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The ebook is currently available for approximately $10 on Amazon.
Single hardcopies and bulk orders can also be purchased there.
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  1. Can you please let me know what the postage cost for the paperback is to Australia with postcode 6285.

    Kind regards

    • Dear Greer,

      Yes! The charge for shipping to any given point in the world is displayed (before you authorize the purchase) upon entering your order information and clicking ‘Proceed to Checkout’. To all points in Australia, this is currently $10.00 (actual cost is a bit more than this; I subsidize it on my end).

      We are having a number of people ordering from Australia. I am going to be seeing if I can locate someone there willing to be a reseller so that folks in Australia can start getting the book faster and at a lower shipping cost per book. If I do manage to find someone to do that, I will post that info to my blog.

      All my best,

        • Hi there Dee,

          Yes, Amazon now prints the book in many different regions and ships everywhere, so ordering should be quite simple -and shipping much faster- for people in most regions.

          All my best,

  2. I was sooo excited to order your book. I don’t own an e-reader. I can afford one, just don’t think I would like reading using one. The description of the small font and dense, light print in the paperback book are so discouraging. I am hungry for the information you have… but feel stymied right now and about to search Amazon for another book on the subject.

    Love your blog which I just found this morning!

    • Dear Liz,

      Thank you so much for your comment!

      You sound a lot like me. I’m loath to use an eReader device, and don’t have one. And I prefer a larger, darker font in a print book (largely because I refuse to wear my reading glasses :)).

      The book’s font is indeed light -an unfortunate issue at the printer- but the size, leading, etc, is all actually normal (in fact, I will update this page to note this). I didn’t mean to discourage you -I do want people to make an informed decision, though, and it’s good you know what your needs and preferences are.

      The best option for folks like me is the ePub on their laptop or desktop computer. That displays beautifully, using the free Adobe Edition program linked to on my Help With Purchase page. Having this will allow you to read on a full-size screen, reference the Guide as needed, and participate in our upcoming support conference calls.

      Whether you decide to purchase the book or not, I welcome you to my blog and wish you the very best in your healing journey!

      All my best,

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