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Questions? Need Help Now? – Online instructions to finding answers to most of your questions, without having to wait for a reply! See: Questions? Need Help?

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Getting Started – The most recent option among the GAPS support groups, this email list is a great place for those new to GAPS. Offering defined posting rules and an assurance that all topics are GAPS related, this one is very focused which is especially helpful to those just starting to wade through the information available. To join the “GAPSdiet” group, add your email address to the box here.

Implementation – There is a wonderfully supportive email list (plus files and potential for phone buddies) for those doing GAPS. Note: In honour of the incredible diversity of this truly international group, this list involves no political or religious content. It offers practical and emotional support in implementing the program. To join the “GAPShelp” group, click here.

Addiction Recovery – Folks recovering from addiction (food, alcohol, drugs, etc) with the help of or in conjunction with GAPS are so far connecting via the comments section of this blog’s ‘Addiction’ post, found here. If at any point someone sets up a site or forum specific to addiction recovery, the link will be offered both here and in the post referenced.

Los Angeles – Besides live consultations, Nutritional Therapist and Certified GAPS Practitioner Liz Voosen offers a meetup group and real-time online GAPS Support Group. See:

New York City – Email list with intention of live gatherings in future. Email to

Olympic Peninsula GAPS Diet Support – Facebook, plus live meetings in Port Angeles. See:

Sweden – The GAPS Sweden Facebook site is “growing every day and our members are very active and enthusiastic.”

Worldwide Meetup Group – A forum for finding people and food in your area, as well as live meetings for those in New York City.

Other – Some folks doing GAPS wish to connect with others to discuss the program in relation to topics such as addiction recovery, faith, politics, wider research efforts, etc. Whatever your “off topic” interest, just ask on your chosen support list(s) for a referral to a group supporting discussion in those interests. Note: As not all members have the time to read all posts, be sure to use a very specific and relevant subject line.

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  • Attend GAPS forums at Weston A Price Foundation conferences
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  • New York City – Meetup group with live presentations/meetings, plus online resources:

Recipes & Menu Planners

For recipes and recipe sources, click here.

Weekly GAPS menu planners are offered by Sarah Schatz.
(If you are avoiding even some GAPS ingredients, ask Sarah for additional help.)

Research Support

Wondering why a given food is on the “Avoid” list? Wondering which foods are acceptable and which ones are not? Wondering what Dr. Natasha has said about arthritis or vision impairment? For research support, please click here.

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Financial Supports

A nutrient-dense diet is more costly than the Standard American Diet. Also, when a person is very ill, her ability to work full-time or at all is impacted. Even where a family member can work, low wages can set a barrier to how many children can be supported to heal. Thus, in GAPS Guide 2nd Edition, I post financial options.


For encouragement, read accounts of recovery here and, for longer versions, in GAPS Guide. Also, in January 2013, Dr Natasha released a compilation of additional recovery stories in her book called GAPS Stories.

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Starlene maintains a chart of audio and visual interviews regarding GAPS. To view and access these interviews with various parents who’ve implemented GAPS with their children, Dr Natasha, etc, click here.

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GAPS Blogs [Updated November 12, 2012]

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123 Replies to “Support for You”

  1. I have recently purchased the two books. I noticed that S boulardii is recommended for yeast. Has anyone had experience taking it and are there any side effects. I am not able to take brewer’s yeast – it causes bloating and gas. Would boulardii have the same side effect?
    Also, I have been suffering from terrible skin outbreaks, especially in my crotch. I cannot sit down because of the extreme discomfort.
    Can anyone give me advice on this. I am doing the bone broth and fat and I try to stay away from carbohydrates. Thanks so much for any advice from people with similar skin conditions. Lori Tucker

    • Hi Lori,

      Yes, many people on our support list have tried s boulardii and I personally have tried it twice. When ordering from or, you will receive a very detailed hand-out about it. In short, though: S Boulardii is great for killing off excess Candida. S Boulardii is different from other yeasts, including brewer’s and will not have the side effects others have. Boulardii is very potent, though, so do expect significant die-off from it. I recommend doing the GAPS intro, then full GAPS for at least three months before determining whether you feel the need for this additional support. When starting boulardii, start with just a pinch and see how it goes. That much for me, very early in GAPS, triggered terrible die-off. However, 1.5 years into GAPS, I could tolerate 2 caps per day just fine, and even at three experienced only a bit of die-off constipation.

      For skin outbreaks, I would do the GAPS program as outlined in GAPS Guide.

      All my best,

  2. I am wondering if you can tell me how to make coconut kefir with as much healing benefit as milk kefir? I really find it hard to force milk kefir down, I hate it so much..I heard Natasha Campbell McBride mention once that you can do it with coconut. Is that true? I have bought some “water kefir” grains (fresh ones) from an internet site which says that milk kefir grains need lactose to feed on, but water grains need other types of sugar. With them I have made a most wonderful, if very alcoholic-tasting, drink. Will these grains make good kefir, and if so, do you need to limit the medium to coconut, or can you use any kind of juice?

    It would be a great help to know!

    Thankyou, from Sophia

    • Hi Sophia,

      Water-based kefirs are great! I haven’t gotten around to making them myself, but yes, their probiotic content is wonderful. Because I haven’t made them, I can’t tell you how nor what range of liquids can be used, but you can

      -Google the topic
      -ask on our support list (lots of members do water-based kefirs)
      -watch the video posted by Angela in the comments section here


  3. Baden,
    Given how difficult the GAPS protocol is, and the signs we are seeing from our teeth turning gray, as the result of some shift in the bacterial residents and eviction notices in the mouth, I am worried about the heavy duty anti-bacterial rinse that the dental hygienist requires before she puts her hands in our mouth. It seems such a harsh chemical bath will undo weeks or months of change in that area. I am going to ask the dentist if we can secure a hygienist who does not require the rinse. Or maybe one who will let us do a pro-biotic rinse!!

    I’ll let you know what we find out. Ann still has the worst gray, it is really kind of funny, but now I am seeing some marbling on my lower teeth.

    There is so much we do not understand.



    p.s. I hope I am putting this comment in the right place.

    • Hi Mike,

      Sure, every place is the right place 🙂
      Oh, actually, I’m going to suggest we keep all the dental posts here:

      My dentist is very supportive of (fascinated with) GAPS, so lets me guide her practice with my son and I to the extent possible. I’ve never had any dentist, though, require a rinse before starting treatment. Interesting!

      Personally, I don’t worry about things that take place occasionally (unless someone is known to be reactive to a given item); I just focus on the day to day stuff. Pre-GAPS I even wittingly put fluoride on my son’s teeth (to avoid extraction, which I felt would be even worse). That proved a positive move and his gut subsequently healed well regardless. (His teeth are now awesome.)


  4. I have recently found out that my son is allergic to the almond flour, is there a substitute for this. As i make all his cakes and cookies with it at present.

    • Hi Tiffany,

      Coconut flour is a great one. I use it a lot because it’s versatile and low-oxalate (important for my son). It’s super fibrous, though, so delay use until a few months into healing, then start with a very small amount and work up slowly. You can search this site (and the net in general) for coconut flour recipes.


      • I am avoiding almond and coconut flour for now due to the high salicylates in them and we started the diet as my eldest started showing typical symptoms of salicylate sensitivity after being able to eat them in previous years. Anyhow, I have found hazlenut and cashew nut flour at I’ve had success in using this the same as almond flour.

  5. I have used dessicated coconut in the past but is coconut flour the same or is it finer? My son can tolerate it but can finds the flavour a bit overpowering when I used the dessicated coconut.

    regards Tiffany

    • Hi Tiffany,

      In my experience, “dessicated coconut” is simply shredded (and dried), while coconut flour is ground and the consistency of any other flour. Coconut flour products still have the taste of coconut, but once we throw in cinnamon (our latest batch of coconut flour cookies), ginger, cloves, vanilla extract, honey, etc, or slather the biscuits with butter, it balances out.

      All my best,

  6. Dear Baden,
    I just read the top half of p. 172 in Dr. Natasha’s GAPS book, and I wondered if she still stood by the statements found there, or if the results from the last several years are showing that the good microbes eventually win and take up residence in the gut wall?

    Also, I just brushed up against the Gerson Therapy diet, and I wondered if Dr. Natasha thought that the vegan aspect of their protocol was a known flaw in their approach?

    I’m going to ask these questions on the gapsdiet webpage also.



    Is there a way to post a comment or thread on your website, or is there a better forum for that, like yahoo groups?

    • Hi Mike,

      Interesting questions!

      Yes, the best place for comprehensive discussion with a wide variety of people (bringing a range of knowledge, information and experience) is the support list.

      All my best,

  7. The whole family started the diet on Thursday. My son, who has autism, has not eaten very much and the pass two days has not eaten more than 1/2 cup of food. Obviously, he is in severe die off. I am concerned about the not eating and getting weak. We have been giving charcoal which seems to help his mood. What else can I do?

  8. Thank you! He is now much better and very hungry! Eating all kinds of good food he didn’t eat before. It was scary though when he lost more than 10% of his body weight in a few days. He’s gaining back nicely now.

  9. Hi Ian,

    Yes, fibromyalgia responds to GAPS. For the mechanisms of GAPS, please read Gut And Psychology Syndrome by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, which goes into that in depth.

    All my best,

  10. Hey, Baden,
    Thanks so much for your willingness to help others!!
    Is stevia and/or Truvia okay to use for those who are afflicted with candida? I have used it on a no-carb diet before with no problem. After the Intro I ate some carrot souffle with honey and had symptoms. No sooner was I clear from that than I had fresh pineapple and my face is a wonder of hives now. I know I can sweeten with stevia without any effect.
    Also, if we’re using plenty of ghee do we need to supplement the cod liver oil with High Vitamin butter Oil?
    Thanks again,

    • Hi Orpah,

      Thanks for your kind words 🙂

      Dr Natasha does not recommend or advocate the use of stevia. Some people choose to use it in an otherwise-GAPS program regardless. Every decision we make about our path is ultimately up to us.

      Of note: In intro, we go without any sweet foods for several weeks. This is helpful for “resetting” the body and our sweet tooth, which in turn allows us to feel happy with vastly reduced amounts of sweet foods. See: (The same process can heal previous reactivities, also.)

      The HVBO is not one of the items Dr Natasha asks us to include. Thus, I would just do the ghee (or, later, raw butter) plus CLO.

      All my best,

    • Hi Lori,

      It works great for these. For more info, please put those diagnoses in the subject line of a post to the Yahoo support group.

      All my best,

  11. Thanks for the suggestion, I did that but, no response, maybe I didn’t put it in the right place. I’m waiting for the book, hopefully it speaks to those issues. I plan on following it anyway since, it should be my best and probably only hope to at least help with my poor digestion issues.

  12. Baden,

    Thanks for all the work that you do helping people get better with GAPS! I have been on the SCD Diet for almost 2 years for Celiac Disease and it got me 80% of the way there… but since adding in a few pieces of GAPS I am getting closer to that 100% healed.

    Love your guide and all that your doing to support the community. I have a blog at where we help people get started on the diet. I was hoping sometime you and I could talk about ways to add value and bring the communities together.

    If you have a moment, shoot me an email. Keep up the good fight and thanks again!


  13. Baden, I ordered my materials from Nutrivene and read Gut and Psychology Syndrome and the GAPS Guide (a great source). I began the GAPs program Oct 7. I am up to a therapeutic dosage of Bio-Kult beneficial bacteria, which includes beneficial E. Coli, and take S. Boulardii, too. For the last week I consistently need to treat bladder pain by taking capsules of the sugar D-mannose to avoid a bladder infection cycle. I understand that D-mannose removes beneficial E. coli from the bladder and it does provide quick relief. I am very careful to not expose my bladder to fecal matter. Do I continue this way for many months? Is this a die-off symptom? At some point will beneficial E. coli cease to reach my bladder where it does not belong? This my hoped-for outcome. Help.

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I am sorry, but I do not know the answers to any of your questions. I suggest a consult with one of the health care workers listed on the ‘book updates’ page.

      All my best,

  14. Baden,

    Thank you so much for all the work you do for others at this site, and for the patient and understanding way in which you address people’s concerns.

    I have bought your book. It is easy to read and understand, which can be a big plus when one is suffering from brain fog.

    I have joined the GAPSdiet group which you refer to above,
    but when I try to join the GAPShelp group I am presented with the following message:

    Sorry, this group is available to members ONLY.
    You are not allowed to access this group.

    Has the GAPShelp group closed its membership, or is there some other problem?

    Thanks again,

    • Hi Richard,

      Thanks so much for all your supportive words!

      The GAPShelp group is still running and still accepting new members. I’m not sure why it would have given you that message. Yahoo is sometimes quite glitchy, so I would just try again. If that doesn’t work, please send me the email address you’d like subscribed (I will keep that post private) and I will send an “invite” to that address -maybe that will work?

      All my best,

  15. Hi Baden, I want to order GAPS Guide and your cookbook Inner Bliss (2 copies of each). I clicked on your link for people from other countries (I’m in Australia) and ended up on a site called Nutrivene. Had to search on their site (it didn’t go straight to the page selling the book) and then it said USA/Canada only. Can you please advise me where I can purchase these books?



    • Hi Filippa,

      Thanks so much for letting me know this. I will check and update my links.

      To clarify: While GAPS Guide is written by me, the Internal Bliss cookbook was developed by several other (very awesome) people.

      Nutrivene is the correct site for purchasing either book. For people in the US or Canada, the site will work. For people anywhere else, is the place to order through. If the order page on either or gives you any difficulty, please contact the folks running those sites. They will very happily help you to complete your order.

      All my best,

  16. We have a child that has had chronic diarrhea for several months. We have been to several alternative medicine doctors and none have given substantial advice.
    Their advice (gluten free/dairy free, etc., etc.) was heeded but no significant improvements.

    After doing another late night of research, I stumbled across the GAPS diet and was encouraged.

    Even though her appetite was very big before we began the diet there was still too much rice and gluten free “fluff” that we had in there that would certainly not fit into the GAPS diet. This food (even though it was organic) obviously wasn’t helping her gut because she still had diarrhea.

    We are in day 3 of the diet and I’m worried about the weight loss. She doesn’t have a lot of extra weight to lose since diarrhea hasn’t helped her gain these past few months.

    I don’t think the fat in the broths is able to be digested yet and may lead to more diarrhea. We’re taking baby steps. I just have so many questions spinning in my head. She has a lot of food allergies and I wonder how we should go about dealing with those during this intro period. She loves broccoli but I think it may be too fibrous for her.

    How does one typically deal with the chronic diarrhea and the GAPS diet?

    • Hi Victoria,

      I’m glad you stumbled across GAPS!

      Three main thoughts:

      1. With chronic/profuse diarrhea, one can (and should) skip the vegetables, starting with just boiled meat, meat broth and animal fats. Continue Stage 1 of intro until the diarrhea resolves, or for seven days, whichever comes first then move forward to Stage 2. When introducing veggies, start with one peeled, deseeded veggie. Carrot or zucchini are usually good.

      2. Weight loss – This is very common, and many people coming to GAPS feel they cannot afford to lose weight. People do lose initially, but then gain back to a healthy balance. For Dr Natasha’s words on this, please see her FAQ page at

      3. The GAPS Guide book will be very useful to you in getting the most common questions answered, taking you through the steps, etc.


      All my best,

  17. Thank you for your reply, Baden!

    I will be ordering the books; however, before they come, could you advise what to do with the abdominal cramping, please? This was already an issue before beginning the diet but it seems to be continuing. I am particularly concerned about this.

    I am encouraged! I do see die-off symptoms happening. There are a lot of mood swings and looking flushed. She is also sleeping much better at night. Bowel movements have gone down to one or two now; however, still very loose.

    I’ve been making an herbal electrolyte drink made from the following:
    • 1 part nettles
    • 1 part red clover
    • 1 part dandelion leaf
    • 1 part rose hips

    Are these herbs typically recommended on the GAPS diet?

    She drinks these during the day along with our 100% grassfed, organic beef broth homemade from either the bones or chunks of meat which I will slightly mince in our blender. She doesn’t like the broth but when the hunger does strike she gobbles it up.

    I’ve also read conflicting information about the fat on GAPS. Some say to skim it off the top of beef broth once the fat begins to “harden”, and others say just drink it while it’s hot. I also wonder if the fat may be contributing to the stomach pain (as we’re still in stage 1). Any advice in that area, please?

    Do you recommend that children also move around as they desire or should they stay in bed during that first round of die-off of phase 1 of the GAPS diet?

    • Dear Victoria,

      I’m sorry that I have no advice specific to abdominal cramping.

      For which items are recommended/not recommended, please see:

      I’m not familiar with any recommendations to remove fat. A few people are unable to tolerate much fat initially. If you suspect this to be an issue, you can remove it for two weeks then reintroduce it, to see the effects at either point. I caution against this, though, as for most people the fat is critical to the healing and is also what will satiate a person, level mood swings, etc.

      Kids should feel free during die-off to do as their bodies dictate, whether run around or rest.

      Please be sure to do the die-off relief baths, a different one every day. These may also help with the cramping.

      All my best,

  18. Hello Baden,
    I contacted a WAPF chapter leader and was referred to your site to see if you could help me with my son. He is 20 months old and he has had digestive problems at least since he was about four months old. I was trying to start him on the GAPS intro diet but I’m not finding a lot that he will eat or at least that I know what to fix him that is okay’d on the intro diet. I’m still just not sure what to feed him. I have not been strict with his diet for this reason. He likes the chicken stock and will eat that fine but he will not eat the chicken meat. He eats eggs, pork sausage, and broccoli. He’s okay with onions and garlic added to his food and he will also drink carrot juice, although I do put a tiny amount of apple and pineapple in it. I also add a small amount of sauerkraut juice to his cooled broth and I give him the baby probiotics. He has gotten worse this past week to the point that he screams off and on throughout the day when he tries to go to the bathroom and he had blood in his stool for the first time that we noticed. I’ve started giving him baby prune food again in order to ease his constipation. We’ve been feeding him prune baby food for over a year and that is the only way he has been able to go to the bathroom. He sometimes wakes up during the night for hours with cramping. He makes a gasping sound from the pain sometimes even while he sleeps. He started doing better when I first started making changes to his diet but when I introduce a new food he has problems. I probably introduce too much of the food at once but he doesn’t seem to get enough variety and starts to refuse eggs, etc. I really don’t know how to implement the diet for a child his age who gets constipated from almost everything he eats. Any advice or recipe ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Tina,

      The problems your son is experiencing are very common. Because GAPS is created to resolve issues like constipation, I recommend following the program as created by Dr Natasha (though I can certainly understand feelings of desperation that lead us to try other fixes, and in emergencies, non-GAPS things are fine). It is important to resolve the problem long term, rather than continue relying on remedies, so you’re on the right track.

      Your son’s diet (ie. that which he will accept) sounds very good, actually. As long as he is getting broth, fats, and at least one meat, that is a good start. He is also getting eggs, broccoli, onion, garlic, carrot juice.

      I wouldn’t worry about variety at this point. The key is to get the system working.

      1. Have you seen a doctor to rule out serious causes of cramping, gasping, etc? Assuming you have, or will do so before reading the rest…

      2. Is your son breastfeeding?

      3. Was there no reaction to the broccoli? Broccoli is very fibrous, and often triggers a reaction (gas, which can be very painful) in people. The same is true for onions and garlic. (In some people, fibre can also trigger constipation.)

      4. What changed in his diet in the week before he got worse? Were the probiotics or sauerkraut juice increased? A new food?

      5. Which of the constipation remedies offered in the GAPS Guide book have you tried so far, and which have you not?

      6. I suggest reviewing the blog posts at: (ie. Might your son eat other meats if they are blended, etc?)

      My first intuition is to do as follows:

      a. Give him epsom salt baths daily. Consider also magnesium supplement, such as Natural Calm.
      b. Every time he goes 24 hours without an independent bowel movement, give him an enema. See the instructions in the GAPS Guide book for special child options for this.
      c. Return to intro, stage 1, starting with only meat stock, boiled meat, animal fats (no probiotics from any source).
      d. Once he is symptom-free for four days, offer one new food.
      e. Check back in with me or one of the support lists.

      All my best,

  19. Hi Baden

    My son is now on Stage 2 and doing really well. Diarrhea stopped, eating casseroles, egg yolks, stock, kefir etc.

    As he is tolerating the food, is Stage 3 ok to commence? Also, adding scrambled eggs which he loves…how many per day in eggs and serves?

    Cheers Baden


    • Hi Andrew,

      So glad to hear from you! I was thinking about your family yesterday and wondering how you were all doing.

      I get shivers and tears when I read of your son’s progress! It is just amazing to read of each family’s progress, so much like my son’s! I remember what a relief and excitement that was for us.

      Yes, do move on to Stage 3. As much as possible, allow each new food or food preparation style (grilling vs boiling, etc) at least four days, to gauge reactions, before trying yet another.

      Regarding amounts… I’m not sure. I wouldn’t make it a new mainstay -I would want to stick with the boiled meat, meat stock, fats, casseroles, etc, as the bulk of the diet. Sometimes what happens is a child who loves, say, scrambled eggs when offered those will start to refuse everything else. Thus, I suggest initially offering them as a “dessert” to a meat/broth/fats meal. If after four days all seems well, offer eggs (plus fat, broth, etc) as a maximum of one meal per day, or as an ingredient in larger dishes.


  20. Baden,
    Am I the only one that gets this excited about Type 4 stools!! 😉 We had our second one with our child today whose energy level is beginning to skyrocket! HalleluYAH! o/

    I am convinced that the power of prayer is more powerful than I ever imagined.

    There is so much that I never learned; things that my parents could not pass on to me because they didn’t know those things either.

    Incidentally, I knew nothing of bone broth until reading about GAPS. I’ve read success stories before from people using supplements but the success stories on GAPS come from eating food–real food–nourishing food.

    There are a few animals we don’t consume because of Scriptural teaching against those. However, a large part of the GAPS diet is clean and I’m thankful that I am learning about food in a new way.

    I’m thankful that you’ve taken the time to set up this site and that you make yourself available to people who have questions. Your kindness and concern shines through in your responses!

    blessings to you,

  21. Hi Victoria,

    lol – Nope, you are certainly not the only one who gets excited about stool changes! 🙂 We sound like a funny bunch, but we know what matters!

    I’m SO HAPPY to hear your child has now had two Type 4s! Awesome!

    It’s certainly fine to remove a few foods from the list to support your family’s needs, in this case your spiritual beliefs. GAPS has a lot of flexibility such that it can work for most people.

    Victoria, I appreciate your kind feedback about my doing the site, etc. It’s comments like these -and the progress of all the children and adults- that keeps me going with it!

    All my best,

  22. Dear Baden,

    I am completely at a loss. I have read your blog for more than a year and am very thankful for all the help you provide. I have searched many sights/links/help groups and really need specific guidance. I would greatly appreciate any advice.

    My daughter (7) has been on full GAPS since April 2010. She started the intro in Jan. 2011 and was making very good progress (added back egg and ghee successfully). She got sick (March 2011) with flu-like symptoms and would experience stomach pain every time she ate even a few bites of food. She would only eat half a hard boiled egg and some steamed carrots with a few tablespoons of broth per day (for 5 days). She was very congested during this period and after the flu-like symptoms started to clear she developed a sinus infection. Soon after the sinus infection cleared she developed a rash on her upper chest that eventually worked its way down to her stomach. It was red and extrememly itchy. I finally realized she was reacting to egg again, so I took it out of her diet. The rash continued for a couple of weeks until I took beef, ghee and the Biokult out as well. Her rash is now almost gone. She has been very constipated during this time (1 bm every few days – she was up to 1 bm per day prior to getting sick). She was also experiencing stomach pain so I have been reducing her foods to those that cause the least discomfort. We are down to chicken, chicken broth, chicken fat and steamed carrots. It has been this way for the past few weeks. She is so hungry sometimes but can’t stand the idea of eating the same food for every meal and snack. Her blood sugar drops so low sometimes she goes into a rage for up to 30 minutes. She takes about 2 tsp. sauerkraut juice before food and 1 Tri-Enza enzyme with each meal. Current supplements are: HMF Intensive probiotic (1 cap total per day), CLO (2 tsp. per day), and fresh garlic. Last week we slowly added in inositol, Cal-Amo and Spanish Black Radish per her chiropractor. While her pain is reduced, she is so much worse than before she became ill. I worry that soon she will become sensitive to even the few foods she can somewhat tolerate at this point. I give her Epsom Salt baths and Magnesium to help with constipation.

    I apologize for the long post. I am wondering how I can help my daughter. Do I stop all supplements for a few days (including the probiotic and sauerkraut juice – both seem to help with constipation) or do I stop most and continue only with the enzymes, Mg and Epsom Salt baths?

    We recently learned her gallbladder is blocked, so I have been giving her small amounts of fresh carrot juice on an empty stomach (morning and mid afternoon) with 1/2 tsp. cod liver oil to help. This seems to help with fat digestion a little. We are really struggling and would appreciate any ideas.

    Thank you very much,

    • Dear Jen,

      I so feel for you both!! This progression sounds like a truly awful, scary and exhausting thing to go through!!

      I think you are right on the mark to get help for her now, before her tolerances reduce further.

      My initial intuition is that your daughter’s situation is more complex than I can provide assistance with. Fear not, though! What I would advise is that you contact one of the GAPS practitioners listed on or via this blog’s ‘Support’ page, including those mentioned in the GG book such as, of course, Dr Natasha.

      Please let us know what you find out and how things progress.

      Jen, I so wish I could help you more. However, I don’t want to say anything standard to a situation that is clearly anything but the usual. I want you to get only the best help in this situation!

      All my best,

  23. I was sending a email and it got lost any I’m am doeing the diet But I’m costpated I’v tryed eating extra fat it helped some but now it has is just undjeded food and very little the last three days. I tryed to take and inama it seamed no mater what I did I couldn’t keep the water in like I usest to I think the impaction I past that tore up every thing in me even my anas and my anas has not healed enuf my liver my kidnnes my blader my body is still toxic. I’ll talk more later. maybe my heah will be straterI wanted talk to some one and tell my story and see somone could hep me.

    • Hi Jane,

      Great, yes – This blog and the other contact options are exactly for that -telling our stories and seeing if someone can help.

      Don’t worry about undigested food at this point.

      Have you applied each of the constipation and die-off relief tips offered in the GAPS Guide book?

      You might also want to post on one of the support email lists -hundreds of people available to chime in- or to use the phone support offered through the GAPShelp one.

      All my best,

  24. Hi Baden
    I feel like I’m not making progress on yeast overgrowth and I’ve read that Dr. NCM says that sometimes an anti-fungal, namely, Nystain is necessary. What do you think? What natural anti-fungals would help along with Nystain.



    • Hi Angela,

      Have you done intro? Have you done GAPS for at least three months? If yes to both, some good anti-fungals are Nystatin, oil of oregano, grapefruit seed extract, cloves, s boulardii (especially from, garlic, pau d’ arco, etc. Start with tiny amounts (a single drop in water, etc), work up very slowly, rotate regularly.

      All my best,

  25. Hi Baden
    I didn’t fully do the intro. I struggled a lot and just couldn’t function at work so I had to abandon the intro and went into the full program but with an anti-candida approach as advised by Dr. Cowan (no sweet veggies, only sour apples, berries, no nuts except almonds, just yogurt and kefir). I’ve been on the diet since mid-January. I keep thinking that I should go back and do the intro but I worry that I won’t be able to function at work. Although since I’ve already been on the diet perhaps the die-off would be less and more doable. What do you think? Do you think my healing will be hampered until I do the full intro? Thanks!


    • Hi Angela,

      Many people move leaps forward via intro. This said, with your having done the first bit even for a short period, then doing an anti-candida version for the past several months, I don’t think it’s necessary to do full intro as prescribed right now. You can always do it later.

      I think at this point (four months in to a very low-sweets GAPS) you could go ahead with adding anti-fungals.

      Yes, die-off (whether from intro or from anti-fungals) will be substantially less with four months of GAPS (any version) under your belt. You will, though, still have die-off. Be sure to follow the tips in the GAPS Guide book for die-off prevention and relief. Anti-fungals are incredibly powerful. I’m in very good health, yet still a single drop of Oil Of Oregano did a whallop on me. Don’t underestimate what a single drop -or partial capsule- of an anti-fungal will do in your body!

      All my best,

  26. Baden,
    I have consulted my GAPS guide and posted on the support group and I’m wondering if you might have some input too. My three year old is three weeks into intro. We are stuck on a modified stage 2 (soup, stews, cassaroles, egg yolks, and avacado). He is mostly constipated with loose stools about every two days. His nightwakings and inconsolable tantrums have increased significantly lately. Today he woke up with a runny nose and is now vomiitng and has diarrhea. I’m feeling overwhelmed–not knowing what’s die-off and what’s a reaction. My husband thinks my son has a tummy bug and that this is not related to GAPS. But in all truth, he is not very supportive of this diet and is not very open to the fact that this could be related. I’m just not sure what to do from here. I don’t want to keep him in these early stages of intro much longer, but do not want to overwhelm his system by incorporating too much too soon. Anyhow, I know you are always busy with questions. If you have any input I would be extremely grateful.
    Best to you

    • Hi Nicole,

      Thank you for letting me know what resources you have already checked in with!

      Regarding the viral-like symptoms, either of you or your husband -or both- may well be correct. In early intro, many people experience cold-like or flu-like symptoms. (Too many for it to be a coincidence.) This could be ‘retracing’ (of previously experienced illnesses), a new random virus just picked up, or die-off. In any case, it’s generally the same things that will help: lots of rest, daily bowel movements (even if the assistance of enemas or magnesium is needed), sipping rehydration/electrolyte drinks, a couple of (different types of) detox baths each day. Whatever the source, it’s a matter of supporting the body to clear things it doesn’t want while adding nourishment.

      In terms of moving forward and incorporating too much, I have this concern for people in relation to probiotics (commercial or food based), powerful foods like Cod Liver Oil, and adjunct therapies such as anti-fungals, but not with food in general. I would keep giving him a new food every four days.

      Please let us know how things develop.

      All my best,

  27. Hi Baden,

    I’ve got an Intro query that I’ve yet to find an answer to; I’ve searched Google and the GAPS Yahoo group but I can’t find what I’m looking for.

    I’d really appreciate if you can help me out; I’m due to start Intro next week but I can’t begin until I know the answer to these questions.

    Please can you tell me how to boil meat?

    How much water should I use? Should I reuse the water as a base for soups? How can I tell when the meat is done? What brand or type of food thermometer should I use?

    Although I’ve yet to start GAPS, I’ve found the GAPS Guide book and your website tremendously helpful in answering many of the questions that came up after reading NCM’s book. Obviously I don’t know you personally and have never met you, but having read your story (in the GAPS guide) and reading your many posts on your website, I have to tell you that you’ve become a great source of inspiration to me. To know that those who have suffered far worse than I do can implement GAPS gives me the belief that I can do it too.

    I believe that GAPS (and diet in general) is the missing link that I’ve been searching for all these years in my struggle to overcome depression, social anxiety and ADD.


    • Hi Alex,

      Welcome to the community!

      1. Boiling Meat – Put meat in a pot. Fill the pot with water. The meat should be at least covered. It doesn’t really matter how much water you put in -it can be just enough to cover the meat or lots more. Bring the water to a gentle boil or simmer. The simmering time will depend on how thick the meat is. You might, for example, simmer a thin piece of meat (eg. a fish fillet) for about six minutes, a chunk of ground beef for maybe thirty minutes, a whole chicken for an hour or so. Simply choose a type and cut of meat then, on the internet, look up the safe cooking time and temperature for that specific piece. To check the temperature, put the base of the meat thermometer through at least two inches of the meat’s fleshy part (not next to a bone).

      At first, cooking meat might feel overwhelming and confusing. (It certainly did for me!) As you read more recipes and practice, you will start getting a sense by sight and time of when meat is done and safe. Be sure to give yourself lots of time and patience to practice, make mistakes, and try again.

      2. Yes, eat the meat in some of that water, and also use the rest of the water -now a ‘meat broth’- with salt added as a drink, as your base for other soups, etc.

      3. Meat thermometers – It doesn’t matter the brand or type. As noted in GAPS Guide, I would just get one that can be recalibrated, which means it should show on its display a boiling and/or freezing temperature.

      Alex, have you done a good long transition to GAPS before starting intro? ie. Have you been following the steps in your GAPS Guide starting on page 24, and spending at least 2-3 months on that stage? (This is important for making intro as manageable as possible.)

      Alex, I am so glad that my experience is an inpiration to you! It felt scary to share it, so hearing from you and others that it helps in this way is very important to me!

      I’m excited about what you will experience. This said, it can certainly be a bumpy path, so I’m so glad you’ve connected in with us all here and within the email support groups. You’re right on track!

      All my best,

  28. Baden,

    Many thanks for your prompt reply and words of encouragement; I’m no longer confused about how to boil meat.

    I begin intro on Sunday. I cannot wait to get started; I know the sooner I begin the sooner I will get better. I know it’s going to be hard work and rough at times, but I’ve never been more determined to succeed in anything in my life.

    I don’t feel much pressure because I know that I’m bound to make mistakes along the way – it’s a natural part of any learning process. So long as I’m taking small steps everyday, I know I will continue to get better. ‘Small steps every day’ has been my motto for the last 4 years, it’s helped me make progress and remain patient. I learnt a new motto recently that I credit you with; progress not perfection. I find this helps me to calm down if I start to feel overwhelmed with it all or feel that I could be doing more. I have perfectionist and ‘all or nothing’ tendencies, so it’s great to be able to remind myself of ‘progress not perfection’ and calm my mind down when the nagging thoughts start appearing.

    I shall have to learn to cook along the way, but this actually serves as another (albeit minor) motivation for trying GAPS. I’m forced to learn key life skills that I’ve put off learning in the past because I used to see cooking as a waste of time.

    In terms of prep work; I’ve read, watched and listened extensively to all things GAPS for over a year. I’ve thoroughly researched, bought and tested all of the equipment that I require. I’ve moved to a large city and live within walking distance of an organic butchers, organic health food store, and a supermarket which stocks organic produce. I’ve also been eating a high fat diet for over a year.

    That said, I don’t expect any of this to be easy, but then again self discipline is hard work and most things really worth doing in life require significant effort, so I’m not intimidated by that. GAPS is by far the largest pebble in my jar, I am so tired of just existing and struggling to get through most days. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to make GAPS work for me.

    I feel blessed to have found GAPS and this community.


    • Alex…

      Some comments just bring me to tears. Your most recent one is one of those! I haven’t met you, but I’m so proud of you, of all you’ve done so far and of your incredible attitude! Your approach is so clear and balanced. I’m so glad to have you with us all!

      All my best,

  29. Baden, you have been an absolute blessing to us in the past. My little daughter (just turned 10) and has gained 9 lbs in the past 5 months. The Father is good and your traditional food advice is really wonderful!

    At this point, we’re still on intro because I don’t feel comfortable moving yet. When we move onto more things the diarrhea (or just more of a 5/6 stool) begins to return. My daughter always counts this is abnormal and gets nervous about jumping into a newer food.

    At this point we’ve cut out the sweeter veggies. We were doing butternut squash for a while but that didn’t really help her to feel well. I feel like were stuck with broccoli and cauliflower, and all different types of broth, homemade raw goat milk yogurt and ghee that don’t cause any trouble with many other veggies we’ve tried causing other problems.

    We blend the food in broth with veggies sometimes too instead of just consuming it by itself. Do you think that could be impeding things?

    Also, I’ve noticed that the eczema is worse on my other daughter that recently started G.A.P.S.. She used to have problems just on her ankles, but after starting G.A.P.S. she had a full blown case of hives. Her whole system seems more sensitive now.

    Lots of questions….

    • Hi Victoria,

      Good to hear from you… So glad about your daughter’s progress!!

      It’s great you’re holding so steady at a point that’s so healing for your family. What other veggies have you tried and not tried yet? Veggies like zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers, eggplant, etc, tend to be gentle for many people and provide so much variety in preparation styles, dishes, etc. When one is not able to move forward with these, it generally indicates a need for a boost in healing. Where is your daughter at for kefir or a commercial probiotic?

      As far as I know, broth consumed in any form is fine.

      It’s common to see eczema temporarily worsen in healing. Have you seen this blog’s post dedicated to eczema?

      All my best,

  30. Hi Baden,

    We’re amazed and humbled by the progress our daughter has made as well. Praise the Father!

    I recall discussing with you the fact that I didn’t think that she could lose anymore weight — which was entirely accurate; however, once she began to eat this way (and bone broth especially was VERY new to us), a few more pounds came off but amazingly, they did come back on and much sooner than I ever expected. I think the American diet (and most diets in general) have come so far from what they should be that I’m surprised that there are people actually walking around and breathing long enough to talk about the fact that they just went to the local fast food joint. It’s shocking.

    We have tried zucchini, yellow squash, asparagus, butternut squash, green beans, okra, kale (blended) and a few others; however, none of these veggies provide the “stability” in her stools that broccoli and cauliflower do. She seems to have a very big intolerance to the nightshades (and always has shown this in the past). We can’t do a lot of garlic and onions in our soup as they seem to have proven themselves too sweet for her yet. Perhaps we should keep them more on the raw side?

    We have started more sauerkraut and more yogurt (homemade). She loves ghee — and will tend to over do it if given the opportunity!

    As far as commercial probiotics, we did use Custom Probiotics for a while. Although she enjoyed taking the powder (and we did it for more than a month), I didn’t see enough of a change to keep it up so we just stuck with our homemade “probiotics” (sauerkraut, goat yogurt).

    I would love your insights with this. Cauliflower and Broccoli — although wonderful veggies, are getting old here and although I do introduce some of the old veggies again, these two seem to be ones that we need for now– but then I wonder how long? Should we just push past the softer stools she gets from eating the other veggies. I do (as she does as well) get nervous with any diarrhea-type symtoms.

    I have just taken a long look at the eczema segment that you posted. Thank you for mentioning it! How absolutely interesting. There is so much to learn in this area especially since so many doctors are pushed into telling patients that they’re not sure why it happens and they may or may not grow out of it.

    I like the idea of the two step approach with G.A.P.S. diet (and probiotics) and then the antifungals. This seems very sensible.

    Thank you again for all you do! The support that you give to so many is such a blessing!

    • Hi Victoria,

      You’re very welcome!

      I would never worry about ‘softer stools’. I would go ahead and eat foods that result in these. (Diarrhea is a very different matter.) Even a Type 5 is good. My son’s stools were all over the map in the first months of healing, often the consistency of a (sorry) “smoothie”. He was still healing very well and these resolved on their own.

      Although we may not see changes immediately, things can be helping regardless. This may have been/be the case with the commercial probiotics. Granted, some people report no noticeable results even from high doses taken over a couple of months and certainly none of us wants to waste money on something that’s doing little or nothing; on the other hand, it’s impossible to know what the body is getting up to in there! Where help is needed to expand the diet, I would seriously consider looking at therapeutic doses of a good, multi-strain probiotic. This said, if the issue is merely softer stools vs true diarrhea, I might first explore a wider range of foods.

      I’m curious about your daughter “overdoing” ghee. What do you mean, exactly? Ghee/butter is so wonderful and healing. The fat is great, especially for growing kids. My son has his own jar of it in the fridge and eats it by the tablespoon. I never limit him. He feels much better when he’s eating lots of butter every day.

      Sweet onions are an issue for some. Garlic I don’t know to be a sweet vegetable. Is she perhaps having die-off from it?

      All my best,

  31. Hi.

    I hope it is ok for me to ask questions here – I am new on this page, so forgive me if this is for members or some specific group to get their questions answered.

    I started GAPS/SCD diet two months ago and after two weeks of severe die-off symptoms (headaches, insomnia, bad mood etc) I started to feel a lot better. I had much more energy, started sleeping every night and I felt better overall.

    I didn´t do the intro, as I have ADD and it was really difficult for me to concentrate on reading what was the intro and so on. And as I don´t have any symptoms of diarrhea ore obstipation I didn´t think I needed to do the intro.

    In the meantime I have started feeling much worse again. I still sleep at night, but I am very tired during the day and I have started taking naps again. I introduced probiotics a few days ago and I had so strong die off symptoms that I have stopped them. It also feels like I have started having die off symptoms without the probiotics. I started making yoghurt with yoghurt starter a few days ago – earlier I used to make it with commercial yoghurt.

    I have bought SCD supplements and plan to start taking them, but actually I am seriously thinking about starting all over again with the intro GAPS diet.

    I now eat in the mornings: a big bowl of yoghurt (with apple for taste) a thin slice of nutbread with butter and homemade marmalade, and one or two soft boiled eggs and a cup of very weak tee. The rest of the day I eat mainly meats and vegetables and fat (olive oil, butter, coconut oil, ghee). And sometimes juice made of mainly apples, lemon and avocado. And one or two cups of coffee.

    What would you recommend me to do now?

    As I felt in the beginning (after the first die off symptoms had vanished) this wad really the right thing for me. I felt that the “fog” in my brain lifted and I felt “normal” for shorter or longer moments. It was so wonderful and I am determined to get this right!! I really believe that this diet is my only hope for a (good) life with any quality.

    I am 46 years old and I was diagnosed with ADD 2 1/2 years ago. I also have had many depressions, I have very bad memory and I have been out of the job marked for about 6 years now as I wasn´t able to take care of the job, that I was trained to do. Do you think I can get to function on a “normal” level?

    One more thing (this is not so important) can I lose weight on the diet? I lost a few pounds in the beginning, but it stopped and I have gained a little bit back. I gained weight after having tried ritalin for over a year and I need to loose about 8-10 kilos.

    Thank you very much in advance and thank you for a great site!

    My best wishes


    • Hi Daisy,

      All are welcome here! Thank you for joining us…

      1. It is common to have die-off even before starting probiotics. Removing specific foods will trigger that.

      2. Yogurt will trigger even more die-off. Many people must start with a teaspoon a day for many days before increasing; some must start with even less! With commercial probiotics, the situation is similar. Please see info about starting doses, etc, in your GAPS Guide book. Coconut oil will also trigger a lot of die-off. I recommend that people do not include this for the first 2-3 months, then start with a tiny amount and work up.

      3. Intro is extremely helpful. In the GAPS Guide book, I set out a slow, gentle transition from one’s regular diet to full GAPS, then to intro.

      4. Your current diet is quite good. Congratulations on getting this far! Personally, I would recommend doing the GAPS intro then, when yogurt is introduced, start with a teaspoon and work up. When nut/nut flour is introduced, use it only once a week or so. And unless your body explicitly says otherwise, ensure a high amount of fats.

      5. I do believe you have an excellent chance of achieving a wonderful level of functioning, yes! I was about 36 -and had been very sick for a long time- when I started myself on GAPS. While I’m on it, I do great!

      6. Weight – Generally, people who need to lose weight lose it on GAPS; those who need to gain, gain. Some people do stumble into an issue of gaining again or not being able to lose. This is often due to hormonal imbalances as a result of not doing GAPS properly (for example, too low fat, or lots of nuts or baked sweets), OR stress, OR other life issues. In those situations, a GAPS practitioner can be consulted with to achieve fine-tuning.

      All my best,

  32. This is extremely new (made as of today) which makes it ideal for newbies as well:
    I noticed that there is a serious lack of actual GAPS FORUMS.
    So I took the liberty of setting one up: It has very few members right now as it is minutes old, but I see it becoming a great resource and a more user-friendly interface than the settings that Yahoo! Groups has to offer us. Forums allow for conversations to be more cohesive and organized. I’m hoping that it will become a great resource like the other supports listed here.

    • Hi Summoora,

      Good to have you with us!

      While I won’t be able to respond to all of the comments you’ve posted over the last couple of days, I did want to say, “Welcome!” Also, thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience, care and empathy to me and to various readers/commenters!

      All my best,

  33. Hi Baden.

    Thank you so much for your answer. I have been longing for someone to ask these questions for some time now and finally I found you 🙂

    I have not purchased your book, because I don´t know how to order it from Denmark? I can only see it is possible to order it in USA or Canada. Can you tell me how I can get my hands on The GAPS Guide Book?

    One more question about yoghurt/creme fraiche. As I have made a lot of it and I am not able to eat so much of it at the moment, should it not be ok to use in hot dishes? To make a sauce for instance? I know that the probiotic effect goes off then, but I will be able to have a creme sauce, that I miss now 🙂

    Than you very much again.

    ETA: I have found out how to order now from Nutrivene and I have ordered the GAPS Guide book 🙂

    • Hi Daisy,

      Thank you so much for ordering the book -doing so helps me to help you! 🙂 And based on the questions you’ve asked so far, I believe you will find it very useful.

      Yes, once a product is properly prepared (fermented, etc) for GAPS, it can be used any which way. Yes, in this case the probiotic content will be killed off by the heat, so it could not count as a serving of probiotics, but because it is fermented, it will be free of lactose thus suitable as an ingredient for GAPS.

      All my best,

  34. Hi Baden,
    I understand ‘^_^
    I tend to over-post a bit. By the way, that budding forum I mentioned is . It’s still only around 11 members, but it’s picking up.

  35. Hi Baden, I got your book the other day – very good, and I am looking forward to starting over again with GAPS diet next week with guidance from the book.

    I am a bit desperate though these days. I am feeling so bad and my brainfog is really bad. I have a party to go to on saturday and I have planned to do some entertaining and we are throwing a birthday party for our son, who will be 6, on sunday. I am having big troubles planning and doing all these things for the weekend. I have been on GAPS now for almost three months but I didn´t do the intro. I had a period og die off and then a very good period but now I feel very very bad. The last few days I have had headaches, feeling very tired, and also brainfog and low energy.
    I am eating a lot of meat and vegetables and fat – oils and animalfat. Eggs, a bit of bread and I am taking a break from yoghurt – again, because I am thinking this must be die off.

    Do you have any ideas how I can feel better real quick? Like by tomorrow? 🙂

    Thank you.

    Best wishes


    • Hi Daisy,

      Thanks so much for buying the book -that makes replying here possible!

      Your diet sounds great. My suggestion is to every single day be sure to do a different die-off relief bath, ensure 1-3 bowel movements per day (using an enema if needed), and applying any of the other die-off relief tips presented here: You’ll find additional tips for moving the bowels, etc, in your GAPS Guide book.

      Applying these may well help you feel much better as early as today and tomorrow! For some, an enema, detox bath, or activated charcoal especially do wonders. Bowel movements and the daily, rotated baths are key.

      Hope your son has a wonderful 6th birthday -congratulations to you both!- and that you have a wonderful weekend.

      All my best,

  36. Thank you very much Baden.

    It is really great to get answers so quickly from you 🙂 and thank you for your wishes for the weekend.

    Is there anywhere I can read your story – I mean more thoroughly than in your book? It is at beautiful story and I also feel that I need some encouragement as I feel GAPS diet a bit hard to follow at the moment. I have looked for it here on this site but I haven´t found it. But then again – I have ADHD in severe degree and I have difficulties finding “stuff” on the internet 🙂

    Now I will try an electrolyte drink – but unfortunately I don´t have a bathtub for cleansing baths 🙁

    Thank you again.

    Best wishes Daisy

    • Hi Daisy,

      So far, the GAPS Guide book is the most comprehensive offering of my journey. You might also enjoy some of the audio interviews with adults about themselves and/or their children (some with ADHD) on Starlene’s site here:

      If you have no tub, please do the die-off relief baths as a foot soak in any bucket. (The body absorbs well through the feet.)

      All my best,

  37. Balden,
    How do you condition a stainless steal thermos so the stock/soup does not get a metalic taste?

    do you know of anyone who has had success with GAPS and anorexia?

    • Hi Patty,

      Hmmm… I don’t get a metallic taste with my Thermos, so I’m not sure. I simply add hot or cold water to my Thermos 5-10 minutes before dumping that water and replacing it with hot or cold food.

      Yes, I know of at least two people with some form or degree of anorexia who have had this resolve through GAPS.

      All my best,

  38. Would you have any contact information for those two people with anorexia. We are badly in need of some emotional support and encouragement.

    • Hi Patty,

      I’m sorry -I can’t ever give out a third party’s contact information. I can, though, direct them to your comment and perhaps they will respond.

      If you haven’t already, do consider posting to one of the support lists with ‘anorexia’ in the subject line. This might catch someone’s attention.

      All my best,

  39. Hi Baden. I am very close to beginning GAPS and if my family and I go on this journey it is such a relief to have your guide and this site as a support and resource. Thank you! I must admit however that I am completely stuck on an issue that I cannot seem to get any direct answer for in all the reading I have done. I also sent a general question to “ask@gapsdiet”, with no response. I am hopeful you will be able to provide some insight or send me in the right direction for more in depth reading.

    My son has been diagnosed with an intolerance to ALL fruit utilizing the Carroll Food Intolerance Test. To be clear, the diagnosis is not HFI, nor is the NP calling it fructose mal-absorption, nor is it an allergy to specific fruits. Fruits to avoid include all of the standard fruits (including oils, leaves, & barks from these fruits), palm, olive oil, avocado, cashews, coconut, vinegars derived from fruit, and anything with citric acid. Melons and tomatoes ARE allowed.

    I told the NP we wanted to try GAPS to heal my son’s gut so that eventually these healthful whole foods could be added back in to his diet. The NP basically told me that my son’s food intolerances cannot be eliminated or cured because the intolerance is dna based and he is genetically designed with a fault; thus does not have an ability to produce enzymes to digest the food group….no matter how “healed” the gut becomes.

    Having trouble accepting this I began to dig deeper and ask more pointed questions. I was told that “our digestive enzymes recognize proteins and those proteins are tagging the molecules that come from particular foods. And so it is the protein of the plant which indicates to the human body what the enzyme reaction will be; it is not just the fact that fructose is in the raspberry. For example, there wouldn’t be any fructose in the leaves of the raspberry plant. So, what makes a fruit a fruit? The complex protein of the plant which is coded in the dna of that plant makes it what it is.”

    We’ve had my son off fruit for a year and have seen some improvements, however he still wheezes and is prone to RSV-like symptoms and ear aches with each cold….so avoidance of fruit is not completely working. Which is why I was so interested in trying the GAPS diet….thinking there must be more going on. Because there is so much fruit in the GAPS diet I am very conflicted. Will I be giving my son food that is toxic to him? Can the GAPS diet be modified for a fruit intolerant person? I really wish Dr. Zeff & Dr. Campbell could have a debate and talk about this issue specifically, hah! Anyways I’m very stuck and could sure use a second opinion.

    Thanks in advance for your response!

    • Hi Karen,

      Sorry for the delay in my response…

      Personally, in the case of anything that does not trigger -and is not suspected to trigger- an anaphylactic reaction, I would proceed with the program as presented. We’ve seen incredible results on this program, for seeing lifelong, “incurable” allergies resolved. (Please see the top of page 60 in your GAPS Guide book.)

      I have a deep love for the field of naturopathy and deeply respect the work of many in it. At the same time, many NDs and other health practitioners -both conventional and alternative- are finding previous understandings to be proving no longer true. Of course, I can’t comment on the response of a genetic condition (though we have seen these also helped very much by dense nutrition).

      Personally, I would go for it. I would start with an intro free of the foods you’ve listed above -going for meat, animal fats, broths, veggies, then eggs, and so on. Monitor how he does. If you see improvement in his general health, and the testing of fruit is not a threat to his life/health, try a small amount of oil, working up from there.

      I will be very curious to hear about his progress!

      All my best,

  40. Hi Baden.

    I have how started the intro diet, phew, and I have a few questions.

    1) Am I supposed to drink water and take probiotics first thing in the morning, or should I drink vegetable/fruit juice first thing?

    2) What about meat stock – do I drink that only during the intro or is it meant to be a part of everyday diet during the whole full diet time?

    3) And then there is the dairy question.

    I have the revised and expanded sample af GAPS Diet, edition published November 2010. Second reprint March 2011.

    I get a bit confused, wether I need to stay off dairy products for 6 weeks and then introduce them carefully, or if I can start eating dairy products now. I have not noticed any problems eating them earlier and I have not had a break for 6 weeks and then introduced them.

    I hope you can answer me soon.

    Thank you very much.

    Best wishes

    • Hi Daisy,

      Congratulations on starting intro!

      1. It will be several weeks before you reach the juicing stage (unless for constipation). For now, you will have your water and probiotics in the morning (though please see my note about that in your GAPS Guide book, top of page 41).

      2. Drink several cups of meat stock every day during intro, then at least one cup per day after intro.

      3. The matter of dairy is different for everyone -some do better with it included; some do best leaving it out for at least six weeks. The catch is, we often don’t know if any given food is a problem for us or not until after we’ve taken it out for at least two weeks then tested it. (About this, in your GAPS Guide book please see the last two Q&As on page 57.) Thus, with rare exception I recommend starting intro without dairy and leaving it out for at least two weeks before testing a high fat one like butter. Basically, I still recommend most people follow the dairy guidelines presented in -or with the insert received with- their GAPS Guide book.

      All my best,

  41. And while I´m at it 🙂 – do you know if fermented dairy is as good probiotics as fermented vegetables. I really don´t like for instance sauerkraut 🙁 but I love the yogurt and sour creme…

    Thank you in advance

    Love Daisy

    • Hi Daisy,

      Twenty-four hour fermented dairy is an excellent source of probiotics, and kefir has the added benefit of helpful yeasts. This said, I like to use both fermented veggies and fermented dairy as I imagine I may be getting a wider range of bacteria that way. Also, fermented veggies offer a different range of vitamins, as well as excellent enhancement for the stomach acid so needed for good digestion.

      Try different sauerkraut recipes -they can each taste so different! (If you do a search on my blog for ‘fermented veggies’, a pdf of three wonderful ones will come up.)

      While I loved sauerkraut right off the bat, I couldn’t stand the yogurt -for me, it was only an acquired taste. I hung in there only for the benefits and soon loved it! Maybe the same will hold true for you in relation to sauerkraut 🙂

      All my best,

  42. Hi there,

    I have read the GAPS book and I am still a little unsure about a couple of things and am hoping you can help answer them for me.

    My little boy is 16 months old today 🙂 He is unvaccinated, had a 100% natural waterbirth and is still breastfeeding like a trooper. I am unsure if I can do the introduction diet while I am still breastfeeding him. I know the book says to do the full diet but I was wondering if the intro is ok considering his age?

    During the last trimester of pregnancy and the first 3 months after birth I took Metagenics Ultra Flora LGG which contains Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG. which I thought would help give my son a good start and help to prevent eczema (which I have). But 2 days before he was born I started taking a week long course of antibiotics as I had an infection in 2 teeth which were very painful so I went to the dentist and had them drained, antibiotic placed in the tooth, then filled (later to have a root canal). After reading the GAPS book I am very concerned that those antibiotics would have killed all the good bacteria in me and therefore my baby didn’t get all the ‘good stuff’ at birth. I asked my dentist about this and he said the mucus forming antibiotics that he gave me would not have killed flora in my gut or birth canal. What is your experience in this situation?

    This leads me to the next question. How do you test my son, husband and I to see what the state of our gut flora is?

    I plan to breastfeed my son for as long as I can and thankfully he shows no signs of slowing down but I read the examples of problems showing up after finishing breastfeeding so I’d like to know for sure what his gut flora is like and what the tests involve.

    As I mentioned I have eczema and have had since I was a baby. I would very much like to get rid of it forever. Would I still see results on the full diet if the intro is not appropriate for me?

    Thanks very much for your help.

    • Hi Jay,

      As you’ve noted, Dr Natasha’s recommendation is to skip intro and do only full GAPS while breastfeeding. One concern some mothers have shared is that of a reduction in breastmilk upon doing intro. These noted, I myself did intro (due to not having this information at that time) while nursing my 3.5 year old. It worked out beautifully. He nursed until he weaned himself a few months in, and neither of us experienced any problems. He was at that time eating solids as well, so he was not dependent on breastmilk. You can read blogs of other women who did intro while nursing. Off hand, I can’t remember who did this, but you can check the blogs listed here: (Scroll way down, and be sure to check those under the section for ‘GAPS Blogs Specifically Covering The Intro Journey’.)

      I totally understand your concern about the antibiotics. Without knowing about GAPS, I tried so hard to do everything “just right” in my pregnancy, but my son was born prematurely and was exposed to lots of antibiotics before, during and after birth. Unfortunately, it’s hard (impossible?) to say what will affect us and how, and what remedies might be needed. I’m not personally familiar with tests that show the state of one’s gut flora. Some readers have referred to tests that state they are absent in one bacteria or inundated with another. Ultimately, though, upon spending the money to hear these results, they generally just go on the GAPS program as-is anyway. That is, the program doesn’t change based on what flora each person is low or high in. Personally, I would skip the testing, do the GAPS program as presented, and observe the results. If after 3-6 months, you feel a more focused approach is necessary, you might follow the tips listed in the GAPS Guide book under ‘Progressing Further’.

      Many people see excellent gains on full GAPS alone. Some people choose to leave it at that; others choose to do full GAPS for a year or so before doing a round of intro for even deeper results.

      All my best,

  43. Hi Baden,

    My wife, Angela and I are parents to our beautiful 10 month old daughter, Maya.

    Maya has been in ill health for some time. We started noticing small flecks and streaks of blood in her stool starting at 6 months. It has become progressively worse now that she is 10 months old. It climaxed over the holidays with us at the emergency ward due to ongoing bloody diarrhea and severe weight loss. She has not grown in 2 months and she started off 50% in weight at birth, now hovering around 10-15%. At this time, she is not able to digest most foods and the doctors and specialists at the hospital are not able to help her due to their protocol to prescribe hypoallergenic infant formulas (main ingredient: glucose syrup). Maya can not tolerate any infant formula, including all the hypo allergenic brands which cause bloody diarrhea 3-4 times daily, rash and weight loss etc. etc.

    We discovered the GAPS diet which has been the only thing that has stabilized her. We found within 24 hours, her stools almost completely cleared up. Her rash is now gone, she has solid stools with only a little blood remaining. She is smiling again, sleeping much better and looks like she is putting weight on very slowly again. What a miracle!

    We are fortunate enough to find a doctor who specializes in digestive disorders here in Australia and who more closely matches Maya’s needs and acknowledges the GAPS diet over commercial infant formula. This doctor suspects it may be a parasite infection which is the root cause of all the food intolerances and colitis. We are waiting for test results (this test uses DNA in the stool to determine what parasites are in the gut) from a lab in the US coming back at the end of this month. If it is indeed a parasite or parasites, we’ll need to consider what path to take at that time since Dr NCM doesn’t recommend antibiotics for the gut.

    We are confused with some of Maya’s symptoms. We have just completed day 13 of stage 1 Intro diet. Maya is consuming strictly, 24 hour chicken stock, chicken fat, some stewed pumpkin, zuchini and carrots. We have also worked up to 4 tsps of home made fermented cabbage juice per day, 1 capsule of BioKult perday, and fermented cod liver oil.

    Day 3 she was very lethargic. We understood the symptoms and let it play out. Day 4 to 6 she was very hungry, in better spirits, and she regained what she lost during her last episode of bloody diarrhea. We increased the fermented cabbage juice today to 4 tsps and she looks somewhat bloated and was gassy so we will hold it at 4 tsps per day. This has passed and we are now at about 6 tsps of fermented cabbage juice per day.

    What has been confusing has been her stools. We saw significant improvement in the amount of blood in the stool from days 1 to 4. From days 5 to today it’s been more bloody again with intermittent diarrhea, then solid (mash potato-like) stools again. However, we are noticing overall increased digestion and absorption since we first started as she no longer has undigested pieces of food coming through. It’s just the blood with intermittent diarrhea. Is this a retrace symptom? Can detoxing cause the blood and colitis to return, along with the diarrhea as part of the healing process? We have not introduced anything new into her diet. We called Dr NCM in Cambridge and Peter (Dr NCM’s husband) told us it might be ulcerative colitis and it can takes months for the blood to go away. Our doctor disagrees as he believes UC is rare in infants.

    It’s scary seeing the blood again but if it is a normal part of the healing process, we will be patient with it. We just need some reassurance. Does this sound right to you, or is there a reason for concern? How long should we expect the blood to continue?

    I apologize for the very lengthy message but my wife and I are at our wits end and don’t know what to expect or how to proceed. Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated.


    • Hi Robin,

      Wonderful to “meet” your family, and wonderful to hear of Maya’s results to date!

      Upon reading just the opening of your post, my first thought was “ulceritive colitis”. However, I’m not a health practitioner so cannot speak much to this. In any case, you might be very encouraged by this article, sent to me by dear Jodi who resolved many intense symptoms including bleeding:

      Some thoughts:

      1. Most people should be on Stage 1 only 1-3 days. A person with Maya’s original symptoms would be on Stage 1 longer, but only seven days max. It is time to move forward. The additional foods bring important nutrients, not to mention variety for psychological support.

      2. For a ten month old this early in the program, one capsule of BioKult plus fermented juice is a LOT. In the GAPS Guide book, my recommendations are very different than this. In there, please do review the ‘Probiotic’ section, as well as the note at the top of page 41.

      3. It is normal for stools to vary for the first few months. On different days they may be loose, more solid, “perfect”, more frequent, mushy, containing mucous or some undigested food or some fat, etc. All of this is fine. Blood -or diarrhea to the point of risking dehydration- is not. Unfortunately, I don’t have any more information about the management of blood -again, as I’m not a health practitioner, it’s outside of my realm of experience and knowledge. If Dr Natasha says it can take months for the blood, in this situation, to stop, I respect that knowledge. In terms of what others have directly experienced, you might want to also connect with folks on the (free) support lists. There are folks on the GAPShelp one, for example, who’ve resolved this symptom (whether diagnosed as part of UC or not), thus will be able to tell you what their experience was, what helped them, etc.

      Please let me know, Robin, how things progress.

      All my best,

    • Thank you so much for your insights and help, Baden. We’re seeing our GP today to review the Metamatrix stool test that gives an analysis of her gut flora based on DNA found in the stool. From what we’ve seen in the fax they sent us, there are no pathogenic bacteria/yeast… so that’s a relief but it still doesn’t explain the blood.

      We suspected UC as well but her diarrhea has completely cleared up in the last couple of months. We’re going to try an Organic Acid Test and continue pushing our Gastroenterologist for a endoscopy and biopsy.

      We’ve moved onto stage 2 and introduced egg yolk, Maya seems to be taking to it really well. Also, we’ve stopped with the home-made fermented cabbage juice as we realized that there was sugar in it (applesauce… based on an old family recipe).

      In any case, thanks again. God bless you for taking the time to help all of us.


      • Robin: I just wanted to reply specifically here to say I really feel like you’re on the right track, checking out medical issues while pursuing relief and healing for your little daughter! Great job!

        And thank you very much for your words of appreciation and blessing 🙂 These always do my heart, soul, and energy much good.

        All my best,

  44. Sorry Baden, I forgot to ask something in my previous post.

    One of the tests we had done on Maya indicated inflammation in the digestive tract (which would explain the bleeding).

    We were thinking of giving her aloe vera juice as it is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. What are your thoughts on that? Is Maya too young for it? Do you know any other natural anti-inflammatory foods we could try (I already looked up ginger and garlic but some people they’re not recommended for children under 2 years of age).

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Robin,

      I’m not a health practitioner, so can’t generally advise on supplements, etc. In terms of aloe vera, I don’t know about age limits and doses. I can say that aloe vera is recommended to avoid on GAPS. At the same time, I know that some people coming to GAPS and in early healing have found it to be a very helpful transitional remedy for specific issues. I used it once myself (post-GAPS, during a flu with much diarrhea) and was very impressed with its results.

      On that note, you might enjoy this post:

      Off hand I can’t think of any other anti-inflammatory approaches (besides GAPS itself) that might fit, especially for a very young child. You might want to ask on one of the email lists presented on this blog’s ‘Support for You’ page. There may be families there who’ve journeyed through very similar circumstances and can give specific tips and information.

      All my best,

  45. Hi Baden,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful advice. We have another question and we are wondering if you can help again. By the way, our daughter’s stools are improving significantly.

    Our 11 month old daughter is on now on day 37 of GAPS intro diet. She has multiple food intolerances and colitis (bloody stools). The GAPS diet has helped significantly in the short while she has been on it, however, we are noticing that she is very unhappy these days. She does not smile or laugh nearly as much as she use to and almost always wakes up crying from sleep. This is not her usual behaviour. She seems depressed and uninterested in playing.

    What can be causing this? We are very concerned.

    She’s been eating plenty of organic free range animal fats, stock, GAPS veggies, egg yolks, probiotics and fermented cod liver oil. We are diversifying her diet within stage 3 gradually, waiting to see improvement, before moving on to stage 4.

    Can you offer any advice in regards to possible causes of her depressed state?

    Thank you kindly.

    Angela (Robin’s wife)

    • Hi Angela,

      I’m so glad you’re daughter’s stools are improving!

      Unhappiness does come up in healing. Theories about this abound. One idea is that healing resurfaces all “traumas” we’ve been through previously, while the body works it out for good. eg. If we had profound sadness when first becoming ill (a common emotional response), we might experience some of that sadness again wile healing. Another idea is that die-off in general will leave one at times temporarily lethargic and sad. In this case, increasing die-off relief supports (slowing probiotics, incorporating one or more detox baths per day, etc) can make all the difference. Another idea is that of too-low carbohydrates. In this case, increasing foods such as butternut squash, carrots, honey, and nuts (if at that stage) can shift this.

      I would proceed to Stage 4 without waiting for further improvement. That is, I always recommend people keep progressing through the stages until a given introduction brings up a clear reaction, in which case we would remove that food for now, rest at the previous point for a few days, then move forward again (skipping the suspected item).

      All my best,

  46. Hello to all,

    I am new here and I`m sorry for not knowing how this works..also
    sorry for my english, it`s not my mother tongue.
    I would like your help
    because I am in an emergency and in my country there is no practitioner of GAPS
    to ask for his help. I have also posted this message to the yahoo group but nobody answered. I don’t know if it takes some days for somebody to answer there, so I decided to ask you, too.

    I started the diet in November after trying a month with a low carbs`diet (no
    sugar, no honey, small portions of rice, quinoa etc but no wheat) . For 3 months
    on GAPS
    -until christmas- I was doing ok, not great but not bad either and I had reached
    the stage 5 of intro but without eating too many nuts and coconut (I cannot take
    them too much).

    Around Christmas I had some sweets and broke the diet (not so good idea….)but
    I tried to stay on meats,
    soups, probiotics as well…Finally, I started again 10 days ago from where I

    After Christmas I experienced a bad cough and also a “candida growth“ by getting a candida
    irritation on my tongue. It is getting very very slowly better now but it is
    still red in that spot, in the middle of the tongue. My doctor told me to have a
    blood test, which I did and it was ok. The problem is that last Friday (6 days now) I had
    nausea, diarrhea and a bad headache. I slept a lot and tried to rest the whole
    WE. Nausea was coming and going , diarrhea stayed at 1-2 times a day but since
    then I can`t eat more than some chicken, one soup and I have cravings for raw
    apples…I was wondering if it was a virus. Until Monday I couldn`t
    understand if this was a virus or a die off situation so I took 2 caps. of
    biokult to make it better BUT the diarrhea got worse…I had 3 times complete
    watery stool…

    I am not doing enemas ( I hate the idea..), I am not a drinking-water person
    (3-4 glasses per day I feel ok, with more I start having stomachaches and
    nausea, even when I`m not sick at all.) and I cannot have a complete detox bath
    (just my feet…)I`m a working mum of a 3 year old and I barely have time for
    reading many things for GAPS and preparing lots of stuff in the kitchen, but I
    try so hard. My job needs lots of energy ( I am a teacher, but not in a school
    and I work all day, sometimes from 8 in the morning to 7 in the afternoon)so I
    need HELP to get throgh this. I assume all this is indeed a die off reaction ( I am not 100% sure
    though) but for how long?? I have lost weight again and I’m feeling really bad
    for this. What can I do? How many days can this awful diarrhea keep up?? Thank
    you for your time.

    • Hi Danae,

      Bless you for doing GAPS as a working mum of a three year old!! That’s where I was at when I started. (My son is now seven.) Hang in there 🙂

      Your English is lovely and your approach to this site is perfect.

      I can sense your overwhelm and confusion. I’m going to break your comment down, answering each of the many questions basically in the order you’ve presented them. This said, the most important piece may be the very final one re: probiotics.

      1. It is not necessary to access a GAPS Practitioner live. That is, when a situation is complex, feel free to contact a health practitioner familiar with GAPS who is living in any country. Practitioners have offered excellent support by phone and online, as well as live.

      2. Yes, it can sometimes take some days for a post on one of the Support lists to be moderated or responded to. If a few days has passed, it may have gotten lost in the shuffle of so many posts. On the other hand, it may be that no one feels able to answer it. Tip: The more concise and straightforward a question we present, the higher the chance it will be answered. In any case, once a post has gone unanswered for several days on one of the email lists, feel free to “bump” the post up. Just add the word “bump” to the subject line of your original post and re-send it.

      3. In GAPS, what we avoid eating is only a very small part of the program. Even more important is daily bowel movements, probiotics, nutrient-dense food, detoxification, etc.

      4. If you won’t do enemas, you must find another way to release the contents of your bowels -otherwise you will feel awful and begin a downward spiral into worse health. If you won’t do enemas (or another way to ensure healthy bowel release) or drink much water and cannot access detox baths, the program may not be a good fit for you at this point. Again, GAPS isn’t just about avoiding certain foods -it’s more comprehensive than that, and all aspects are important. This said, it really does sound like you do understand the importance of the whole program, and that you’ve been doing much of it quite well! That’s great.

      5. Sometimes on GAPS we just get a flu, like anyone else 🙂 It’s possible that your recent six days of headache, fatigue and nausea are a normal flu. Also, a number of people experience flu-or-cold-like symptoms in early healing. In either case, Stage 1 with lots of detox baths (if one can access those) and electrolytes ( can help a lot. All of this said, my sense is that your approach to probiotics may be making things unnecessarily difficult for you. Please see my answer #6.

      6. You are jumping to a very high dose of probiotics, which in many people will indeed trigger or worsen loose stools. For probiotic use, please follow the detailed instructions in your GAPS Guide book, pages 104-110. One of the main notes therein is that a child or sensitive/very ill adult would start with 1/10th capsule of BioKult (just as an example of one probiotic; it will be different for each brand). An adult who is not sensitive or super ill would start with 1/4 capsule, max. Increase by only that much again once a week. Starting with or increasing by more can trigger terrible problems, unnecessarily so.

      Danae, I hope this is helpful for you!

      I think you’ve done a phenomenal job so far. You’re in that really difficult part of the ‘massive learning curve’. Once you get through this, it will be easier!!

      All my best,

  47. Baden,

    thank you very much, you are really helpful and I feel quite a relief with your support…. (I also had an answer at the forum, it is so good to know that there are people who can help that much!)

    You are right about probiotics, I haven’t taken any since tuesday and I feel better. I am still worried about diarrhea, but since wednesday I have it once a day (watery, unfortunately) except from yesterday where it was slighlty better…Actually it is the only symptom I have at the moment, but I really don’t feel like taking even the slightest amount of prob. for now. I’m in intro 1 again, -5 days now- and I think I’ll go really slow and observe. For how many days is it ‘normal’ to have diarrhea as a die off symptom? I never had a diarrhea like this before…

    I will continue having as many detox ‘feet-baths’ 🙂 as possible, and I will try to dring more water (this was always hard for me). Do you think it would be better to try fiirst the sauerkraut juice, the following week in intro stage 2, then increase the amount, instead of trying probiotics?

    Thank you again for all your help!

    • Hi Danae,

      I just want to clarify first: True diarrhea I define as more than three stools per day that are very loose, liquid and require rushing to the toilet. 1-3 looser stools per day I don’t really worry about, so long as a person remains hydrated with electrolytes (not just water). Stool consistency will change a lot in the first few months of healing.

      True diarrhea as a die-off symptom is not all that common -except where a person is taking too high a dose of probiotic. Happily, many people have read the ‘Probiotics’ guide in the GAPS Guide book before starting, and successfully avoid the issues associated with going too fast.

      I love your plan! Take a break from all probiotics and when the diarrhea is gone, start with a teaspoon of sauerkraut juice. Increase by a teaspoon per week (or less, as tolerated).

      All my best,

  48. The issue that has brought me to GAPS is Histamine Intolerance.
    Does anyone else here have this issue? If so, can you advise me as to when/how to introduce fermented products into the Intro diet? I am presently
    entering Stage 2, but am not using any fermented products, only probiotic capsules. I seem to be doing very well, am dealing with some constipation issues, but not severe. Just very unsure about the fermented stuff.

    • Hi again Katy,

      Sorry -I wasn’t clear enough about the step here. What you’ll want to do is scan the post above these comments to find one of the forums. Options are listed under, for example, the subheadings above of ‘Online Support Groups’ or ‘Phone Pool’. Through those, you’ll connect with hundreds of other families, some of whom have dealt with histamine reactions in ferments.

      All my best,

  49. thank you Baden!

    I’m now at stage 3, diarrhea has gone on the 9th day and 3 days after that, I tried sauerkraut juice. It was ok so I tried to eat a little bit as well, today. I’ve read about true diarrhea but even if it was 1-2 per day, what I had was completely liquid (…) so ..I couldn’t name it differently. The tricky part was to realize if it was a die off or a gastrenteritis symptom, since I could’n believe that die off could be that hard..Now I’m just having bad times with candida (it appeared with a big red spot on my tongue) and I’m doing whatever possible to avoid medicine.

    Thank you very much again!

    • Hi Danae,

      Great stuff re: the stool progress! And I totally understand why you would, correctly, refer to those as diarrhea -I just find that in checking out what’s happening for people that I need to first distinguish between a transient issue -a liquid stool, for example, which can happen in healing alongside all sorts of other random stool stuff- and the more concerning issue of very frequent liquid over several days or weeks which can result in dehydration, nutritional deficiency, etc.

      There can be different causes of a red spot on one’s tongue, but if you know this to be candida-related and you feel at some point that addressing it directly is necessary, coconut oil is an excellent approach. Warning: This will trigger tremendous die-off, and will exacerbate early intro’s die-off! One must be prepared for that (do die-off relief baths, etc). Start with a teaspoon per day or less and work up slowly.

      All my best,

  50. My problem right now is with the bone broths, and am wondering if anyone else is experiencing tiredness like myself after drinking a cup? another natural doctor had mentioned this could be related to a medical problem so now I am worried.

    • Hi Carrie,

      Please start with meat broths, as opposed to bone broths. Early in healing, bone broths trigger reactions in a number of people. Simmer your meaty bone for 1-3 hours and use that instead.

      All my best,

  51. HI Baden,

    Thank you so much to responding to my question. I was quite worried actually and now to know that other people experience this also, puts my mind to rest now. I will do this for sure, to use the meat broth for the time being instead of the bone broth and I suppose will have to move slowly into the bone broths. Now to be curious, wondering why the bone broths would have such a reaction? hmm, least I know I am okay! and most likely do not have a medical problem.

    Thank you!


  52. I’ve looked and looked and can’t find the answer to what seems like a very basic question: how do you know when to go to the next stage? What does “no reaction” or “able to tolerate” really mean?

    My daughter has eczema on the entire back of her thighs and hard (Type 1 and 2) stools. She is 24 and her issues began from birth after receiving antibiotics from just a few days after she was born. Born with a brain defect and diagnosed as moderately retarded/high functioning autism. No real behavorial problems except sensitivities to sound, surroundings (typical of autistim). Eczema is bad and she has many food sensitivities. So do we use the eczema to determine when to move through the stages?

    Please help!

    • Hi Colleen,

      Have you by chance found this blog’s page on eczema? It’s here:

      When to move on to the next stage is set out on the Book Updates page here: which notes,

      simply keep moving forward with a new prep, amount or food every few days…

      In terms of what constitutes a reaction… It would be an clear, obvious signal of distress from the body. That is, an obvious, observable new symptom or increase of symptom.

      The symptoms we come into the program with cannot be considered new reactions, so generally you will ignore those and move forward in the progression, withdrawing only foods that bring a new issue or exacerbation.

      In the meantime, hopefully some of the tips from the eczema page will help your daughter’s comfort level, while her body begins to heal.

      All my best,

  53. Hi Baden, I am desperate. I need some help with this–there are no GAPS practitioners in my area, so I don’t have anybody to guide me through this.

    I started the GAPS intro diet 4 days ago. My sons are 3 and 1 1/2, the 3-year old is autistic and the 1 1/2 year old has food intolerances. The first day they both ate some broth and soup. Then that night my younger son started throwing up. I figured it was die-off. He didn’t eat anything all the next day, even refusing water until the evening.

    My older son refused to eat any broth or soup the second day. He didn’t eat anything all day. Then the night of the second night HE started throwing up.

    The third day they were both beginning to starve. They lay on the couch, not moving, sleeping, only waking to cry with pain and hunger, then falling alseep again. They would not touch the broth or soup I offered them. They would rather starve than eat that stuff! (And it’s not bad either–my husband and I are enjoying it).

    I was getting really worried. My older son, after those 3 days, was getting really thin. He was really pale and his eyes were sunken in his face, rimmed with red and with dark circles. You could see all the tendons in his tiny neck. I couldn’t bear it. So I offered them some scrambled eggs with lots of ghee and some natural crystal salt. And they ate that–and they had more later. And they seemed to be doing better. The younger one especially bounced back.

    But today (4th day) after eating some more eggs in the morning, refusing once again the broth and soup, eating some boiled chicken with ghee and salt, (again in the morning) my older son has steadily refused all food. In desperation I made some of those pancakes from step 3, with a little honey, and he ate those but I didn’t want to give him too many because he’s obviously still craving sweet and starchy foods, and the honey will only exacerbate that.

    I honestly don’t know what to do. He is getting so thin it hurts to look at him. He refuses to eat even eggs and boiled meat now. He would rather starve than eat the broth, and I am not willing to let him get to the point of starvation.

    What can I do? I’m so desperate for help.

    • Hi Bethany,

      I’m so sorry I didn’t receive your post earlier! (I am not always able to process and respond to comments as they are posted.)

      Whenever you are concerned about anything, please be sure to connect with the hundreds (or thousands) of people on the email support lists. Also, a practitioner familiar with GAPS can help you regardless of their location and your location. They are very effective by phone, email, and Skype.

      All of what you describe is normal and quite common. Of course, we cannot let our children starve. Happily, they don’t! Generally children will refuse food for up to four days, then start eating everything that is offered (and gain all their weight back). The key thing during this period is to prevent dehydration by ensuring electrolytes (not just water), and to follow the other die-off relief approaches, as noted here:

      Again, before another scare comes up, please be sure to connect with the hundreds (or thousands) of people on the email support lists and/or a health practitioner anywhere in the world.

      All my best,

  54. My ph has been between 4.5 and 5.0 for a number of years. I have been on the GAPS intro diet for 6 weeks and doing well. I have read that the gut cannot heal at a ph below 6.4. This is discouraging for me. What can I do? 3 TBs/day of Apple Cider vinegar or lemon juice sipped on thru the day does not help my ph. Can I stay on baking soda as I seem to respond to this?.

    • Hi Lia,

      If you are doing well on Intro, I would simply carry on, and not test for variables such as ph. There are so many programs, theories, approaches, etc, and all have benefits. If a person chooses a diet that works on ph, that’s okay, but if a person is choosing to heal with GAPS, I suggest just focusing on the program and setting aside alternative approaches. If after 3-6 months of GAPS you feel the need to adjust your program for any given factor, you might do so then. In the meantime, I would just let GAPS do its thing 🙂

      All my best,

  55. My son is 33 years old and suffered with eczema throughout most of his childhood, but now he has stomach problems, and is very skinny. He just cannot seem to eat anything, so he goes without food. Please could you advice.
    Thank you

  56. Hi Baden,
    My 7 year old refuses to eat broth, avocados, or egg yolks. Wondering how in the world to move forward. He is not typically a very picky eater, but is standing firm on this…any ideas?
    Thank you,

  57. Hi Baden,

    Are you aware of a GAPS on-line support group for people healing from autoimmune diseases and/or digestive illnesses. I find the gapsdiet Yahoo! group somewhat overwhelming and dominated by people with kids with Learning disorders. The scdinfo group is limited to BTVC approach. Any ideas?



  58. The link to the FAQ pdf by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride is outdated. It points to an older version with only 142 pages, while the current one has 168 pages. Just wanted to point that out so people make sure to access to most up-to-date additional information. There seems to be no permanent link to the pdf itself, but one can click the link to the current pdf at the bottom of this page ( to locate it.

  59. Hi Baden,
    I am wondering why your book says to stop Fish Oils if a child has tics? I have two sons on the spectrum, one much worse off. He has suffered from tics since he was about 4, on and off. Now his tics are constant (he is 10), verbal and movement. Our DAN has had him on fish oil for years. I am reading your book in preparation for GAPS (God help me). I have four children (three 10-year olds, both IGE allergic to eggs, one sensative to dairy and one sensitive to wheat, with multiple other food allergies (garlic, onions, etc, etc.). The allergies/sensativities were dx through GENOVA labs and dairy sensativity through porphorins in urine).
    Thanks for your thoughts on the fish oils. My doctor wants to know your reasoning. I have taken him off at your books recommendations, but honestly, it seems his tics have gotten worse over the last two weeks. He is constantly making noises :(.



    • Hi Cynthia,

      Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of additional information for you! The recommendation is not mine (I am not a health practitioner) but rather one presented by Dr Natasha. At the time of writing, Dr Natasha had not provided background for her recommendation. It’s possible she has in the meantime, however -you might check her FAQ document as listed in the book (also directly linked to from this website’s Support for You page).

      If you have a health practitioner who is familiar with both your child and the program suggested by Dr Natasha, you will take the practitioner’s recommendations into account. (Everybody’s program will end up at least slightly different from anyone else’s.)

      And if you test one of Dr Natasha’s recommendations and find (a) no improvement or (b) an exacerbation that cannot be reasonably explained by die-off or other transitional factors, this is generally indication to set aside this particular recommendation in this person’s case.

      Does this help at all, Cynthia?

      I wish every member of your family excellent recovery and health!

      All my best,

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