Releasing “Extra Rules”

“We have soup every day for lunch.” “I’m limiting my meat consumption to three times per week, max.” “We’ve kept fruit out for eight months now, and counting!” In the last week, I’ve received several excellent blog comments from families Continue reading Releasing “Extra Rules”

Discipline: Steps Before

A friend shared with me recently that she is struggling with the “terrible twos” -specifically, desperate and persistent shrieking in her preschooler. She assumed it was “natural” and “a necessary developmental process”. I adore my friend -I think she is Continue reading Discipline: Steps Before

Please Don’t Go Wheat Free!

I love sources that talk in depth about the challenges presented by the consumption of gluten. The science is detailed and the arguments are sound. Writers present the impact on most bodies of wheat: diabetes, obesity, acne, joint pain, anger, Continue reading Please Don’t Go Wheat Free!