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GAPS Guide 2nd Edition

Buy it! The experience-filled insights, product and resource recommendations, simplification of the program and abundance of tips are a must-have for anyone starting this journey.

Davinna Artibey Portland, Oregon, USA

This updated edition of the GAPS Guide is worth every penny. No one should consider doing the GAPS protocol, nor begin the process of Intro, before thoroughly and carefully reading this book, along with McBride’s newest GAPS book. You will be so glad you did, as you will miss many of the “jump in blind” pitfalls that some of us suffered in our eagerness to begin our healing journeys.


It has given me a broader perspective on NCM’s book and gives me more flexibility for thinking how to re-try GAPS after initial failure on intro.

Celia, UK

GAPS Guide 1st Edition

From GAPS Guide Author: I was surprised and deeply honoured to have stumbled across a comprehensive review of GAPS Guide on the Weston A. Price Foundation website, as published in the Spring 2010 issue of their quarterly journal. To read the review online, click here.

Thanks so much for writing the GAPS Guide and your excellent work and support! I an getting prepared to start the GAPS intro after being on SCD over the summer.  Your book it helping me a lot!

Julie Sealey
Basking Ridge, NJ
October 29, 2009

I find the Gaps Guide FULL of practical and useful information! I actually bought two copies so I could have one around for myself and have one to loan to others. My intention was to donate it to our local library, but it has been on constant loan to friends that it has not made it to the library yet.

I especially appreciate the easeful approach you give people to enter into GAPS.

Thank you for your sharing your clarity, wisdom, experience, and compassion with all of us on healing journeys. Your generosity, service and work are an inspiration!

October 25, 2009

I have to admit that when I got it in the mail I was skeptical. It isn’t real thick and the titles of the chapters seemed like things I already knew. I was almost disappointed. However, if the only thing in the book was the first two chapters, or the second two, so on…I would have been thrilled.

There is more info in that little book than any of the websites I have read. I now know why I hear people saying it is the most important book to have.

It is soooo thorough and simple that anyone, even my eight year old can follow it. Yet it is complex enough to explain it all. I am blessed! The book is very well written. It gives just the right amount of information, not too much, not too little. I hate to read a book and get bogged down by too much of the same information!!

I just have to say, anyone who doesn’t own this book, needs to.

Oh, yes, my children who have read it are now excited about doing this!! EVEN knowing how hard it is going to be.

Cyndi Turnpaugh
Northern Indiana, USA

This is such an amazing book!

Mihaela Hrebenciuc
The Netherlands
Ordered April 26th, 2009; Shipped April 28th; Received May 2

We have received the books you sent. They are fabulous! We too have been receiving good results from the GAPS diet and your book has tremendously helped our practice educate our patients.

Daisy Ma, Office Manager
for Dr Rosann Volmert, D.O.
Pasadena, California, USA

This book will lead you by hand, provide you with many tips, answer a lot of questions, help you with shopping, cooking, planning and many other issues.

Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride
Creator of the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Program

I made some key mistakes that could easily have been avoided if I had this book in hand. To me, it is like a rudder of stability with an illness that is so forceful and insane at times. Plus, the cover is really beautiful to gaze at.

What would I have done without your coaching and now this incredible book! I am happy to let anyone know how important it is to NOT go this alone and goodness sake – buy the guide!

I am so grateful.


I got your book about two weeks ago and read it in one day. It is great; your story is amazing. I am most impressed with what a gifted writer you are and how well you simplified and explained all of the things that were confusing to so many on the list. I feel I am much more prepared to start the Intro because of the GAPS Guide.

Holli Johnson
Coppell, Texas, USA

I just want to say that when I started researching this diet six months ago I was very overwhelmed and confused about diet and nutrition. If GAPS GUIDE was out at that time, I would have been better prepared! For all the families here overwhelmed and confused, BUY this book. It is very informative for all us newbies. I can honestly say, I am no longer confused! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU Baden!!!!!!!!

Catherine Carr
Palm City, Florida

I know many are in financial straits, but the information in the book is so clear I suspect that buying it will save one money in other areas. (So much in this diet is trial and error and errors cost money.) GAPS Guide is a true gift to all of us.

Eloïse Watt
New York City and Skerray, Scotland

I LOVE YOUR BOOK! You have written with a consistent tone of compassion, encouragement, honesty, and hope. I read it until 1am last night and began again this morning. It is easy to read and very practical. Great job!!

Kathy Wyse, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Lac Le Jeune, British Columbia, Canada

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  1. The book is a well done guide to GAPS, thank you for compiling this.
    However, the section about water intake was a bit confusing, and possibly misleading. It says, “drinking half your body weight in water…can relieve pain, etc” do you mean 30kg of water? or do you mean translating 30 into how many mL or Liters must be consumed? Maybe a future edition can have a more clear way of stating this information. 1/2 the amount of your body weight is a very high number to be consuming anything. Please clarify

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