowth, but we are still finding symptoms of leaky gut. Praying that this will be the final step in his healing.

    • Dear Kim: May your son have full wellness!

      I believe there is a very strong chance of major improvements for your son via GAPS. My own son (now 9) did SCD and later GAPS, with phenomenal improvements under both. He still has some issues: his speech sometimes has a form of stutter, he has some learning difficulties (hard to quantify since I pulled him out in favour of homeschooling), and some issues with self-regulation (he is regularly tense where other kids are relaxed). So it doesn’t cure everything. But his gains through diet, detailed in GAPS Guide 2nd Edition, were stunning, and he continues to gain now through other means (EMDR, learning self-regulation techniques).

      I’m excited for you to see what else comes for your dear son!

      All my best,

  77. Woohoo!!!!

    DO NOT MISS THIS ARTICLE IF YOU WANT TO FEEL CONFIDENT ABOUT GAPS DIET FOR OUR HEALTH! Maybe our medical community will start listening to humans next now that mice are letting them know this works!

    Bacterium Reverses Autismlike Behavior in Mice

    Findings support idea that the gut’s microbiome has a role

    By Sara Reardon and Nature magazine

  78. Baden,
    Thank you for your encouragement……….. You mentioned your son and tension. We started working with a perceptual motor therapist about 5 months ago. At the beginning of the therapy my son was using 90% of his energy to move any one muscle. We have seen great results with my sons relaxation. I have not seen major results with speech just yet, but have heard of other families having great results with stuttering. Hope this helps. 🙂

    • Dear Kim: You’re most welcome, and thank you very much back! I will definitely look into the perceptual motor therapy for my son’s stutter (pauses between words, effort at speaking). Great!! Sometimes I think I might try EMDR for it, too. Sometimes the speech issue is almost gone and then I forget. This past week or so it’s been more pronounced. It affects him socially, as people find it hard to wait to the end of the word or sentence. Thanks for sharing with me what you’ve found out!

  79. Has anyone successfully implemented the GAPS for hashimoto thyroiditis. I want to start GAPs to my teenage daughter, but i have read that since the carbs are not enough on this diet thyroid and adrenals will not do good on this diet. Is it true ? please advise

    • Dear NU,

      I’m sorry to say I have little to no information about the impact of this program on hashimoto thyroiditis. I knew I had heard something about it, though, so did a search in my blog’s comments. Eight different people have written to me over the last four years to say they are diagnosed with this and were trying GAPS. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard from anyone about their results, tweaks they made to the program to accommodate any special needs relating to the diagnosis, etc.

      However, when I just now Googled the phrase gaps hashimoto thyroiditis, several great results came up! So please do try this, too.

      My search results page:

      One of the great resources:

      Awesome detailed post:

      You might also do this: On my website’s navigation (right hand side), go to the page Support for You. On there, find the email support lists. Choose one to join. Because many people on those very busy lists are not able to read all posts, be sure to put the words hashimoto thyroiditis in your first email’s subject line. In the body of the email, ask what people’s experiences have been.

      NU, I hope these two leads prove helpful to you!

      All my best,

  80. I have been following the GAPS protocol for about 3 months now. I did just order the GAPS guide because I feel like I’m stuck, I should be getting it in the mail tomorrow. I’m confused on one big issue for me and that is constipation. I feel like I’ve gotten conflicting information. I am in stage one and was doing really well on chicken, chicken broth, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli. I have had daily bowel movements on my own for almost the entire 3 months. I tried to introduce onions earlier but got bloated. Then, I tried to introduce them again last week and I got post nasal drip, painful sinuses and now this week I’m constipated. I’m not sure whether to stop with what I’m eating or keep trying to move forward. I feel so lost. 🙁

    • Dear Melissa,

      I’m so sorry for the delay in responding. It’s really awful when we’re trying to figure it out and feel lost…and then receive no answer! As you may have already noted in other comments/replies, I had stopped receiving notification of comments. I’ve now committed to checking directly at least once a week.

      Your situation is surely resolved by now, but in case anyone else has a similar question: Whatever you were doing well on, continue with that. Add a new food or supplement about every four days. If you react to the newest one, take that out of your program. Jump forward to the next food in the Intro progression. As you received the 2nd Edition shortly after you posted, you no doubt found that information in there 🙂

      All my best,

  81. Ok let me give you more of a complete plan of what I’ve done.
    August I started GAPS stage 1 with chicken broth for 3 days, then did chicken and broth for another couple of days, added in broccoli. Started a probiotic water and started having daily bowel movements! Added in carrots and cauliflower no problem. Tried adding onions and I got really bad gas and my nose mucous membranes started to bleed more than usual. (I’ve had a lot of issues with those membranes in particular) Hand to go through a lot of gas and bloating but made it through.
    October,Tried adding an avocado next because I know that squash had stopped me up in the past. It went ok but I was unsure if I was having symptoms so I stopped eating it.
    November, I went to see my naturopath for some follow up blood work (which looked better), he had me do a parasite cleanse and started me on a tea for my liver function. I finished the cleanse and decided I needed to up my fat content but was scared to use butter or ghee yet so I went with coconut oil. I stepped up on it and was doing 3 teaspoons per day. All was going well so I thought that I would try the onions again. Started with a small amount and worked up to about a Tablespoon, at this amount the next day I seemed to notice a lot of phlegm in my nose and pain. Thinking it was some kind of die off I pushed on. After two or three days of this I stopped with the onion. Now about a week after first trying onions I have had no bowel movement on my own. My first in three months. I’m pretty bummed and not sure what to make of it. I did do an enema because I read that not having a bowel movement is really bad for you, I’m just unsure how to progress further after having success before. Some things I’ve read say if constipation returns go to the step before, other stuff seems to say keep moving it may just be temporary.
    1. Should I keep moving?
    2. How do I know if I am reacting to a food that I shouldn’t have or am having die off?

    • Dear Melissa,

      I just replied (with apologies) to your previous comment, but in case anyone else is hoping for answers to this kind of question:

      I’m very hopeful that by now things are sorted out for you, especially as you would have received your copy of GAPS Guide (2nd Edition) shortly after posting.

      It’s really important that we start the program by not starting the program 😉 I strongly encourage everyone to get a copy of my Guide and read through all of it before taking a first step. This can prevent a whole host of issues -physical, financial, stress, etc.

      In the Guide, I encourage you to stop a food that brings a reaction (in this case onions), avoid coconut oil for a considerable amount of time (because of increased die-off), start with fat from the inside of an animal’s body, and when the time comes start with only a tiny amount of coconut oil and work up very slowly. In the 2nd Edition I also speak to the matter of food reaction vs die-off, a larger strategy to constipation, and so on.

      Melissa, you’ve since received your copy, so you know all of this now 🙂 For anyone else reading, please do read the whole Guide before taking your first steps. It really helps!

      All my best,

  82. Dear Baden,

    Has anyone ever been healed of harm ocd, where they have intrusive, violent thoughts that they hate, by doing GAPS? It may sound silly to people, but the Lord revealed to me that I do not have a mental illness, so I’m wondering if the real problem is in my gut.

    If you aren’t sure about my questions, would you kindly forward them to Dr. McBride? You have no idea what this would mean to me. I would do anything to get the thoughts and anxiety to stop. I can’t take it any longer. I used to be so happy and free, but I’ve been very sick and on antibiotics for almost my whole life of almost 32 years.

    • [This response was originally emailed to Katie Nov 21, as my site broke shortly after Katie had posted.]

      Dear Katie,

      First, I am SO SORRY you have been suffering like this! That is truly a long time to suffer, and such an intense and difficult form of suffering. I’m glad you have also—in the past—known happiness and freedom, because then you know what is possible! You can experience that again.

      I remember that you and I chatted on the site before, in July.
      Here’s what I want to share with you today:

      1. Yes, people have healed of harm-OCD—of intrusive, violent thoughts they hate—by doing GAPS as well as by doing related programs.

      2. Your comment does not sound silly to me. It’s a great question!

      3. I don’t believe in “mental” illness, as though the brain is separate from the rest of the body. I believe all symptoms—whether in the brain or elsewhere in the body—arise out of gut bacteria. From that perspective, all symptoms are physical. The brain and its chemicals are just as physical as our pancreas and feet 🙂 Your symptoms are not your fault, nor something you can control by thinking differently.

      4. The healing via GAPS takes some time. As you will note in my 2nd Edition of GAPS Guide or on my website posts (when those are available again), the body will decide which symptoms heal first, second, third… and which will heal in the first day, after a month, after the full two years. So, you could start GAPS yet still be stuck with this symptom for some days, weeks, or months, or even close to two years.

      5. As you know, such thoughts can be dangerous. This does not mean YOU are dangerous or bad or flawed. It means the tricks your body’s chemicals are doing are dangerous, to you and to others.

      6. Because this symptom can be dangerous to you and others, I strongly recommend getting immediate medical attention for them. Dear Katie, I had such thoughts and I got medical attention for them. This is important. The important thing today is not GAPS, nor “healing through alternative means”, nor anything else. Right now, what’s important is the safety of YOU and of others. So, just do that for now. Just get that symptom resolved as quickly as possible—by any safe means—so that you and others are safe 🙂

      7. Once this symptom is resolved through emergency medical means, you can then start to explore GAPS. You can continue the emergency medical care—for example, any necessary medication—while doing GAPS. I talk about that a bit in the book.

      In my journey, dear Katie, it went like this: I had those thoughts, and lots of other symptoms too. I went to a doctor who was world famous for his work with such symptoms, through natural means (Abram Hoffer). Even though he knew natural means could heal these symptoms, he still prescribed me emergency medication to take until my body could start healing. I took it. It was a relief. Then, everyone (including me!) was safe. Then I began my bigger healing journey, including GAPS. Today I am well, symptom-free, and require no medication. So, GAPS is a great and on-target path, yes! But sometimes those of us who need GAPS first need emergency medical help. That’s what Dr Abram Hoffer believed, and that’s what I believe.

      My thoughts and prayers are with you, Katie. Hold on to that hope! It’s well placed and justified. You can get well. Use every resource available. Emergency hospitalizations and medications are just fine while you begin your larger healing journey.

      Lots of love to you…

  83. I just wanted to let others who experience intrusive thoughts know that if you hate/fear the thoughts, you aren’t going to act on them, even though you worry you will. I just wanted to say that, because anyone with these thoughts will freak out after reading the above comments on them being dangerous. 🙂

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